Dota2: Alchemist

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Devotion to the sacred tradition of alchemy was kind Darkbryu, but no one has never shown much ingenuity, ambition and recklessness, as shown young Razz. Growing up, he left the family trade and decided to try his hand in the production of gold. In characteristic fashion, he announced that turn a mountain of gold. After two decades of research, investments and preparations, it failed miserably, hitting behind bars for multiple destruction caused by the experiment. However, Razz was not the timid and carefully pondered options for escape, to continue his studies. When his new cellmate turned out to be a fierce ogre, he saw it as a welcome opportunity to escape. Giant persuaded not to eat it, Razz started carefully prepare a tincture of mold and moss found during labor. A week later she matured. When the giant drank the potion, he fell into a blinding rage, tore the iron bars, smashed walls and kill all guards. Soon they got lost somewhere in the woods surrounding the city, leaving behind a trail of destruction and no signs of pursuit. When the action tonic departed, the ogre felt quite well and looked happy and quite energetic. Deciding to work together, since the couple collects materials needed Razzilu to once again put the experiment on the mountain.

attribute Value
The strength of the 25 + 1.80
Agility 11 + 1.20
Intelligence 25 + 1.80
Damage 24 – 33
1.54 protection
Movement speed of 295
Level 1 15 25
Health 625 1,104 1,826
Mana 325 653 1,147
Damage 49-58 74-83 112-121
Protection 2 4 8
Range coverage (day / night) 1800/800
Attack Range 128
Attack Speed N / A


Acid Spray
Acid sprays for the specified area. Located in the infected area enemies take damage over time; In addition, their armor temporarily reduced.
Mana cost: 130/140/150 / 160Kuldaun: 22
ABILITY: direction to the point
DAMAGE: Physical
Duration: 16
Periodic damage: 12/16/20/24
REDUCTION Armor 4/5/6/7

Using family recipes sort Temnovarov, Raziel gets a corrosive acid that destroys even the most durable metals.

Unstable Concoction
Alchemist mixes explosive components in the flask, which can throw at an enemy hero, stunning it and dealing damage to all enemies in the blast radius. The more time Alchemist shaking the mixture, the more damage will have enemies, and the longer it will take stunning. After 5 seconds of mixing spell reaches its maximum effect. However, after 5.5 seconds bulb burst and stun himself Alchemist, if not to throw up to this point.
Mana cost: 120Kuldaun: 16
CAPACITY: Non-directional
DAMAGE: Physical
MAX. Stun: 1.75 / 2.5 / 3.25 / 4
MAX. Damage: 150/220/290/360
Blast radius: 175

Although the conversion of the mountains in gold and has failed, thanks to him, was a volatile mixture with destructive potential.

Greevil’s Greed
Alchemist synthesizes extra gold from their enemies. With each murder Alchemist gets a basic bonus to gold, as well as an added bonus. If Alchemist kills another unit within 25 seconds, the previous extra gold added another bonus. Maximum for murder can get 30 extra gold.
ABILITY: Passive
Welcome Bonus Gold: 4/6/8/10

Let them experiment with mountain and failed, but the conversion into hard cash given Razil smaller structures with ease.

Chemical Rage
Alchemist watered his ogre chemical mixture, increasing movement speed, attack and regeneration.
Mana cost: 50/100 / 150Kuldaun: 45
CAPACITY: Non-directional
Duration: 25
Delay before the attack: 1.4 / 1.2 / 1
ADVANCED. REGEN Mana: 3 / 7.5 / 12
ADVANCED. Movement speed: 30/40/60

Brew, which Raziel watered ogre during their escape from prison, was helpful in the battle potion.

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