Dota2: Gyrocopter

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Having served his entire life and having been in all sorts of uprisings, riots, rebel invasions and revolutions, the old soldier Aurel realized that he no longer can. But in addition to a couple of prichindalov and solid pensions former engineer went on holiday with something more interesting: long forgotten, unfinished drawing Gyrocopter, the first manned aircraft are not magic in the world. Once established a well-deserved retirement years in remote tropical archipelago Ash, where he had plenty of time and money, he decided to start working on the machine. Years passed, and quiescent prototypes continued to accumulate in the huge pile – and he began to doubt whether it was possible mechanical flight. Decade and a day later his retirement in sunny evening when the breeze was blowing south, Aurel sat in his latest creation, flashing with indignation and already feeling the impending failure. Growling, he pulled the cord from the power plug and covered his head, waiting for the inevitable explosion. However, to his great surprise, he suddenly started up, and, after a few panic amendments align. An hour later, he was easily made bends and followed a breath of wind, flew on the same level with seagulls, and then Aurel felt that is filled with an indescribable joy of flight. When the sun began to set, he directed a course back to his studio, but it cost him to deploy the device, like a cannonball struck its tail. Freed from the downed prototype, he swam to the nearest piece of land, and collecting debris, vowed again to see the ship, which released the kernel. Days later, when Aurel returned to the studio, he began to work on the next Gyrocopter – one that could carry a heavier, more dangerous cargo.

attribute Value
The strength of the 18 + 1.80
Agility 24 + 2.80
Intelligence 23 + 2.10
Damage 17 – 27
4.36 protection
Movement speed of 315
Level 1 15 25
Health 492 971 1,693
Mana 299 681 1,214
Damage 41-51 80-90 128-138
Crafts 4 October 17
Range coverage (day / night) 1800/800
Attack Range 365
Attack Speed 3000


Rocket Barrage
Launches missile salvo at the nearest enemy units around the Gyrocopter. Lasts 3 seconds.
Mana cost: 90/90/90 / 90Kuldaun: 7 / 6.50 / 6 / 5.50
CAPACITY: Non-directional
Damage: MAGIC
Damage: 11/15/19/23
Rockets in the second: 10

The new helicopter is equipped with Aurel improved missile delivery system, increasing the rate of fire.

Homing Missile
Starts homing missiles at the target. During the flight, the rocket picks up speed, and when confronted with an enemy deals damage and stuns him. The damage done by a missile, it depends on the distance of the flight. While the missile did not reach its goal, the enemy can destroy it.
Mana cost 120/130/140 / 150Kuldaun: 20/17/14/11
ABILITY: Direction on units
Operations against enemy BEINGS
Damage: MAGIC
Damage: 125/250/375/500
Stun duration: 2.2 / 2.4 / 2.6 / 2.8
Minimum damage: 50

The biggest shell which Aurel could attach to his helicopter Bomb ™, combines carefully calculated aerodynamics and inflict the maximum possible damage explosives.

Flak Cannon
Gyrocopter attack deals damage to all enemy units around it for a limited number of attacks. Only the main goal of an attacker to attack bonuses, such as critical strike. Lasts for 15 seconds or until all used up until the attack.
Mana cost: 50/50/50 / 50Kuldaun: 30
CAPACITY: Non-directional
DAMAGE: Physical
MAX. ATTACKS: 3/4/5/6

Updated Gyrocopter enables shooting at 360 degrees.

Call Down
Causes an air strike on the area. From the sky falls 2 shell: the first has caused great damage and a little slow in all, and the second on the contrary – causing minor damage, but slows down enemies. Improves with Aghanim’s Scepter.
Mana cost: 125/125 / 125Kuldaun: 55/50/45
ABILITY: direction to the point
Damage: MAGIC
Damage from the first shell 250/300/350
Damage from the second shell 100/150/200
Deceleration from the first shell: 50%
Deceleration from the second shell: 20%
DAMAGES second shell with a scepter 175/225/275

“Rockets went!”

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