Alice Braga

Alice Braga
Birthday: 15.04.1983 year
Age: 32 year
Place of birth: Sao Paulo, Peru

Citizenship: Brazil

On the set of “Predator” I did not have a female environment
Young Brazilian actress Alice Braga, who plays one of the central figures in the new film by Robert Rodriguez ‘Predators’, shares his impressions of participation in the project.
Alice Braga was born April 15, 1983 in San – Paulo, Brazil. The mother of a young star, actress Anna Braga, from childhood drove daughter on set that piqued the interest of Alice in acting. The young star known Russian moviegoers on projects such as “Blindness”, “I – a legend”, “Lower City”, but the real breakthrough for her career was the participation in the film “City of God”, which received a large number of enthusiastic assessments of Film Critics.
In the new film by Robert Rodriguez, who goes to the Russian theaters July 8, Alice plays
professional sniper, the only woman in a team of international mercenaries, which is implanted into the heart of a group of anti-heroes. As planned by the producer of the picture, Robert Rodriguez, in this group must have been a female character. “I’m madly in love to see strong female characters in his films! – Says the producer. – I have five sisters and I really wanted to insert a strong female figure, which would be a really believable. ” Rodriguez made the heroine Alice Braga strong link in the team: Isabelle – a highly experienced sniper, who knows what laws live in the jungle, in which were the protagonists of the picture.
What it is – to be the only woman on the set?
– Actually, it was pretty cool. It was very interesting, because the boys, I call them
“My boys” have given me great support during the filming. Sometimes, though, I felt that
I do not have a female environment. Especially when I suddenly realized that I spoke about cars, girls and other things. … I caught myself that I obviously would not prevent female company. But overall, it was a wonderful experience. The fact that women in the film crew was not so much. During filming in Hawaii, for example, we only had two – I and Supervisor scenario.
Your hero – a professional sniper. Tell us about preparing to shoot scenes with guns.
– I, of course, had to train for these scenes, however, the time we had not so much. Director of the film, Nimrod Antal even prepared a book for me to prepare for snipers, this guide in weapons for the military. I studied what skills and qualities have these professionals. It was much talk about what needs to be constantly focused, in any case can not be impulsive, you need to treat people as a target, not as living beings. The first day of filming, I tried to lift the rifle that weighs 8 pounds and realized that with such weight is very difficult to aim at anything. I did not receive any special course
training, but I always practiced in the hall, to the scene with a gun looked plausible. If any sniper would look now, I very much hope that he would say: “She did a fine job.”
Your character is very mysterious character. As far as you think you have managed to unlock the secrets of her character?
– Isabelle – a very strong woman, she is a professional sniper. I can safely say that from the outside it looks very tough, but in fact it is a very nice woman. As an actress, I always try to understand what is going on inside my hero. In the case of Isabella, I tried to give the viewer some clues that they are constantly wondering “why?”, Hoping that they will begin to understand what is happening.
In “Predator” was attended by a very different and interesting actors …
– Yes! The cast is simply amazing. I think because of all the actors were trying to do something different from each other, we were able to reflect the heterogeneity of the team. For example, Adrien Brody, at first glance, a very unusual choice for the role of a hero. But I think he coped with his great acting challenge.
Tell us about your impressions of the shooting process?
– It was fun, but difficult. We had to work in different weather conditions, sometimes it was incredibly cold and we filmed a lot of nature. But it was something! I have a lot and run very fast. I think it turned out very well. New predators look scary, really scary, and they can not be seen in the dark. I’m sure the fans will be delighted with the new movie. Director of the film is also a huge fan of “Predators”, and it was obvious from the first day.
What is the role of Isabelle in the team?
– My character is constantly trying to reconcile teammates, resolve disputes peacefully. She kept repeating that their power is to be a team, not a group of individualists. Its motto – “together we are stronger.”
Would you like to get your action figure?
– Since we were shooting digital images, but it is to create computer graphics. But I hope to see my action figure. That would be great!1652198-1920x1080

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