Dota2: Bounty Hunter

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Travelers, telling stories about Gondar nicknamed Bounty Hunter, and do not know that they are true and which false. Some whisper, saying that he was thrown still a kitten, and learn how to hide and hunt down he had to, just to survive. Others heard that he was orphaned in the war, and was taken under the wing of a great Sorukom hunters who showed Gondar combat techniques on the blades and with whom they both combed dark woods, leaving the big hunt. And others, in turn, believe that he was an ordinary street ragamuffin, nurtured in the guild of thieves and pickpockets, where he taught stealth and obfuscation tracks. Cobiralas around campfires in distant suburban tell more incredible rumors about him: for example, they say that he is tracked down King Hoff, a tyrant, for years a fugitive from justice, and offered as proof of his head and a scepter. And that he entered the rebel camp at Hayes, the legendary thief grabbed it by the nickname White cloak and took him to court. And yet – that he ended his career Soruka hunters who outlawed when he killed the best printsevskogo bull. And diverge stories about the incredible abilities and deeds thug, and each of his previous adventure improbable, and each new victim formidable one that fell to her. Victims know – for a good price, you can track down anyone. For a good price even for naisilneyshy may be the death of the shadows.

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