Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
Date of birth: 04/07/1954 Year
Age: 61 year
Place of birth: Hong Kong, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 74 kg

Hong Kong and American actor, stuntman, film director, producer, screenwriter, stunt and action scenes, the singer.

Chan – one of the most popular heroes of kung fu-fighters in the world, he is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic gift, as well as using a variety of “improvised” in the fighting. He starred in leading roles in over 100 films and is one of the most famous Asian actors in the world. He sings the title song in many of his films and releases albums with 1980. Chan is known as one of the “Seven luckiest” (graduate school of Peking Opera, which became popular actors).
Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong (now Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China). His parents – Charles Chan and Lee-Lee Chan – fled to Hong Kong from the mainland during the civil war, and in 1960 moved to Australia. Before moving they worked, respectively, a butler and a maid at the residence of the Ambassador of France in Hong Kong. Chan’s Chinese name “Kunsan” means “born in Hong Kong.”
Before becoming known as Jackie, he used many aliases. Because he was a weighty baby (about 5.4 kg at birth, Chang argues that spent 12 months in the womb), his mother gave him the nickname Pao Pao (“Cannonball”). Then, in the opera school (where he studied with Sammo and Yuen Biao Hoon) Chan Yuen Lo called in honor of his teacher Yu Jim-Jena.
His early career (before the movie “New Fist of Fury”, 1976) he was known as Chan Yuen Lung. Then, once he has received from his fellow Australian name Jackie (1976-1977). At the construction site working guy named Jack, and Chan called for simplicity Lesser Jack (Jackie then). Since the real name of his father – Fung, the Chinese name of Jackie was later changed to Loon Fung Chi. He was also called Shin Loong (“young dragon”), as he later called the protagonist of the film “Fearless Hyena.”
Chan first breakthrough project was the film “Drunken Master.” In the film, Chan played an unusual role for himself – sprightly and disorderly small Wong Fei Hun. In this sense, the tape was quite innovative. Also very successful was the comic duo Chan and elderly actor Xu Tien Yuen (also known as Simon Yuen), father of the famous fight scenes director Yuen Woo-Ping. The picture has become very popular, and marked the beginning of the success of Jackie Chan.
Chan married Taiwanese actress Lin Feng Jiao (Lam Fung Hugh in dialect). In his autobiography, designated in 1983, but many sources indicate the date of December 1, 1982. The website Jackie Chan also designated in 1982. They have a son Chan Cho Min (Jaycee Chan), born on 3 December 1982, although in his autobiography Chan again specified another year – 1984. Chan also has a daughter, Etta Oy Chok Lam (b. November 19, 1999) from fornication Due to the actress Elaine Oy Lei.
At first he was in elementary school Nanhua, but then the parents have found it necessary to send him to the school of Peking Opera at the Chinese Opera Research Institute (1961-1971). Chan was a member of the troupe of the “Seven luckiest” It goes along with the Hun, Yuen Biao and Corey Kwai.
It is often claimed that Chang himself performs all his own stunts. Although not confirmed by reliable, Chan says that most of their own doing tricks, and sometimes duplicate the other actors; He received numerous injuries. (During the final credits of his films usually show failed doubles and at least one scene to give the injury). Therefore, Chan declared a black list of insurance companies around the world. Most dangerous injury Chan was on the set of “Armor of God” (1986), where, after a fall from a tree, he split the skull.
On the set of the “Project” A “” in 1983 officially created Chan stunt team of Jackie Chan, with whom he worked on the subsequent films. Chan argues that work with familiar people greatly facilitates the process of filming.
Chan says that he created his image as opposed to the image of Bruce Lee and his many clones (see. Bryuspluatatsiya). Bruce Lee played concentrated and courageous fighters, and Chan plays lenovatyh often minded guys who are also at loggerheads with family, friends or the girls. Eventually, however, his characters always triumph.
In the 1980s, he appeared in several films of the “Happy stars” in supporting roles, played the leading roles of his “big brother” of the school itself Hun.
Chan repeatedly tried to break into the American market with the projects “Big Fight”, “Race” Cannonball “,” “Racing” Cannonball “2”, “Patron” in the early 1980s. In the 1990s, Chan twice offered the role of villains, but both times he rejected the offer. First, his friend Sylvester Stallone offered him to play the criminal Simon Phoenix in the film “The Destroyer” (1993), but Chan refused, fearing to enter the lists of stereotypical Hollywood villains. This role is played by Wesley Snipes. He also refused the role of a criminal in “Lethal Weapon 4”, it then played Jet Li.
Although he was popular in narrow circles in the United States, the real success came to him after the painting “Rumble in the Bronx” in 1995. He became certified in the same “otbivatelem cash” as Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Y. also enjoyed success animated series “Jackie Chan Adventures.”
In 1994, the TV channel MTV presented him with an award for overall achievements in film, and a year later came “Rumble in the Bronx.”
In Chan there are stars on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong and on the Walk of Stars in Hollywood, as well as at the Old Arbat in Moscow. Chan is also a successful pop singer, in 1984 he published more than 100 songs on 20 albums. He sings in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English. He often sings the title song for his films, but release paintings in Britain and the United States, these songs are usually replaced.
Chan is widely known for his charity work and is involved in many different projects. He often acts as a Goodwill Ambassador in various actions such as assistance to victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and the flood in Mainland China. In June 2006, he announced that he bequeathed to charity half of his fortune. He also said he was very respected philanthropic inclinations Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
Jackie Chan and Berlin bears: In 2003, Jackie Chan spent a few weeks in Berlin, which is associated with the filming of the film “80 Days Around the World.” During this time he fell in love with Berlin bears. He spoke for that exhibition United Buddy Bears, whose members advocate for peace in the world, arrived in 2004 in Hong Kong and was introduced there in Victoria Park. During the opening of the exhibition of Jackie Chan and UNICEF was able to pass two other children’s organizations a check totaling $ 4.14 million. Hong Kong dollars. Since then, the exhibition travels across continents from one metropolis to another.
Bad guys
There is a widespread belief that his entire acting career, Jackie Chan did not play negative roles. Nevertheless, there are at least 3 of the film. They are:
Episodic negative role in the movie “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee
Minor negative role of the leader of a gang of thugs in the movie “Rumble in Hong Kong» (Rumble in Hong Kong)
The role of the main villain Wa Wu Bin (Tiger) in the film “Killer Meteors”
In the future, Jackie Chan did not perform negative roles, despite very attractive offers Western studios.

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