Dota2: Ursa

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Melee – Carry – Jungler – Durable

Warrior Ulfsaar – the strongest member of the tribe bear standing mountain for his land and his people. During the long winters, while his mother slept, and took care of her cubs, males guarded the land tirelessly preserving the ancient customs. Barely heard rumors of the impending threat Ulfsaar went abroad native thickets, determined to hunt down and destroy the source of this evil before it will be able to harm his people. Ursa – a proud beast with a strong spirit, it is a reliable companion and incredibly staunch defender.

attribute Value
The strength of the 23 + 2.90
Agility 18 + 2.10
Intelligence 16 + 1.50
Damage 27 – 31
5.52 protection
Movement speed of 310
Level 1 15 25
Health 587 1,358 2,289
Mana 208481936
Damage 45-49 74-78 115-119
October 15 cover 6
Range coverage (day / night) 1800/800
Attack Range 128
Attack Speed N / A


Ursa hits the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemy units and slowing them for 4 seconds.
Mana cost 75/75/75 / 75Kuldaun: 6
CAPACITY: Non-directional
Damage: MAGIC
Damage: 90/140/190/240
SLOWDOWN: 25% / 35% / 45% / 55%

As the earth shudders under the weight of his mighty bear steps and opponents begin to tremble at his form.

Using his combat experience, Ursa increases attack speed for the next few attacks.
Mana cost: 45/55/65 / 75Kuldaun: 10
CAPACITY: Non-directional
ATTACKS: 3/4/5/6
ADVANCED. Attack speed: 400/400/400/400
Duration: 15

Ursa impressive size is deceptive – it is extremely agile.

Fury Swipes
Ursa claws with each attack deeper digging into the flesh of an enemy, inflicting increased damage with each successive attack. Additional damage will be lost if the goal would not be attacked within 15 seconds.
ABILITY: Passive
DAMAGE: Physical
For 15
Lasting effect (ROSHAN): 6
Damage per attack: 15/20/25/30

In nature, rarely survive the wounded after the attacks of hungry predators.

Ursa into a rage, acquiring additional damage based on his current health. Lasts 15 seconds.
Mana cost: 0/0 / 0Kuldaun: 25
CAPACITY: Non-directional
HEALTH DAMAGE: 5% / 6% / 7%

Ulfsaar given its ancient spirit, gaining unprecedented ferocity.

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