What you need to know before playing DOTA 2:

1. Russian dislike. Anywhere else. So do not go to play on a server other than the Russian, if you do not know English.

2. DOTA takes a huge amount of your time before you begin to understand what is going on on the map. DOTA 2 is primarily a team game. Decision-making should be more or less at the command level, do not do anything for himself. So try to play together. Teamplay (team game) – the key to victory.

3. Never, I repeat never give up. Even during how you break the throne (structure, “thing that you have to kill to win”). Can often occur, the so-called comeback – this is when there is a revolution, and you have a chance to win. In case of loss – do not worry, and in no case do not break their devices (keyboard, mouse, monitor).

4. Some characters seem more powerful (imbalansnymi, imbami, OP). But I assure you it is not. You will constantly think that this or that hero “imbalanced” because it is one he almost kills the whole team, etc. Just this hero properly fed early in the game, and it will not stop. At each character there is the so-called counter-hero (or kontrpik). For example for a sniper is Nyx, and for this Slardar Rica. So do not throw the game, once you see the hero, whom you consider “imboy”, you just need to pick up kontrpik.

5. Play on each role. DOTA 2 is a game of different styles of play. Many play one role – Kerry (Those guys who are making losses), even if the team is already 2-4 Kerry. Do not be so. Play Saporta (Those guys who help the team, but do not make a damage), gakerami – this is a very useful and interesting role. If only because they do not need to finish creeps 20-30 minutes at a time. Each character has a number of roles, and they may vary depending on the updates. Try yourself in different roles and you are sure will choose a role that you like.

6. Play with your friends. The game is primarily entertainment, and with whom to have fun, but to your friends?

7. See the tournament games. Not necessarily Na’VI VS Alliance, even small tournaments fit. You can learn a lot. You can buy a ticket to DOTA Store, and you can watch live on Twitch /


Top, top, top – top line.
Bot, bot, bottom – bottom line.

Mid, mid, center – Central Line.

Hard, hardline, Hard, hard – line, which is closer to the secret shop and old creeps (excluding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Complex called because your creeps far away from your tower, and you will easily kill. For light is the top line of the darkness – the bottom.

Safeline, easy, Easy, easy – a line that is closer to the side shop and the forest. Easy because your creeps do not go far from the tower, if you do not pushite. Also this line can be withdrawn creeps that would be closer to the tower). For light is the bottom line for the darkness – the top.


Hasta – Fleece acceleration.
DD – Fleece double damage.

Regen – rune regeneration.

Inviz – Fleece invisibility.

Illusions – Fleece illusions.

Strategic terms:

SS / SS / Miss / Miss – enemy hero or heroes left the line. This will give the allies know that they can kill.
Gank – player comes from another line (often with the center) and helps to kill enemies.

Push – “pushing” line, in order to demolish the tower.

b \ back \ back – move back to a safer place.

Roche \ Rosh – Players want to kill Roshan.

Kura – Courier for delivery of your items.

Ward – figovina, which gives an overview of a particular area, which gives an advantage in the game. Hyde Vardi.

Removal creeps – withdrawal of its forest creeps, what would an enemy player does not gain experience or whatever underfur his line and kill creeps under the tower.

Stage of the game:

Early game / early game – the beginning of the game, when still standing in lines to get the initial gold and experience. At the end of this stage most of the players have 10+ level.
Mid game / mid game – usually begins at ~ 20-25 minutes. At this stage there are fights 5×5, players try to take down the tower. Most heroes have ~ 15-16 level at this stage.

Late Game / Late game / Laith – the last phase of the game usually starts in 35-40 minutes. Most of the characters are already 16+ level. At this stage, as there are fights 5×5 hassle for Roshan. After a couple won the “fights” one team, the game usually ends.

Features / Items:

Dizeybl / Disable – some abilities that prohibit enemy hero to move, use skills to attack.
Stan / Stun – dizeybla view that damages and also prohibits the attack, use skills or move for a while.

Silence / Salo / Silence – a silence that does not allow the enemy to use the skills.

Dizarm / Disarm – view dizeybla prohibiting only attack.

Slow / Slow – slowing.

Unique mobifikator attack / Orb effect / Unique attack modifier – Unique item or ability that changes the properties of your attack. For example – Desolator, which gives lowering armor when attacking. Some types of vampirism are also unique modifiers (IOM and Dominator). You can have only one modifier, the second simply will not work. But there are exceptions (SCADA works with vampirism and Mjolnir covers all modifiers when procs)

Terms courtesy of:

GL HF – short for “Good luck, have fun” (Good luck, have fun). Usually referred to in the beginning of the game.
GG – short for “Goog game” (good game).

WP – “Well Played” (Well played). Usually used with GG and said at the end of the game.


Carrie / Carry – Hero of making damage. They cause a lot of damage, but need a good Farm.
Hard carry / Hard carry – the same as Kerry, but they need much more in gold than normal Kerry.

Saporta / Sap / Support – Heroes of support to help the team and almost do not need gold. Buy and wards are arranged. A very important role.

Hardlayner / Hardliner – Heroes of having to stand Hardline solo.

Pushers / Splitpushers – heroes that can quickly break down the tower.

Disablers / Disabler – has in its arsenal many different dizeyblov.

Forester / Jungler – has the ability to farm the forest with the early stages of the game.


Timfayt / Teamfight – hassle 5×5 or 4×4.

Deciphering numbered columns:

In the Basic tab
1. Expendable items that disappear after use.

2. Objects enhance our attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence).

3. Armament. Local items increased armor and give damage.

4. “Mystic”. Low-level “Mystery” items, such as masks and Gema vampirism.

Enhancements tab

5. “General” tab. Contains the cheapest items that are collected from the main tab.

6. a support tab. Contains the basic items that should be collected Sapam.

7. Tab to magicians casters. Contains active magical items.

8. Tab weapons. Items that give damage. The tab for the Dodgers and athletes.

9. Tab armor. Contains items that enhance our survival.

10. Artifacts. Almost all of the items that are contained in this tab – Unique attack modifiers.

Featured items will vary depending on what you use the manual.

Also, there are two types of store – and a secret side.

Side store contains some items from private as well as some of the standard, a kind of mix. It greatly helps collect items early game without using a courier. For example it is possible to collect all kinds of shoes, except for Boots of Travel. It is much easier life hardlayneram.

Blue in the picture labeled items that you can buy in the secret shop.

Finally, the secret shop or secret shop. This shop novices tend to get confused. Items from this shop are required to make other items from the main magazina.Predmety this tab is usually very expensive.

Courier (Important)

Many beginners do not realize the importance of carrier and did not buy it, and the walk to the base of the subjects on foot. When it cost 150 gold is a very good assistant in the early game, which will bring you clothes or flasks. Courier can be can be improved for 220 gold, and the faster it will bring you items and will be able to accelerate.

Improve the carrier only after 3 minutes of the game.

Courier can be killed, and the whole team get some money. Be careful ordering it. In the event of his death, he will revive 2:30 minutes.

It has 150 hp and 6 slots for items. As I said before, the flying courier has the ability to accelerate to 522 (maximum speed), the cooldown of this ability for 45 seconds.

Varda (Important):

Purchase and placement of wards – one of the main (and buy courier) game pieces on a support. Bought mostly shop and give an overview of the area, which gives a great advantage in the game.

In DOTA 2, there are two types of wards. This Observer Ward, giving an overview of the area and Sentry Ward gives True sight – the ability to see invisible units.

Wards are invisible to the enemy team.

Observer Ward costs 150 gold, and Sentry – 200. Having established Setry ward at the place where the alleged enemy Observer has established a support we can him (ward) and see the break, for it will give us 50 gold. This is called devarding or counter-varding.

Obs. Ward operates 7 minutes, Sentry – only 4.

DOTA 2 – Hyde for beginners

Explanation of what the characters Strength / Agility / Intelligence:

Each character belongs to one of the three branches (the attributes of strength / agility / intelligence). Strongmen / Dodgers usually Kerry and class heroes intelligence tend healer classes. Although there are many exceptions. (Outworld Dewourer great Kerry and Vengerful Spirit excellent support service)

List of characters, divided into three branches.

This system is actually very simple and does not require a lot of time to understand it. The game belongs to the “branches” denotes the golden ring.

The main attribute increases the damage that you cause.

The remaining properties of attributes (stats) do not change.

Strength increases number of HP and HP recovery rate (HP regen).
Agility – armor and attack speed.
Intelligence – The amount of mana and mana regeneration (Mana regen).


There are 5 different types of runes. Runes appear every 2 minutes, starting at 0:00.

They do not have any particular order and appear randomly.

How to find a guide to the hero in the game:

Now, with the introduction of the system guides the user to play for beginners has become much easier. You will be highlighted dates for pumping skills and shows the recommended items.

To find the guide you need to press-book, which opens the menu. In the upper right corner of the menu will be an arrow on it and press. A list of guides, choose the one they like and click “OK” play.


In this section, just what you can see on the minimap.

Minimap can not be ignored, otherwise there is a risk of death.

The numbers marked on the map:

1. Actually, our hero.
2. Hero enemy.
3. Allied hero.

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