Dota2: Viper

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Ranged – Carry – Durable

Malevolent magician pet sadistic, hope to catch him tame, Viper was extremely pleased with my care from private and will not change the lower limit of the dungeon, where his race lived millions of years after the tectonic shift Nezerdreykov isolated from the outside world in the light caves. Viper some time spent in obedience to the orders of the magician, hoping that he will be able to learn black magic. But soon he realized that some spells were as deadly as toxins that gave rise to it. Highlighting acid gradually proevshuyu bars of his cage, Nezerdreyk escaped from prison, spit venom into the eyes of the old magician and left to chance to show the world that he has a new master.


Poison Attack
Enhances poison Viper, adding to its normal attack damage over time and reducing attack speed and movement of the enemy. Poison Attack – unique attack modifier, it will not be combined with other unique modifiers attack.
Mana cost: 20/20/20 / 20Kuldaun: 0

Congenital poisonous breath Netherdrake quickly sucks the life force of the victim.

Nethertoxin allows Viper inflict additional damage depending on the enemies of the lost health. Additional damage is doubled in the absence of the enemy the next 20% health. Nethertoxin deals half damage creeps and buildings.

Venomous Viper attack each time more and more are infected wounds, resulting in the death of any living creature.

Corrosive Skin
Viper exudes a sticky poison that slows the enemy and inflicts damage if the Viper deals damage and is at a distance of up to 1400 units away from him. In addition, Viper gets an extra resistance to spells.

Shields and swords, rusting right into the hands of men – a common situation for those who dare to attack Netherdrake.

Viper Strike
Viper slows attack speed and movement of the selected enemy, thus inflicting damage over time. The speed of the enemy is gradually restored during the action of the poison. Improves with Aghanim’s Scepter.

The most dangerous of his Viper poisons used to kill called him a magician. This poison instantaneously through the veins of all who dare oppose him.

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