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The arrival of LeBron James in the NBA eagerly awaited, and waited for several years. And if not for the age limit of the Association (the player can not stand for the draft until he turns 18), then, of course, LeBron appeared in the NBA for a year or even two before. David Stern did not want to change a basketball prodigy constitution of the League, so could only watch as James smashing at the site of their school rivals.

But then came the coveted moment: the team, “Cleveland Cavaliers”, which is a real battle with other outsiders for the final spot in the NBA in the regular season, the NBA Draft picks the first number LeBron. Naturally recent student must also adapt to a great basketball. Of course he can not immediately perform at a high level, after all, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and it took 2-3 years to start playing in the NBA for real. So say many basketball experts. But the hero of the festivities had a different opinion on this matter, he decided to do without a grandmaster pause and literally burst into the League. We had to first pass the test of strength, when one of the pre-season games he received a knockout blow in the chest with his elbow from Karl Malone. James stood the test, and after the match, said: “Well, welcome to the League! If I withstood a blow from one of the best basketball players of the NBA, I can play at a decent level. “And he could not. Typing in the first match 25 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds and 4 steals, LeBron has silenced the skeptics. He did not need a season to “swing”, because he was preparing for the NBA life.

James was born on December 30, 1984 in the small town of Akron, located near Cleveland. His mother, Gloria James, who had not yet turned 17-year-old was forced to care for the child alone. LeBron childhood passed in constant traveling from place to place, which is prevented him to go to school and make friends. The only thing that was always with the young James – a basketball, a passion which, as well as to American football, manifested quite early. Subsequently, the football coach LeBron Frank Walker sheltered his ward at home, thus ending his endless travel and skipping school. LeBron has made friends with his son Walker, Frank Jr., and with the other guys, who loved basketball: Sayenom Cotton, Dru Joyce, Willie McGee and Romeo Travis. Together they made their school team one of the best in the state.

LeBron himself was head and shoulders above its partners, both literally and figuratively. By eighth grade he grew up to 185 cm, could play all five positions and, according to his coach, basketball had a sixth sense. Less than a year as the team LeBron reached the final of the national championship among eighth-graders. It was then that first talked about James as a future basketball star.

Some time later, LeBron and his associates on a favorite pastime decided to continue his ascent to Olympus basketball together and moved en masse to school “St. Vincent – St. Mary. “And as soon as the school’s basketball team for the first time since 1984, became a state champion, winning in all 27 games of the season. And our hero has averaged nearly 20 points and was a team leader almost all statistical indicators.

Successfully performed and the football team, LeBron nevertheless not forget its main purpose, and the fame of the basketball phenomenon gradually spread in the neighborhood. School matches began to migrate to the more spacious arena, and if LeBron was not so focused on the game, I could see myself towards the hall gazes NBA scouts. Thanks to win a second consecutive state championship final match, which took place in the arena, whose capacity surpasses 17,000, LeBron was added to the cohort of All-American (along with Eddy Curry, Cuomo Brown and others).

Summer basketball prodigy is not lying on the beach, sipping a martini, and lit in different camps. He particularly excelled in the famous Adidas ABCD Camp, open to the world all the same Kobe, T-Mac and many others. Seeing what a James, ESPN reporters through sobs and squeal excitedly comparing student then with Jordan, then with Magic Johnson. Meanwhile, the Jordan LeBron immediately invited to his private workout, and the student was trying not to get lost between the various Antoine Walker, Michael Finley and Penny Hardway. By the way, just here LeBron good friends with Walker, who later often called him to find out how he is faring as behaving etc.

To take a break from suddenly collapsed on him glory, LeBron switched on for some time on American football. However, there he was able to excel and rivet the attention. Some even claimed that LeBron could play a major US soccer league, NFL.

Third basketball season for “SIDS” was less successful. Despite the excellent play of James, his team could not defend the championship title and lost in the final. But take a look at LeBron personally visited Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, and this could not fail to please the young rising star. In addition, he was re-recorded in different categories for a better basketball player.

Ignoring the rules of the NBA, the head coach, “Cleveland Cavaliers” John Lucas invited the 17-year-old phenomenon to practice with the team before the start of the 2002-03 season. And Lucas not even embarrassed fine of 150 thousand dollars and suspension for two games. After all, he met with the possible future of his team! This is the future SPLIT walnut some careless players “Cleveland”, scoring a couple of times from the top through the hands of Chris Mima and Dzhumeyna Jones, as well as distributing a few mind-blowing beauty of “blind” transmission.

LeBron once trained in one of the school halls Ohio and nearly got a danger of injury. When he scored another powerful dunk, the ring did not withstand the pressure and broke, and LeBron collapsed along with him to the floor. By James in a moment ran his school coach, and the ring lying next to him, pulled the headmaster of Physical Education. Ring broken LeBron is money, thousands of dollars lying at his feet! Knowing about it, ran to the ring and adoptive father of James, Eddie Jackson. Between him and the director was almost there was a fight, and there was something like the following dialogue:

– Give me the ring, please. – Do not give! – Give me the ring! – No! It’s mine! – Yes, we’ll sue! – Do not give … – This will be a Merry Christmas! Come on good. – Well, only in exchange for six goals, signed LeBron. – Fair Enough …

That’s what makes people “lebronovskaya fever.” A very good James is better to insure their health, because there is no guarantee that the next time a basketball stand will not fall down on him.

Started the fourth and final season of LeBron in the school team. He was to appear on television 10 times the residents of Ohio, just as many games with the participation of the King James, it was decided to broadcast on local channels. In addition, the company has agreed to broadcast the game ESPN2 “SIDS” against “Oak Hill”. Everyone already was known LeBron and everyone wanted to see firsthand the talented basketball player. He launched the battle for the biggest sports company “Nike” and “Adidas”, offering more than $ 20 million per contract. LeBron took a year to think, but to refuse gifts from companies did not. 30th December 2002 James turned 18, and congratulate him on this significant date itself Allen Iverson. Mom LeBron prepared for him a royal gift: taking a bank loan of more than 50 thousand dollars, bought his son a car Hummer. School of Physical Education Association of Ohio (Ohio High School Athletic Association, OHSAA) portrayed dissatisfaction with such a gift, but no action is not taken. However, when LeBron was handed another gift, two vintage T-shirts from a sports shop in the amount of 875 $, OHSAA pushed James to participate in school competitions (the fact that the Association prohibits students using their sporting success, to accept gifts worth more than $ 100) . But then the disqualification was removed, and after a brief absence LeBron immediately reminded myself typing in a game of 52 points – as much as the entire opposing team.

Then James spoke in a match of stars McDonald’s All-American and EA Sports Roundball Classic. In advance abandoning university admission, LeBron let everyone know that there will be a candidate in the next draft. He talked about his decision: “I took a life much more difficult decisions. For example, to quit or walk regularly to school was much more difficult to choose between the NBA and the university. “In connection with this, several NBA teams turned serious struggle for the worst record in the league, but most did well, “Cleveland”, which eventually got the right to choose first. By the way, most likely, the club deliberately gave a mid-season his main point guard Andre Miller to degrade command. If so, you should applaud managers “Cavaliers” for such a radical step, because it is obvious that LeBron James will bring a huge profit to owners of the club.

“50 posters with the image of Jordan in my room, posters Iverson, Kobe, Magic and McGrady, and poster, which I did – that’s all you need to know about me,” – says LeBron. “I want as little as possible of people knew what LeBron James in reality. I’m a superhero. Call me a man basketball. ”

It seems like a phenomenal basketball player does not suffer from an inferiority complex. And I must say, on such statements he has every right. Because he is “the best student ever to play basketball.” Because he has twice appeared on the cover of the magazine «Sports Illustrated», and write books about it and remove TV. Because for some month he earned ten times more than Michael Jordan in the first years of his career. Because the number of requests on the Internet his name stands out above all the NBA stars, above even the Jay Em, and now there is talk about including LeBron in the US Dream Team at the 2004 Olympic Games.

He says so because he was always better than the rest, he would have scored better than anyone has seen the area, above all jumped on the shirt he always had the 23rd number. LeBron “reads” the game a few steps forward and gives a beautiful pass without looking like Magic Mike, he attacks the ring and hangs in the air for a second, as Tracy versed with the entire opposing team, Ivy rushes to pass a three-second zone. His athleticism and outstanding physical quality is staggering. James wins rebounds in strong pivot, but it likes to speak at the point guard position. He could now win the competition Slam dunk NBA. It is worth remembering, as he repeated the trick famous Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter and some others, scoring in one of the matches of the championship on top of school, after already passing the ball in the air under the foot with one hand to the other. And when LeBron shoots up in the fast-break, it seems that even a little bit, and he knocks his head on the ring. But most of all it stands out among the rest of their extremely high basketball IQ and a certain flair to the game. In general, a miracle, and not the player!

Reflecting on the question, what more to LeBron James – commerce or talent from God to come to a definitive answer is not possible. On the one hand, after three months of the regular season to doubt the incredible talent novice is not necessary: no high school graduate in the history of the NBA did not start because his career. Kevin Garnett scored in his debut season of 10.4 points and 6.3 rebounds per game, Kobe Bryant scored about 8 points per game, Tracy McGrady and less. LeBron Statistics: 20 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Some of these figures speak volumes. But more about the game itself says James.

On the other hand, we can safely say that LeBron James – this is the advertised brand. Has not played a single game in the NBA, “golden boy” James has earned more than $ 100 million in advertising contracts with “Nike”, “Coca-Cola” and several smaller companies. T-shirts with the name James sold out instantly, name shoes, put on sale just before Christmas, even faster. Prior to joining the game, James ‘Cleveland’ American television showed quite rare. This season included a US national television broadcasting network already in 13 games! Obviously, this is not undertaking some great uncle “roll out” LeBron and make the audience to watch his matches. Demand is growing – at the same time it grows and demand. This simple economic formula very well shown in the situation with all this fuss about the marketing of James.

First, some journalist was lucky enough to write the first of the talented students who live and play basketball somewhere in Ohio, some local small-circulation newspaper. The audience perked up, there was interest. Publications appeared in newspapers bigger. Gradually readers want to learn more about a young guy who tipped the laurels of Michael Jordan. And away. About LeBron learned more and more people, more and more talked about it. They are interested scouts from universities, managers and coaches of the NBA. Michael Jordan heard about it and invited me to train. Coach “Cavaliers” and invited him to watch. Company “Nike” and “Adidas” offered him a contract. Smiling schoolboy appeared on the cover of «ESPN» and «Sports Illustrated». For two or three years, LeBron James of the unknown to the general public schoolboy basketball turned into a machine for making millions and the main newsmaker of American sports. Everything went according to a predetermined scenario. Guide Association has desired to rub their hands in anticipation of production that goes to them straight into the arms. America flooded “lebronomanii.” The hysteria around James reached incredible heights …

And if LeBron was unable to perform at a high level? If after several unsuccessful attempts to pull the club’s reputation as a player behind the ears, James has not played in the league would be? Failure in the NBA LeBron would failure of “Nike” failure “Cleveland” failure of the Association, failure broadcasters, failure of all those who have offered an unknown student above the heavens. Basketball fans would come to the conclusion that they were deceived, and LeBron is not no second Jordan. Respectively, and the reputation of the NBA would be marred. However, LeBron played, and immediately became the leader of the team. And all who bet on an unknown student, had won.

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