The main purpose of the game Dota, Dota – is to destroy your opponent’s building. How to achieve it? You and your team must operate harmoniously, to coordinate all actions with each other. All this will allow you to control the map DotA, gain experience for the hero, as well as to receive and gold to buy it then necessary game items, the hero becomes stronger.
In the prosecution of the main goal you need to destroy the protective towers located on each line (there are three). After waiting for you and destroying two huts on each of the lines. Do not forget about your computer allies. Following these missions, they will become stronger and will already represent a considerable threat to the enemy.
The reason due to which one team is stronger than the other – it’s the economy in DotA. It is divided into experience and gold.
Get Gold in several ways. The first of them is to destroy the heroes pillboxes, buildings, enemy units that you last hit. Second – getting gold for destroying enemy towers and killing neutral “boss” Roshan. A small gift of $ 1 gold pieces can be obtained for every 0.875 seconds.

The experience acquired in the event that you are at close to 1000 units away from the target, for example, the murder of a neutral or enemy creep, hero. The best way to get experience points quickly – is to force the opponent to leave the race. This effect can be achieved by using the skills and attacks, not allowing the enemy to strike the final blow (lasthit).
Reaching certain limits of experience, you will increase the level. In this case, you get experience point and be able to spend it on something to learn or improve their skills. In addition you will find a bonus to the characteristic features of the hero. Because of this, you can increase the speed of attack, defense, will be able to do more damage and regenerate.
To increase the power of the game, Intelligence, Agility (article) or acquire additional abilities for your character, you can spend gold on certain subjects, which will help you accomplish this task. Do not forget that those things that make you get a bonus to the main characteristic features, in addition give and damage.
During the game your hero’s economy is gradually increasing. This will allow you and your allies to break the line. And eventually you will be able to start the final battle, after which the main building and destroy the enemy. The team that has the best economic development, and will be the winner. But the level of play and your luck is also largely affect the game protsess.e

Pochitati various useful guides for DotA to improve their skill in the game. The site published guides Hero, in which you will find many interesting and entertaining. Description dota hero, his perdystoriya, the appearance of the hero, a description of each ability hero pillboxes.


Soon, the site can be downloaded DotA. Will include the ability to download full warcraft. Guides will begin adding characters, update some obsolete information in the descriptions of the heroes of DotA, and will be able to download dota replays interesting.

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