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Leopard – the embodiment of flexibility, grace and stealth. Due to the yellow spotted skin of the animal perfectly merges with grass or tree branches. It’s very difficult to see. Sometimes, however, gives only the tail hanging from the trees. And it can be confused with vines. By the force of the leopard, of course, gives a tiger and a lion.

Yes, and in the race he is far from swift cheetah. But no one knows how to sneak up quietly and deftly to the victim, as does a leopard. This is the trickiest of all cats. Leopard can lie in the sun for hours, pretending to be dead. Only the cunning can beat writhing, moaning and portray dying podmanivaya to his inexperienced deer or camels.

For many centuries, people were divided into two leopards different species. Only recently, scientists have concluded that the leopard and panther – the same animal. Black Panther – it’s just tёmnookrashennye leopards. They have, though weak, but still visible spots.

Leopards are usually nocturnal. Hunt and live alone. These animals are born blind and helpless. But very soon begin to receive their sight, and their first outing for hunting frogs and Birdie. By the time when they are already learning to sneak up on prey, their vision reaches such a pitch that it is not difficult to search out prey for 1.5 kilometers.

Leopard voice sounds different. He may make a dull growl, hiss, raucous screams and cough, which means that the leopard ready to attack their prey.

The average length of an adult leopard is about two and a half meters. Its weight varies from 30 to 90 pounds. Favorite victim leopards – antelope and young buffalo. He attacks them at very close range. As a rule, makes a huge jump and falls victim on his back, biting the back of the neck and knocks on the ground. Prey he drags into hiding or taken her to a tree, where he was nobody hurt.

If a big game for a long time does not come across, the leopard perfectly manages mice, baboons, ostriches and sometimes even attacking crocodiles. In Zaire single leopard once interrupted a whole group of mountain gorillas. Sometimes leopards appears taste for human flesh. In India, one leopard in eight years has killed 125 people. Another killed more than 400 people in 77 mountain villages at night and induce fear in the local population, until he was shot dead. If the Lions do not like the cold, but the Tigers are languishing in the heat, the leopards thrive at temperatures below zero, and in the scorching heat of the desert.

They live in the forests of Africa, its savannas and deserts and mountains of India and on the plateau of the Yangtze River in China. None of mammals, except the wolf and man, does not have such a wide spread (range).

Recently passed a law banning the hunting of leopards. But the predator so quickly brood that it was canceled. It seems that the leopard is not threatened with extinction.

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