Dota2: Vengeful Spirit

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Even the calmest ckayrasy – a rambunctious creatures from birth prone to revenge for the smallest offenses. But Vengeful Spirit – is revenge in the flesh. The once proud and ill-bred daughter of one of ckayrasov, Shendelzar would be the first heir to the throne in terrible nest, but the betrayal of her sister’s cramped plans to naught. Once in the network assassin Shendelzar could choose only the cost of their wings, limping badly humiliated in front of the other: on the feet. She knew that ckayrasy never accept her as a ruler; knew that in the highest perch awful nest, to which was not accessible without wings, her sister was safe. Not wanting to live as crippled and unable to fly thirsty for revenge more than anything else, the fallen princess made a deal with the goddess Skriok: she sacrificed her mutilated body for the sake of eternal forms of energy spirits, eating places and capable of inflicting massive damage matter. She can live forever without wings, but it will make revenge.


Magic Missile
Produces the enemy magic projectile that stuns and inflicts.
ABILITY: Direction on units
Operations against enemy BEINGS

The simplest technique skayrasskaya – magic projectile – the main tool of revenge Shendel.

Wave of Terror
Vengeful Spirit makes a devilish cry, which reduces the armor of enemies and reveal the fog of war.

Heartbreaking voice Shendel recalls its approach.

Vengeance Aura
Vengeful Spirit presence increases the damage close allies. Whoever kills Vengeful Spirit, receive negative effect of this aura, which will reduce damage killer and his allies close to the moment of revival Vengeful Spirit.

Not all share the all-consuming desire for revenge, but its excessive fanaticism inspires feats.

Nether Swap
Instantly change places with allied or enemy hero. The ability to interrupt the use of the spell. Improves with Aghanim’s Scepter.

Martyrdom – not a great reward for revenge.

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