Dota2: Rubick

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Ranged – Disabler – Nuker

Any witch use the power of a spell or two, and some of them can even be trained long enough to become a magician, but only the most talented allowed to wear the title of magician. However, as in any other circle of witches, a sense of belonging is never guaranteed a smooth competition. Already known in the higher range of spellcasting as a duelist and scientist, Rubick never thought that he has the makings of a magician. Until then, until he tried to kill the seventh time. With a sigh, throwing twelfth of the so-called assassins from his balcony, he realized how hopelessly uninteresting began the attempt on his life. Before the sudden snap of the fingers or flammable on someone’s arm fire made him happily bounce when walking, but now everything has become terribly predictable. He wanted a more serious struggle. So, wearing his combat mask, he did something that would have made any magician who wants to advance in the community, he announced his intentions to kill the magician. Rubick soon realized that attacking a magician, he attacked them all, and they fell on him at all costs. Each spell any of his opponents was unstoppable flow of energy, every attack – designed for killing blow. But very soon something happened that did not expect the enemy’s Cube: their skill turned against them. Inside Hurricane Magic Rubik laughed, quietly reading and copying the ability of one to use them against the other, creating chaos in the ranks of those who are united against him. Was accused of treason, and soon wizards turned against each other, not knowing who led them to such a death. When the battle finally subsided, everything was charred and frozen, cut, torn and drenched. Rubik only stand out from the clutter, lightly battered, but delighted with what happened this week celebration. No one there was no power to object to him when he applied for membership in the Council of the Hidden and Eleven illusory as the one agreed to give him the title of the great magician.

attribute Value
The strength of the 19 + 1.50
Agility 14 + 1.60
Intelligence 27 + 2.40
Damage 17 – 27
0.96 protection
Movement speed of 290
Level 1 15 25
Health 511 910 1,575
Mana 351 788 1,360
Damage 44-54 78-88 122-132
Protection 1 4 9
Range coverage (day / night) 1800/800
Attack Range 600
Attack Speed 1125


Using telekinesis, Rubick briefly raises the enemy into the air, and then throws it back to earth. This is enough to stun all enemies around him.
Mana cost 120/120/120 / 120Kuldaun: 22
ABILITY: Direction on units
Operations against enemy BEINGS
DURATION OF LIFT: 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25
Stun duration: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75
Towering Blow: 325/325/325/325
Range: 550/575/600/625

Even the greatest magician can afford to use force in the pleasure.

Telekinesis Land
Sets the location to which the purpose of land after the end of Telekinesis.
ABILITY: direction to the point

Fade Bolt
Rubick creates a powerful flow of magical energy that moves between opponents, dealing damage and reducing their attack power. Each subsequent jump deals less damage.
Mana cost: 150/150/150 / 150Kuldaun: 16/14/12/10
ABILITY: Direction on units
Operations against enemy BEINGS
Damage: MAGIC
Damage: 70/140/210/280
Damage Reduction FOR LEAP: 4% / 4% / 4% / 4%
HEROES damage reduction 14/20/26/32
Creep damage reduction: 7/10/13/16
Lasting effect: 10/10/10/10

Favorite spell Rubick to address potential murderers essentially quite simple.

Null Field
Knowledge Arcane protect against weak spells of Rubick and allied heroes, increasing their resistance to magic.
ABILITY: Passive
Resistance: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20%
DISTANCE: 900/900/900/900

Not everyone can become the greatest magician …

Spell Steal
Rubick studies the remains of the magical nature of the enemy hero, learning the secrets of the last spell that gave this character. The magician can use this spell as his own for a few minutes, or until he dies. Improves with Aghanim’s Scepter.
Mana cost: 25/25 / 25Kuldaun: 20/18/16
ABILITY: Direction on units
Operations against enemy HEROES
DURATION 180/240/300
Cooldown scepter: 5

… But even his limited magic can be very useful.

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