Infiniti Essence Concept

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Infiniti Essence concept was created for the 20th anniversary of the US-Japan brand and was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2009.

The very essence of Infiniti expressed in irresistibly stylish luxury sports coupe: a car with a “hybrid” gasoline-electric powertrain. Front under the hood of a V-shaped 3.7-liter “six» VQ37DETT: with direct fuel injection into the combustion chamber and bi-turbocharged engine developing up to 440 hp.

It is not limited, but is paired with d.v.s. works as traction motors 3D – one of the technological advances Nissan Motor. Maximum capacity of e-Machines – 118 kW / 160 hp and torque of 500 Nm. In general, up to 600 hp – A rear wheel drive; classical formula. E-motor is sandwiched between the “six” and the transmission, the clutch 2, or associate it with d.v.s. or gearbox – depending on what mode the machine e. Traction, as the alternator (charging traction batteries) – or as a starter when starting d.v.s. That is, the “hybrid” from Infiniti works on so-called “parallel” scheme. And the “full”: sports coupe can get a move on and accelerate e-thrust naked – without the expense of gasoline. Of course, if the “threaded” pulling the lithium-ion battery.

Progressive technology prototype does not eclipse his expressive style, built in the company’s key Dynamic Adeyaka. Do not ask how to decipher the mysterious phrase, and look at the exhibits: 2-seater sports coupe fine shape 4.7 m long. The harmony of the undulating lines of the classic GT, advanced aerodynamics and a long tradition of Japanese art. The same approach to the design of “cockpit”: bent center console forms two “cocoon” – for the driver and passenger. They even decorated individually: in black and red from left to right.

Information about the dynamics of the prototype is not, however, 600-hp power unit leaves no doubt as pickup Essence. But reported that the sports coupe consumes an average of only 8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers; conservation of non-renewable hydrocarbon and environmental “friendliness” in the spirit of our age.

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