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Chicago – a huge metropolis in northern Illinois, the largest transportation hub and financial center in North America. It stretches along the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan and along with the suburban communities form agglomeration, called the “Great Chicago.” On its territory is home to over 9.6 million. People, and in the city – about 3 million. This is the third US city by population after the “Big Apple” and “City of Angels”.

Chicago – the second economic center of the United States

The convenient geographical location contributed to the development of passenger and freight traffic. The local river port on Lake Michigan – Harbor, which is connected to the sea channel of St. Lorenz, is the largest in the United States. O’Hare Airport passenger traffic at its firmly holds the leading position in the country. Every hour, it sends and takes an average of about 200 aircraft.

Several decades ago, the leading sector of the economy of Chicago was the meat industry. To date, it has moved into second place, behind the heavy industry – iron and steel, chemical and engineering field.

In the downtown area, which is called The Loop (Loop), concentrated in the north of the USA’s largest banks, building boards of corporations and trusts. Also here are the first-class boutiques, restaurants, luxury hotels, the most famous exhibition halls, which annually attract more than a few million tourists.

History of Chicago began in 1833, though the first settlement in its place existed long before that. There was a small village, where only a few families. City status it received in 1880 when here was placed upon the railway. His name is obliged to Chicago Indian traditional dishes, which are prepared from shikaakwa – wild onion.

The modern image of the city with lots of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings arose due to the tragic event – a fire in 1871. He stripped the home almost a third of the population, which required local authorities to urgently address. Chicago Buildings old plans has been recognized as impractical, so the city was reconstructed completely new concept. Its main idea was to expand the territory is not deep, and up. So on the shore of Lake Michigan began to appear one after the other high-rise buildings.

Today the city has many nicknames, but the one used most often – the Windy City. Its origin is attributed as the weather conditions, and with the policy. Indeed, the lake blowing very strong wind gusts are aggravated by large clusters of skyscrapers. But for the first time this name was used in 1893, the editor of the newspaper “New-York Sun” by Charles Dana. His outraged empty speeches of American politicians at the World Columbian Exposition, which used the event to raise only personal rating.

Chicago – is inimitable and special city, where every year millions of tourists come. Everyone here is looking for something special: enjoy the warm sunshine on the wonderful beaches of Lake Michigan, walking for hours on end streets among huge skyscrapers in a hurry for a conference or another sale in fashionable boutiques. A bustling atmosphere day gives way to night, the city even more lively. Thousands of nightclubs greeted its visitors with entertaining shows, jazz evenings and excellent cuisine. And no longer afraid of the legend of the ghost of Al Capone – the famous mobster, who hunted in the streets of Chicago during the “dry law”. By the way, the people themselves are not absolutely thrilled with the fact that their city is associated with this person. But it is impossible to get rid of the past, and the most popular excursion is considered among the visitors walk through the crime neighborhoods where wielded gangsters and mobsters refueled.

Tip: Chicago is the birthplace of jazz. Every year there are the famous Festival Chicago Jazz Festival. The most famous jazz club in the city is considered to Green Mill Jazz Club – its location is known to every local resident, so finding it is not difficult. Interestingly, this club once ruled McGurn, who was the right hand of Al Capone.

Today, Chicago is considered one of the most attractive in the United States for hiking. The town is surrounded by greenery, despite the huge number of skyscrapers, industrial buildings, monuments and other buildings. Almost a third of its area is occupied by gardens, squares and parks. Especially beautiful on the waterfront: flower gardens, cobbled paths for walking, flower beds and green parks where you can have fun for both children and adults.

North Michigan Avenue, or as it is also called the “Magnificent Mile” – a paradise for avid shoppers. Here are the most fashionable boutiques in the city, well-known supermarket and retail shops, where throughout the year are held various sales, discounts the week, and other actions. For shopping here come not only tourists but also residents themselves “Greater Chicago.”

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