Dota2: Beastmaster

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Melee – Initiator – Disabler – Durable

Childhood karroh passed unsweetened. His mother died in childbirth. Father, a blacksmith during the last king scrapped, trampled to death when the child was five years old. Karroh then settled in the royal menagerie, where he grew up among animals from the royal collection: lions, monkeys, deer-Padun, and lesser-known creatures that do not have any faith. In the seventh year of life Man royal emissary brought to the palace a new creature. She dragged to the king, in chains, and she spoke, though without moving his mouth. She asked one thing: freedom. King only laughed and ordered the beast to speak to him on the fun, and when he refused, he whacked his scepter and gave the order to send the creature to prison. The following months the boy secretly sneaked to the merits of food and medicine, but they are only slightly pushed away complete exhaustion. Without a word beast spoke with the boy, and eventually their relationship intensified so much that karroh understood – he can carry on a conversation. Moreover, he also learned to communicate with all the inhabitants of the royal menagerie. On the night of the death of the beast boy flew into a rage. He led the war against the monsters servants of the king, unlocking the cells and let the beasts of the palace ground. In the pogrom was death zakusan, peck and zatsarapan himself the last king. While confusion reigned, karroh released one of the king’s deer, and he bowed, and then, with karroh on the back, jumped over the high walls of the palace, taking it from the accursed place. Now Beastmaster karroh nicknamed Beastmaster already a grown man, but he has not lost the ability to speak with wild beasts. Orphan of the royal menagerie turned into an indomitable warrior nature.

attribute Value
The strength of the 23 + 2.20
Agility 18 + 1.60
Intelligence 16 + 1.90
Damage 37 – 41
4.52 protection
Movement speed of 310
Level 1 15 25
Health 587 1,172 1,970
Mana 208 554 1,061
Damage 60-64 91-95 133-137
Protection rating 5 August 13
Range coverage (day / night) 1800/800
Attack Range 128
Attack Speed N / A


Wild Axes
Beastmaster throws his ax, and they cut down trees and heads of opponents on your way and come back. Each ax touches one enemy only once.
Mana cost 120/120/120 / 120Kuldaun: 13
ABILITY: AIMED AT Units direction to the point
Operations against enemy BEINGS
DAMAGE: Physical
Damage: 70/100/130/160
Range: 1300/1300/1300/1300

Learning to walk on rough terrain, Beastmaster get used to use two tomahawk able to pave the way through the forest as well as the enemy’s ranks.

Call of the Wild
Beastmaster encourages watchful hawk. If he was called, the newly called replaces the old one. Level 1 is called a small hawk. Level 2: Call the small hawk. Level 3: Senior invoked hawk. Level 4: Call senior hawk.
Mana cost: 15Kuldaun: 40
CAPACITY: Non-directional
The longevity of the HAWK: 60/60/60/60

After Beastmaster friends with a strange beast in his childhood, he learned to call animal rescue.

Call of the Wild
Beastmaster calls upon the mighty boar. Level 1: Not available. Level 2: encourages small boar. Level 3: encourages small boar. Level 4: encourages older boar.
Mana cost: 15Kuldaun: 40
CAPACITY: Non-directional

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