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Venice – a city in northeastern Italy, capital of the province of Veneto. Venice is built on 118 small islands scattered between the Adriatic Sea and the mainland. The city is hardly a huge metropolis, as it is home to only about 270 thousand. Man. Despite this, he has always been and remains a cultural and educational center, the venue of the largest festivals of music, film and art.

The city of canals and bridges

The history of the city of Venice has more than one and a half thousand years. It all started with a small village, the inhabitants of the area based on the deserted marshy islands, which were saved from the invasion is ready. According to the archaeological site, this event occurred in 421 AD. Gradually, the village grew and soon turned into a real city.

From the 9th to 16th century Venice was a major trading port where the ship stopped on the way from the East to Western Europe and vice versa. Year after year, new settlers arrived here, who mastered the neighboring islands. In the Middle Ages the city became a republic with its own ruler – doge. State flourished both financially and culturally, building new buildings, palaces, libraries, chapels and of course the bridges. Today in Venice last count more than 400 pieces, and the most famous of them are considered to Bridge of Sighs, Straw Bridge and Rialto Bridge.

Rialto Bridge, also called the Golden Bridge or the bridge is reversed. The Napoleonic Wars put an end to the independence and prosperity of the country, leaving it came under the control of Italy. Today, Venice regained its former grandeur and is a popular center of international tourism, the venue for artistic and architectural exhibitions. Although, to enjoy the wonders of architecture, not necessarily wait for any cultural event – there plenty of monuments in the open air, and the buildings constructed in the Middle Ages, can hit its beauty and grandeur.

Tip: In Venice there trams, buses and, especially the subway. The main public transport are all kinds of boats. Being the first time in the city, be sure to take a trip on the famous canals of Venice boat – gondola. It is managed by a single gondolier paddle that allows to swim even by the narrowest channel. The art of management, as well as the gondola itself is considered to be the pride of the family, and inherited.

Venice – the city of romance and love

Many call Venice the most romantic city in the world, and rightly so. The emotional atmosphere is amazing, charming, mesmerizing … The streets prevail peace and quiet, which violate the only lonely cries of gulls, the rustle of the waves, the battle of the bells of the cathedral of San Marco and the melodious singing gondoliers.

Locals start their morning with a cup of espresso. His scent is in the air almost around the clock, as each meal in any restaurant or cafe usually end portion invigorating drink. Join the contemplation of sunrise over the numerous canals and bridges can be anywhere in the city. Problems with finding a suitable coffee is never arises. However, there is one special in Venice cafe, which it considered to be a symbol and a world famous – a “Florian” cafe. It started work in 1720 and its almost three-century history has taken such famous people as Carlo Goldin, Lord Byron, Joseph Brodsky, Hemingway.

The city will find entertainment of any visitor, whether avid shopaholic believes pilgrim or art lover. To see the most famous masterpieces of different cultural epochs, it is enough to go on a tour of the famous museums – Naval, Archaeological, Peggy Guggenheim Museum, etc. To become better acquainted with the unique architectural style of Venice is the Piazza San Marco – is an amazing complex of buildings, including the Clock Tower, the Doge’s Palace and the cathedral of San Marco. At the edge of the area there are two columns, symbolizing the gateway to Venice. At the top of a statue of St. Theodore, on the other – a winged lion. He is considered the heraldic symbol of the city and is depicted in many booklets, postcards, envelopes.

The largest number of tourists come to the city at the end of winter, when there is a traditional Venetian carnival. Its history began in the XVIII century, but the event itself was dated the day of the winter solstice. An essential attribute of the holiday is considered fancy costumes and masks, whose meaning lies in concealing the obvious social differences between the parties.

The best place for shopping in Venice is considered to be all the same Piazza San Marco. There are exclusive shops where you can buy quality Italian shoes and bags, as well as clothes from world famous brands. However, the best souvenir from Venice, considered products from Murano glass – various vases, dishes, mirrors and jewelry made by craftsmen.

Venice HD wallpapers and background pictures

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