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Mouse in appearance much nicer rats. But the damage, however, they bring no less. In addition, mice hawkers terrible disease – cholera. Therefore, people with such insistence destroy them. The most common three types of mice. First – domestic mouse, which settle in rural homes and even city apartments than a lot of trouble to bring their inhabitants. Their length including the tail reaches 18 centimeters. The second type – forest mouse, and the third – the field.

By way of life, all three species resemble each other, with house mouse, has long been known to man, is easily tamed. Mice his good nature and lively character deliver hosts many pleasant minutes. Some of them can sing and publish trills, something resembling a song young robins.

Damage to the house mouse is not even that she steals food, and that it spoils the books and furniture. These rodents multiply very quickly. During the year, a female gives birth to 45 cubs.

Wood mouse is common throughout Europe and Central Asia. She also deftly as home, but above all able to jump. Field Mouse is spread over a huge territory from the Rhine River to western Siberia. This is the most awkward of all the mice, but most good-natured. It feeds bread grains, insects, worms. It not only runs fast, but also knows how to climb the stalks.

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