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Gorillas – the biggest monkey on earth. The body length of an adult male can reach two meters, and weight – 270 pounds. Gorillas dark hair, protruding brow, long arms, short, strong and powerful brush foot. Moving animals, carrying almost the entire weight of his body on the forelimbs. Head with a high forehead and ears sitting flat appearance makes them even more scary.

But despite the large size and ferocious appearance, gorillas differ peaceful disposition. Gorillas live only in the tropical forests of Central Africa and eat only plant foods. They feed primarily on the ground, because the large size often do not allow them to roam the brittle branches of a tree. Gorillas eat a lot. Massive jaws allow them to have the most solid food, such as bark, wood, stems and roots. Most of the day these monkeys are busy eating tree ferns and vines, and in mountainous areas – bamboo shoots and wild celery.

Gorillas live in groups of 5 to 30 individuals. Chairs have serebristospinny male. He called for the silver hair growing on his back in the shape of a saddle. Usually, the group consists of leader, one or two young males with more black backs, six females and ten cubs. Since gorillas are one of the most powerful inhabitants of tropical forests, they have few enemies. They do not need to search for food – it grows in abundance around. The entire first half of the day passes for food.

This is followed by an easy walk through the jungle and siesta, during which most of the monkeys sleeping, cubs play, while the other pulled each other’s hair insects. In the afternoon, the monkey until the darkness moving through the jungle, passing the stern. By nightfall the first leader begins to build a nest. As a rule, because of its enormous weight, he builds a nest on the ground. It consists of somehow folded twigs and grass stems bent inward. All other members of the group get on trees and build nests there. By nightfall, the whole group goes to bed.

It is not difficult to understand why the peaceful gorillas acquired fame ferocious animals. One reason – a demonstration of force. First male gorilla loud hoots, then hooting goes into terrible screams. Gorilla gets up on his hind legs and shoulders hunched, begins to beat his palms bent in the chest. After that, a gorilla and runs up with a terrible crash rushing through the bushes, sweeping away everything in its path. And finally, she starts banging on the ground with his hands.

The meaning of this behavior is to remove the tension and to show their power and authority to the other members of the group. But it’s nothing more than a scare. Gorillas are very rarely attack, preferring defense. Even hunters, attacked by a gorilla off with single bites. Gorillas live up to 40-50 years, if their life does not interfere with people.

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