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Fox, the smallest member of the dog family inhabit virtually all over the globe. As well as their close relatives – coyote and jackal, almost all of them managed to survive, despite the onslaught of man. They even managed to adapt to a world dominated by men. Currently, the most common – the red fox, she lives across Asia, Europe and North America.

Dodgy heroine hundreds of fairy tales and fables – a very beautiful and graceful animal. She has a beautiful silky reddish-orange fur, white breast and black “boots”. Long fluffy tail creates the impression of a large magnitude of the beast. In fact it is not, the fox quite small animal and weighs just 5.4 pounds.

Give special charm fox clever eyes with pupils, like a cat. Such eyes of all the dog is only for foxes. Red fox can live anywhere. So, after the end of World War II in Berlin ruins found some fox families. They ate garbage, mice and rats. But mostly foxes prefer meadow area where a lot of mice, voles and hares. Fox does not shrink and grasshoppers eating strawberries, blueberries, cherries, apples and grapes. Sometimes she manages to steal a chicken coop out.

Red foxes tend to settle in the abandoned burrows of woodchucks and badgers. They extend them and pave the additional tunnels. Be sure to build and emergency exits. In one hole once found as many as 27 emergency exits.

Female brings early spring from 4 to 8 cubs. A few weeks later, they were on their own out of the hole. At this time, the mother and father carefully protect them from danger. If there appears an enemy, foxes carry a spare hole. Food kids drag both parents, and bury surplus reserve. If the fox is not possible to outwit the enemy, she runs away from him. Here hunters have to let the horses gallop, because foxes are very swift creation.

Foxes often use other means of protection. Thus, the gray fox that lives across the United States, can climb trees very well. Thus, she is saved from most enemies. Dwarf and prompt Fox – two little foxes that live in deserts and plateaus of North America, saved due to excellent hearing. Their large ears, long before approaching the enemy hear his footsteps. They run away from enemies and zigzags so rapidly that even keep track of them is difficult. But as a result of desert development and the use of poisons to control coyotes, foxes dwarf population was strongly reduced. Now they are on the list of protected animals.

Like the dwarf foxes and several types of Bat-eared fox, found in Africa. The smallest of them – Fenech weighs only 1.5 kilograms. Very soft cream fur, large dark eyes, sharp snout and large ears give these amazing creatures charm. These animals are hunted at night, mostly on insects, lizards and small rodents.

In the cold northern areas inhabited by black-brown fox. In fact, this is a common red fox, but on the other color. Black wool helps her best to hide in the dark coniferous forests. Colouring fox in turn is as black and bluish-gray and light gray. However, for the most part entirely white foxes, only the tip of the tail has black hair. Foxes perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions of the Arctic. In summer they feed on small rodents, and in winter pick up leftovers from dinner the polar bear.

In South America, are found other like a fox, members of the family dog. This fox-crabeater and pampasovaya fox. A most unusual of them – this is probably the maned wolf. He was so named because in the back of his neck he had a whole band rearing black hair. It is found in the highlands of Brazil and Argentina. Hunts at night on guinea pigs and small birds. He runs a very awkward because of the long legs. But thin legs are very useful in the long grass. Thanks to him maned wolf can look out for prey, and also to see the approach of his two sworn enemies – the steppe fire and man.

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