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Caracal also has amazing ears. They are black and, like a lynx, completed provocatively curved brushes. By the way, the word “Caracal” in Turkic means “chernouhy.” Because of the long brushes and powerful paws caracal is sometimes called a desert lynx. He is one of the most beautiful members of the cat family. He glossy reddish-brown coat without markings and white fluffy belly with brown spots.

In India and Iran caracals, like cheetahs, tamed and were trained for hunting. Since caracal smaller, it was used for hunting birds.

Birds – Caracal main prey, and he has his own hunting techniques. He knows how great climb and jump and climbs into the nests of birds on the tops of the trees. There are cases when caracal attacking the formidable African Eagle – a very large bird of prey. On the ground, crept to the nursing doves, he jumps into the middle of the pack and takes a kind of frenzied dance. He swings with amazing speed and front paws, jumping to a height of two meters, knocks vsporhnuvshih birds. For a few seconds he produces for dinner to two dozen birds.

Caracal never gets to the end of the manual. There were times when caracals attacked their owners. But some owners caracals say that at the moment “attack savagery” predator just need to give a saucer of milk, then he immediately calmed down and began to purr.

Caracals are found in arid mountainous areas of Africa, from the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope. Furthermore, they are in the Middle East and further up to India.

Hunters at one time almost completely destroyed caracals because of their valuable fur. Only the introduction of laws that ban hunting, saved them from destruction. Caracals dens and bear cubs in tree hollows or holes trapped porcupines.

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