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Beaver has long enjoyed widespread respect as a skilled engineer quadruped, lumberjack and creator of dams. He not only became a symbol of hard work and perseverance, but also learned a lot of people. Some techniques and engineering solutions in the construction of dams people borrowed from the beavers.

Five million years ago, the ancestors of beavers could compete with themselves bear. Modern beavers, of course, much smaller. Adult beaver weighs 20-30 pounds with a length of 120 centimeters. Some older males weigh up to 45 kilograms. About 15-18 cm of the total length of the tail have a unique width of 15-18 centimeters.

Beavers – excellent swimmers. Starting from the water strong hind legs, they reach speeds of up to 10 km / h. It is quite possible that webbed feet beaver prompted the idea of swimming flippers their inventor. Front, pretty little feet beaver deprived of membranes, but armed with long strong claws for digging. Swimming, beaver compresses the front paws in the jaws and pushes them all sorts of noise. They also he wears branches and clay, pressing them to her chest and lower jaw.

From cold beaver save a thick layer of fat and thick beautiful hair, it contains in perfect order. He combs it with the help of bifurcated claws on their hind legs. To waterproof fur beaver lubricates your hair oily substance from their glands.

Beavers, living in a large river or lake, often simply dig yourself a hole in a steep bank. But they have become famous in that block the dam streams and build inaccessible for enemies lodge-islands.

For the construction and supply beavers use alder and aspen, which grows thickly along the banks. Trees are felled, bit barrel. Thin alder beaver gnaws ten bites. Gnawed-off pieces in a teeth drags to the construction site and the sharp end sticks to the bottom. Others laid so that they are not swept over. Little by little, over the river rises a smooth shaft of sticks, to be sure pinned stones weighing 15-18 kilograms. Clay, leaves and trash completed deal.

In the US, one beaver dam discovered a six-meter height, although its length was only 10 meters. But near the town of Berlin in the state of New Hampshire found dam length of 1,200 meters and a dam was built for her beaver lodges 40.

In the XIX century beavers almost died because of their chic fashion fur. Saved them what fashion quickly passed and adopted laws on the protection of animals. Beavers began to multiply so rapidly that in some areas they have become real pests, flooding fields, roads and forest areas. In such cases, the animals have to catch and relocate to more remote places, where they can build dams, disturbing no one.

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