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Stamina, aggressiveness and ability to adapt – these are the main features of the greatest Old World monkeys. It is called a baboon. He lives almost everywhere in Africa and south-west of the Arabian Peninsula. Baboons – eternal wanderers. Their life is full of danger, they often have to be hungry and thirsty. That is why baboons are omnivorous and use any food.

Males of some species reach a length – from snout to tail – one meter and weigh more than 40 kilograms. Females are about half the size. Snatching food, baboons are per day up to 20 kilometers. Brown color of their fur almost indistinguishable from the color of vegetation savannah. If there is no fruit, monkey eat grass and seeds, dig up the roots and tubers, catch hares and even cubs gazelle. Under the hot African sun is particularly important water. Baboons are able to extract it, digging holes in the bottom of dried up rivers.

In the open countryside there is a constant threat of attack by predators, such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals and bat-eared fox. Therefore, the night baboons are arranged in trees or on the rocks. Baboons sleep sitting. To do this, they, like the gibbons have ischial callosities, through which they can sit long on the branches or stones.

Travel these monkeys are well organized groups. In the center are the leader and females with cubs, and around other males to the risks. Alarm bark serves as a signal to attack. Females and cubs huddling together, and males are around. Then four or five adult male combat system performs forward menacingly rocks and wool. So menacing look may deter anyone who wants to attack them. Therefore, most predators attacks mainly on the stragglers animals – sick or inexperienced.

Groups living in savannah baboons usually account for up to forty individuals. Typically, there six males and twelve females 20 pups. Every male has the right to any female. In hamadryas baboons who live in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula in the south, it’s different. These monkeys every male has the exclusive right to 4-5 females. Each group hunts during the day itself, in the evening all gamadrily combined into one large herd (100 individuals), led by one leader. Males jealously guard their females, not letting go far. At night all sleep peacefully. Females stumble around their leaders.

It has long been portrayed in the legend that baboons attacking people, throwing stones at them with steep cliffs and bluffs. Scientists reject these stories, including their tales. But more recently, in Africa nearly killed three scientists. They threw stones baboons.

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