X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Matthew Vaughn, leaving Brian Singer drafts of the script of “Days of future past” and plot developments and re-create the main characters of “First Class”, probably hoping that the director of the original trilogy of “X-Men”, worthy to continue his work. However, as is the case with “Piptsom” what was delivered Vaughn is elegant and excellent, but continued, in spite of all the efforts of the new creative team loses the original dry.

The universe, created in the “first class”, radically different from previous adventures nursing Xavier and Lensherra, those that moved away from the animated approach to reality and focused on realism and relationships of the main characters. Erik and Charles have found not only young blood, but these characters and feelings, realizing an antipodes, which, however, without the other can not do. Humanity and drama instantly made heroes embodied James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, the center of the hundreds of fan-fiction stories.

In other words, Vaughn was able to touch the audience, giving what they are exactly what you need. Namely – the story, where the act is not mutants with an unusual appearance, and people with special abilities. This situation is absolutely not suitable Bryan Singer, he sees the “X-Men” comics as filmed, so realism and drama in an artistic sense alien to him – only delights appearance and massive explosions. Therefore, Singer pushes young Eric and Charles sidelined, have a major place for their elderly versions, and returning Wolverine (separate films about this character were just trash) and literally all the characters intersect at him in “X-Men”. Robbing screen time at McAvoy and Fassbender, who is a cut above all his colleagues in terms of acting, Singer gives all the other characters a through at least a few seconds.

Without going beyond the paradigm of “kill / coexist” film offers visual entertainment for all tastes – flying stadiums, breaking glass and pirouettes Mystic in excess. Rare moments of James and Michael diluted logically ragged but emotionally smooth narrative. Yes, still a hero Evan Peters named Mercury bit interesting, on the one hand by the fact that the same character is in the “Age of Ultron,” but by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. On the other hand the fact that there is a picture of the ambiguous phrase, hinting that one of the main characters is the father of mercury.

Here will be tragic moments, but they do not cause any emotion, only the excitement of working professionals on the visual component. Everything in this 250-timillionnom attraction aimed at entertainment, and in itself this fact there is nothing wrong, but viewers need more, otherwise “Winter Soldier” authors could just make the fight longer than two hours between Bucky and Steve, and there was no would need writers “Dark World” append additional scenes with Tom Hiddleston. Out of this story about a hero mutants, Eric and Charles at this time is only interested in playing because of their actors, writers and spit on them. It seems that if it were possible to erase Xavier and Lensherra, the Singer would do, but producers, apparently to no avail.

Box office success of “Days of future past provided”, and a special place in the hearts of the audience? It seems that there is. Teens come to the delight of the steep action, fans Fassavoy comforted myself with the thought that once again saw the heroes on the big screen. Life and death, parting and meeting new robots (which seems to be partly copied from the first part of “Thor” and partly to “Transformers”) and time travel – all of it is beautiful, but emotionally colorless. At the time travel should dwell, their logic is not even sewn white and pure white thread. Screenwriter offers just watch and do not ask any questions. This logic uses and Steven Moffat and his 11th Doctor – watch and wonder. But at some point creeps unpleasant sensation that you keep an idiot who can endure anything if what is happening is full of expensive spice. effects (pity that in the scenes without computer graphics, digital photography disadvantages consisting in hyperrealism useless feature film, was unable to hide).

If you continue to parallels with the “Doctor Who”, which as well as this franchise has undergone radical changes, due to the change of supervising producers. It is possible to compare the “Days of the future past” with “Happy Doctor” – somewhere in the background can be seen the old characters, but they are in a new world full of action and without a sense, has no place. As it is impossible to imagine Jack Harkness in tandem with the 11th Doctor, so it is impossible to write Lensherra and Xavier from the “First Class” in the event “Days of future past” – here it’s different, and that stylish and careful attention to detail of the world no longer, he replaced another, no doubt entertaining, but without intimacy and intimacy of friendship.

For Charles and Erik, what they saw Matthew Vaughn and loyal fans, the future, as it is presented in this film is really past. It will never come. The charming story of friendship, full of contradictions and inexplicable attraction, has not received its continuation. Well, at least we have the imagination, and there have Eric arrogant and good-natured Charles will be a different story.

United States, United Kingdom
slogan «His past. Our future »
director Bryan Singer
script Simon Kinberg, Jane Goldman, Matthew Vaughn
producer Simon Kinberg, Hutch Parker, Lauren Shuler Donner, …
operator Newton Thomas Sigel
composer John OTTM
artist John Peace, Ravi Bansal, Vincent Zhingras liberal …
John installation OTTM
genre fiction, thriller, thriller, adventure, words …
$ 200 million
charges in the US
$ 233,921,534
fees in the world
+ $ 512,124,166 = $ 746,045,700 fees
charges in Russia
$ 22,492,820
Russia 3.11 million
Premiere (World)
May 10, 2014, …


James McAvoy
Michael Fassbender
Hugh Jackman
Jennifer Lawrence
Nicholas Hoult
Peter Dinklage
Ian McKellen
Patrick Stewart
Ellen Page
Halle Berry

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