Woody Allen

Woody Allen
Birthday: 1/12/1935, the
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Citizenship: US
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 50 kg

Original name: Allan Stewart Konigsberg

Woody Allen: an intellectual and an incurable romantic
Woody Allen called the great intellectual and connoisseur of literature, although he studied in school is bad enough. It is recognized as one of the greatest directors of our time, but he never finished the cinematic University. The director does not understand why everyone thinks its so smart. But the reason is, it lies, of course, in his work. Movies Allen, containing elements of satire and the absurd and full of wit and philosophical arguments, so unusual and original that critics regard them as a separate genre – intelligent comedy.

Childhood and adolescence
Woody Allen (Allen Stewart Konigsberg) was born in New York on December 1, 1935, to a Jewish family. His mother, Nettie was an accountant and his father Martin was engaged in jewelry business.
As a child, Allen went to a Jewish school, and then went to a regular school in Midwood. After graduating from high school, he did not know what to do, so I started to write jokes for small newspapers that signed the pseudonym of Woody Allen. All that interested him at this time – it is literature and cinema.
Allen enrolled in courses of cinematography in New York University, but did not surrender after several examinations, was expelled from there. Then he spent some time visiting the New York City College. Despite the fact that studies in the future director did not develop, he was actively engaged in self-education. Allen read a lot of American and European authors, but he particularly liked Russian literature. One of the most popular writers of the director became Dostoevsky.
A start in life
Woody Allen started out as a writer and comedian. He got to the comedian Herbert Schreiner, who wrote the script for. Since 1954, Allen began to write for the popular television show “Caesar’s Hour ‘,’ Ed Sullivan Show ” Tonight Show ‘and others.
In 1966, at the Broadway premiere of his play ‘Do not drink the water’, which made the young writer, one of the best Broadway playwrights, withstand 598 submissions. Another hit was the play of Allen ‘Play it again, Sam’, which has been shown 453 times.
Woody Allen’s debut in film was the film ‘What’s new pussy? ” (1965), although the director does not consider it his first job. This film, as well as several others, were created in cooperation with the producer Charles Feldman, who was trying to control the process and constantly make adjustments. Allen was dissatisfied with his first film, so I decided to work alone, without the participation of the producers.
The first attempt was a picture of “Take the Money and Run” (1969), then came the film ‘Bananas’, ‘Sleep’, ‘Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask’, ‘Love and Death’. All of the early pictures of the director – a comedy, which were based on the ingenious jokes, rude farce and endless witticisms. The greatest influence on Allen’s early work had comedians Humphrey Bogart, Bob Hope and the brothers Marx. Woody Allen starred in all his early works, as well as most recent.
Worldwide recognition
Cardinal change in the work of Woody Allen came with the release of the 1978 romantic comedy ‘Annie Hall’, which was more dramatic and sophisticated humor. The film received four Oscar, which was unusual for a comedy, and starred Diane Keaton was nominated for ‘Best Actress’. The film not only had an enormous impact on the film, setting a new standard for the romantic comedy, but also gave rise to a fashion trend, based on the clothes she wore on the screen Keaton. Among women in vogue eccentric men’s clothing, such as cardigans and ties. The painting is considered one of the best in the work of Allen and ranked fourth in the list of ‘100 best comedies. ”
In 1979 he published a black and white ribbon ‘Manhattan’, in which the director paid tribute to his beloved New York. The film city is the same character as the other actors: writers, scientists, musicians. Perhaps this is the most exciting film of author, personal work of Woody Allen.
In 80-90s Allen departed from the typical comedies, removing several dramatic works. In the film ‘Memories of Stardust’, ‘Interiors’ and ‘September’ was influenced by directors such as Federico Fellini and Ingmar Bergman. Painting Hannah and Her Sisters “, which received three awards Oscar, has similarities with the play” Three Sisters “by Chekhov, and ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ – from Dostoevsky’s novel” Crime and Punishment. ”
One of the most remarkable works of the director at that time was the picture of ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’ that the magazine ‘Time’ named one of the 100 best pictures of all time. The director also considers it one of his best works.
Return popularity and recent work
In the early 2000s, Woody Allen made several unsuccessful works and criticism have decided that the best years are already behind the director. However, in 2005 came the film ‘Match Point’, which became one of the most successful films in the career of Allen. Despite the apparent samopovtor (the story is very similar to ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’), the picture was a resounding success and was nominated for an Oscar in several categories.
Popularity has returned to Woody Allen. At that time the director was already over 70, but he traveled to Europe, removing every year one movie. Thus, a series of European works of Allen, in which he sang to cities such as London (‘Match Point’ and ‘Sensation’), Barcelona (‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’), Paris (‘Midnight in Paris’), Rome (‘ Roman adventure ‘). The film received positive reviews and was nominated for several prestigious film awards.
Woody Allen is about to turn 80 years old, and he continues to make films, delighting his fans. In addition, he has toured around the world with his jazz group “New Jazz Band Orlinz ‘. Directed to youth interested in jazz and plays the clarinet.
In life, Woody Allen had a lot of women, but the most famous were his romance with actress Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow, who had a tremendous influence on his work. Now the director is married to Sun and previews, with which adopted and has two girls – Manzie and Binche. Allen also has a native son Ronan Seamus from actress Mia Farrow.
In 2014, Woody Allen will be handed an honorary Golden Globe for his contribution to world cinema, but it certainly does not come, it does not come for any one of his reward. All his statues, which were sent by mail to the director, he gave his parents. His modesty, diligence and enormous energy simply amazing. In one of his last interviews, Woody Allen said that in front of a lot of work, because it does not yet told the world.

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