It is called a glutton, skunk or fucking bear. The actual name of this animal – Wolverine. It is the most ferocious hunter of the family Mustelidae. On wolverines hunted, they were caught in a trap and pushed back into the wilderness, because they believed them very dangerous. And not without reason. Wolverines are often attacked livestock, and sometimes even people. Wolverines now found only in remote parts of Canada, Alaska and the Siberian taiga.
Wolverines have a formidable reputation. Indeed, it is an animal resembling a small bear with a bushy tail, very stubborn and strong. The length of it all meter and weighs 17 kilograms. But, despite its small size, Wolverine is able to kill a wolf or a bite to drive into a tree, like a kitten, adult lynx.
She can catch a deer or elk, jump on his back and bite into the back of the neck as long as the victim does not fall. Wolverine cleverly hidden. Maybe a long time to run through the deep snow. Do not fall help her special webbed paws. Wolverine is very powerful beast. Hunters told how these animals easily hide from them in the trees, while holding in his mouth the heavy head of elk. Wolverine is not averse to hunt hares, squirrels and foxes.
But such a bloodthirsty predators differs only in winter, when very hungry. Summer wolverine tempers their predatory inclinations. Deep snow muffles her heavy footsteps, melted, and the victim time to time to hear her approach. During warmer months, Wolverine has to eat carrion, eggs, birds, insect larvae, as well as berries, fruits and nuts.
Like most marten, wolverine – territorial animal. Males mark large areas (up to 2 thousand. Sq. Km). In these open spaces can except him live another 2-3 females. Other males, wolverines prefer not to meddle in other people’s possessions. If this happens, the owner and the stranger fight to the death. But this happens rarely. By the way, even their own children Wolverines not remain within the territory of the parents more than two years. After this period, they are forced to leave to avoid the father’s mouth for dinner.

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