Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder
Birthday: 29/10/1971 Year
Place of birth: Olmsted, Minnesota, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 45 kg

Original name: Winona Laura Horowitz

Winona Ryder – a mysterious and controversial
Winona Ryder is often called the face of the nineties. Her heroine, fragile and mysterious, with huge eyes and a captivating smile, became a role model for teenagers at the time. Among the facts listed as a movie star biographies trouble with the law, the deadly incident, cult movie roles and incredible stories. And now, after a quarter of a century, it remains an elegant and young, new movies filmed in and candid photoshoot, keeping the secret of the truly mystical charm.
Strange Child underground
Winona Laura Horowitz – the eldest child of Cynthia and Michael Horowitz, descendants of Russian and Romanian immigrants who have entered into a formal marriage, when she was 11 years old. The girl was named after the city in Minnesota, where she was born October 29, 1971, her younger brother was named after Uri Gagarin. Winona’s godfather was the actor and writer Timothy Leary, ‘prophet psihodelizma’. The girl’s parents read psychedelic literature and studied Buddhism, organized a hippie commune where there was no electricity and television, so Winona read a lot; she still loves the book ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. At 10 years old girl went to school for the first time the city Pentalum. Close-cropped slender girl in strange clothes took a boy homosexual and severely beaten. Winona began to study at home and attending acting classes at the San Francisco Conservatory. In 1989, she received a high school diploma with the highest grades, and by the time she had already starred in four movies.
Star Trek
To participate in the audition Winona Horowitz start in 13 years, but the directors are not taken seriously at first angular little girl with a gloomy face. Her first role was
Rina in David Zeltser ‘Lucas’ (1986), was followed by approval critically acclaimed ‘Quadrille’. From now on, the young actress appeared in the credits as Winona Ryder – in honor of Mark Ryder, his favorite singer. The next film with her participation was an event not only in the biography of aspiring actress, but also in the history of cinema.
Mystical comedy ‘Beetlejuice’, published in 1988, was a great success at the box office. The film won the award ‘Saturn’ and ‘Oscar’, but about Winona Ryder talked about as a talented young actress. She played a few teenage roles, including the well-known film ‘Edward Scissorhands’, where she was partnered by Johnny Depp, and even auditioned for Coppola in ‘The Godfather’, but became seriously ill.
Transition to adult roles of heroines was also successful. For the role of Charlotte in Flex ‘Mermaid’ Winona Ryder was nominated for a Golden Globe as ‘Best Supporting Actress’. A huge success with the audience is still using ‘Dracula’ Coppola, where she played Mina Murray. However, the most highly valued was the film ‘The Age of Innocence’, for which Winona Ryder received Oscar and BAFTA, and ‘Little Women’ (Oscar for her performance as Jo March, 1995).
These achievements are a young movie star allowed her to become a member of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival, has not yet reached thirty, and in 2000 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she received his own star.
Currently filmography Winona Ryder has about 50 films, among them such as failed at the box ‘Autumn in New York’, where she was partnered by Richard Gere, and ‘Lost Souls’, which starred Winona brother, as well as documentary and philosophical essay ‘Looking for Richard’, and even an animated voice (‘A Scanner Darkly’). The most successful work in recent years has tape ‘When love is not enough’ (2010), which won the Screen Actors Guild.
Mysteries of Winona Ryder
Personal life movie star is not just into the center of attention of journalists and spectators, and the reasons for this were different. Nearly drowned at the age of twelve years, Winona still deathly afraid of water. In 2001, a scandal broke out – the actress was charged with shoplifting and drug use. It turned out that she was suffering such illness as kleptomania. Winona Ryder was sentenced to conditional imprisonment, fines, community service in the amount of 480 hours and compulsory treatment.
Thanks to several Gothic image of Winona and Performance Parts roles dying, murderers and madmen, she is credited with mystical abilities. Starting with the clairvoyant heroine ‘Beetlejuice’, in which Winona did not want to appear at first, seeing in it hints of Satanism, actress established a reputation for girls, the ability to communicate with spirits. At one time Ryder saw an ominous dream dissuaded director Attenborough on airfare – and this really was killed in a plane crash.
Loud novel Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp lasted four years and was the longest in the biography of the actress. At the time of their first meeting the girl was only sixteen years old, and it was her first experience in a serious relationship. The couple announced their engagement, Depp proudly showed the tattoo ‘Winona Forever’, which was later remade in the slogan ‘Victory Forever’, replacing the name ‘Winona’ word ‘Win’. The reason for their break too and called attention of journalists to partners Rider on the sets, and the unwillingness to be bound by Depp’s marriage. After that, the actress fell into a deep depression, alcohol abuse, and even ended up in hospital after she fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand.
In 1993 he began a brief affair with Winona singer David Pirnerom. There were rumors of engagement Rider actor Matt Damon, who preferred her barmaid Luciani Barroso, as well as short-term relationship with Peter Yorn, Conor Oberst, Henry-Alex Rubin.
Winona yet no plans to have children, and entirely focused on his film career. In the nearest future stars – participation in the sequel to the cult ‘Beetlejuice’, where thirty years later it will play all the same character. Most recently, Ryder appeared on the silver screen in one of the main roles crime thriller ‘Ice’ novice director Ariel Wrohm, as well as in the blockbuster ‘The Final Frontier’, filmed on the script Sylvester Stallone.

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