The history of the brand Wiesmann / Vizman

German car company created Wiesmann brothers Friedhelm and Martin Vismann in 1984. The administration of the company is located in D?lmen. Vizman company specializes in producing sports luxury car. The first car Wiesmann Roadster was released in 1993. It was a modern sports car, the body is made of steel materials and fiberglass panels. Wiesmann Roadster Hood was long enough, which allowed designers to evenly distribute the weight of the car on both axes. The basic version of the convertible had a 230 hp engine, which is supplied by BMW.

The main advantage of car Wiesmann was relatively high price, the cost of sports car does not exceed 95 thousand euros. In 2000, in Frankfurt debut coupe Wiesmann GT, whose body was made of aluminum and fiberglass monocoque. In 2001, the sports version of the Wiesmann GT sets the record on the road in Nyurnburge. Compared with the Wiesmann Roadster Wiesmann GT coupe had independent suspension on all four wheels and disc brakes with 4-piston. Wiesmann GT coupe wheels supplied with a rim width of 508 mm. Effective design Wiesmann GT coupe allowed to feel its beauty, not only outside of the car, but even from the inside.

In 2007, at the Frankfurt Motor Company showed an upgraded version of the Wiesmann GT, which received the name Wiesmann GT MF-5. It was mounted V10 engine from the company BMW, which made it possible to reach the vehicle speed of 300 km / h. Model Wiesmann GT MF-5 produced in the body roadster and coupe. Carboxylic seats made in the form of a ladle, and conform to the contours of human allowed to feel comfortable in high speed machines. Cars Wiesmann company made to order, in the year made about 50 copies. Buyers are written to the queue. Experts believe that the company Wiesmann has great prospects.

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Wiesmann Wallpapers
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Wiesmann HD pictures
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Wiesmann full hd wallpapers
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Wiesmann desktop wallpaper
Wiesmann  widescreen
Wiesmann widescreen
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Wiesmann Desktop wallpapers
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Wiesmann Free
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