Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg
Birthday: 11/13/1955 Year
Age: 59 years
Place of birth: Manhattan, New York, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 97 kg

Original name: Caryn Elaine Johnson

When it comes to black American actor, is generally considered that their destiny or be a character actor, or act of satirical show. But among black actors no less personality and flair than white, so many of them are doing a fantastic career in theater and film, and become owners of the most prestigious awards. It so happened creative destiny stars eighties and nineties – Whoopi Goldberg.

African-American star Whoopi Goldberg, of course, the ugly – especially next to the stars of classic Hollywood. But this did not prevent the ugliness Whoopi become devilishly charming superstar television shows and movies. About her fame and that genuine love that nourish the actress our colleagues, says at least the fact that it is often incredibly Herself – Hollywood sign new. In 1994, Whoopi led the ceremony of awarding the “Oscar”.
Whoopi Goldberg was born November 13, 1955 in the Negro quarter of New York. Her real name – Caryn Johnson. Whoopi she got the nickname because of its dubious gift thundering let gases (whoopee cushion – “pillow-perdushechka”). Goldberg took the name from the Jewish half of the family. As early as eight years old mischievous baby gambling in children’s theater productions Helen Rubinstein. And in the 60-ies. starlet met with all my heart the youth revolution. Maybe even overdone, because after a stormy passions hippie attributes long languish on the dole, simultaneously trying to get rid of drug addiction. In those years, to earn a living, Whoopi had to visit a morgue employee, where her job was to apply makeup on the deceased. In the 70-ies. born actress move from theater to theater, laboring on the stage is San Diego, the San Francisco. She toured with various troupes touring the US and Europe. But became famous after Whoopi personal “Show ghosts”, where she played just six different characters – from beggar (she was good friends) to millionaire (and here had to unleash the imagination). Success on TV brought her program “Comic Relief”, on display for five years and renewed later years, when Goldberg has become famous in the movie.
In 1985, Whoopi came to information that Steven Spielberg decided to film the novel Alice Walker, “The Color Purple”, beloved actress. She decided to write a letter to the author of the novel with the hot put in a request for her word to Spielberg. And the miracle happened – Whoopi starred Negro, evolving from downtrodden housewife to strong women to get rid of the dictates of her husband. Whoopi Goldberg, as they say, woke up famous – nominated for “Oscar” was the culmination of hard way litsedeyki the screen.
Oddly enough, but after the first major dramatic role Whoopi disclose mainly his comedic talent. Adventure comedy “Jumping Jack” (1986) gave her the opportunity to play a computer network operator, casually meddle in the affairs of international espionage organization. Desperately materyaschayasya reluctant spy, “on the face of a terrible – good inside,” in crazy costumes – a perfect impersonation of vulgar 80s – liked by the audience who wanted to continue to see the actress in comic roles. Whoopi enjoys playing different roles charming comedies cheats and just eccentric characters, but you can not say what role firmly cemented her. In 1987, immediately after the success of “Jumping Jack” she boldly accepted an offer to play in a realistic drama “Fatal Beauty” in the role of women police officers from the department to combat drug trafficking. Critics felt that this decision Whoopi adopted because some autobiographical monologues her character Rita. For example: “I was a drug addict, like my mother … I know perfectly well what is ugly and in my youth I was uncomfortable in the company of men. It was then that began to get involved in drugs – as long as my little daughter did not eat one bag and not die. ” But this is fiction – Whoopi daughter Alexandra was alive and well and did Goldberg happy grandmother giving her granddaughter Amaru.
Nevertheless, the “Oscar” Whoopi brought back Comedic Performance – false ekstrasenshi Oda Mae Brown in the metaphysical melodrama Jerry Zucker “Ghost” (1990). Whoopi miracle of reincarnation can be assessed especially compared to her previous role – tramp, dying of a brain tumor in a “road movie” Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Homer and Eddie”, won the Grand Prix at the International Film Festival in San Sebastian (1989). No less success was Emile Ardolino comedy “Sister Act” (1991), in which Whoopi came off as his mistress fell out of favor gangster hiding from violence in the monastery. And in 1992, Goldberg starred in Robert Altman in a wicked satire of Hollywood mores “The Player” (in 1997 she played herself in a much more “toothless” film “An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn”, Arthur Hiller made under the pseudonym Alan Smithee ). Among the outstanding dramatic roles Whoopi – based on documentary events picture Rob Reiner “Ghosts of Mississippi” (1996), where her character comes into the trial of Ku Klux Klan – a murderer of her husband, a fighter for the rights of blacks.
Personal life itself Whoopi Goldberg has always been rough – a few years, she met her partner in the film “Made in America” ??by Ted Danson, and the surprise was her 2000 divorce from other life companion, actor Frank Lengelloy, play and Ostap Bender, and Dracula.

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