Weasel – a small mammal, which is known to all his bloodlust and daring robberies. Most interesting is that nature has given so much courage as a tiny creature. Body caress, elongate, 16-18 cm, acute and whiskered muzzle, decorated with fiery eyes.
Fur at petting reddish brown on top and bottom completely white. These animals live in fields, gardens, rock crevices between rocks and piles of firewood and hunt day and night. At a meeting with the man mammal it completely is not frightened, and threateningly stands on its hind legs. If you try to approach him, the weasel, do not hesitate to rush to the attack. Happened more than once that she weasel attack man, and it cost a huge work to get rid of her sharp teeth.
Apparently, the weasel – record in the animal kingdom on the part of robbery. On whom only she does not attack! Mice, rabbits, moles, chickens, crows, partridges, snakes, frogs, vipers and various insects – all fall into her food. In short, it is – a real robber, forward to the first comer.
Lusk cleverly floats, excellent climbing, is able to scour the earth burrows, deftly running. All this makes it doubly dangerous for the inhabitants of fields, meadows and lakes. But despite their murderous inclinations, weasel is a very useful thing. No one better than she does not know how to hunt for so harmful for agriculture mice.
Lasky quite easily tamed, especially if they catch an early age. Unfortunately, most of weasels in captivity dies quickly, but there were times when they lived 4-6 years. Hand petting very loyal friends. They sleep together with the owners, playing with cats and dogs, and some not for a moment want to part with the owner. An Englishman was even forced to go with his affection for the job because she did not want to part with it for a minute.

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