Watermelon ordinary (lat. Citrullus lanatus) – an annual herbaceous plant species of the genus Watermelon (Citrullus) gourd family (Cucurbitaceae).
Melons. The fruit – melon, spherical, oval, flattened or cylindrical; bark painting from white to dark green with a pattern of the grid, stripes, spots; flesh pink, red, crimson, rarely – white and yellow. Currently it is grown in 96 countries in more than 1,200 varieties.
The etymology of the name. The word is borrowed from the dialects of Turkish language, where the initial “K” does not provide a sound that is “Karbuzov” corresponds to the “watermelon.” As Ukrainian word watermelon is termed Kavun while Garbuz (Ukr. Garbuz) Ukrainians call the pumpkin. Turkic “Karbuzov” goes back to the Persian xarbu = za, from xarbu = zak – melon (literally “donkey cucumber” Wed AVEST. Xara – donkey, Wed-pers. Bu = c`’ina = – cucumber). In Greek, the watermelon will «????????» – «Karpuzov.”
Homeland of watermelon is South Africa, where it is still found in the wild. Already in ancient Egypt, people knew and cultivated this culture. Watermelon is often placed in the tombs of the Pharaohs as a food source in their afterlife. In Western Europe, watermelons were brought in the era of the Crusades. In Russia, watermelons were brought Tatars in XI-XII centuries and was originally cultivated in the Lower Volga.
Most cultivated in China, followed by a noticeable lag followed by Turkey, the countries of America as well as Russia and Uzbekistan.
In Russia, industrial culture of watermelon is concentrated in the Volga region and some areas of southern regions and in Ukraine mainly in the southern regions and the Crimea; watermelon ripens here freely outdoors while achieving excellent qualities in taste terms. In the middle areas of black earth in the ground sometimes watermelon ripens, as well as in more northern areas, so in the fields of culture is replaced by its output for Nars mounds or in greenhouses. For melons preferred virgin sandy loamy black soil on which fruits are obtained larger than loamy. The maturation of the early varieties – in the second half of June, and later – in October.
Watermelon is well cultivated in the steppe and Mediterranean climate with long hot dry summers and mild, short winter.
Resolution. Choose a medium-sized fruit (optimal – 5-7 kg, but not more than 15), if you plan to feast on watermelons in a big company – it is better to take a few small melon, striped monster than one kilogram of 20.
In the cutout. Never take watermelons on the street “in the cut-out” or slices, it’s easier to throw the house turned out to be unripe watermelon, than to suffer from a stomach like a ripe, but populated as the microbiology laboratory, “whale”.
Wash. Do not eat watermelon right in the market or on the street. At home, wash it, you can even with soap and rinse with boiled water. During washing, you can double-check on the ripeness of a watermelon – a ripe fruit will float in the water and the green sink.
Cutting. Cut watermelon should be a clean knife. Ripe fruit will be a characteristic crack “expenses” under the knife, and the seeds are dark brown or even black (instead of white). In Astrakhan cut way: cut the pole, and then cut along the meridians, holding the top hand when making the last cut, hand release and watermelon on the plate beautifully revealed. The method is called “rosette”. And in general in Astrakhan not particularly bother: watermelon cut in half, take a spoon and ate it as a snack or dinner. On white bread.
Pulp. Ideally, there should be granular, dense. Color – from pink to bright red, depending on variety. But if the pulp yellow streaks, and if it breaks the fiber – a watermelon in the trash, do not risk stomach.
Refrigerator. Watermelon and a refrigerator are compatible only if you have not made an incision peel and just stuck it to cool. But as soon as watermelon cut, it should be eaten. Actually, that’s why I talked about 5-7 kilograms. Leave half of the watermelon in the refrigerator for a day – it is a natural anal masochism. Prosretes heartily, pardon the terminology. Watermelon flesh – perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. What is not eaten – better throw. Keep sliced ??watermelon can be 2-3 hours, no more.

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