Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel
Birthday: 18/07/1967 Year
Age: 47 years
Place of Birth: New York, New York, United States

Nationality: United States
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 95 kg
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Original name: Mark Vincent

Vin Diesel – not just a new star. His rise marks the beginning of a new time: that will be worth a thousand words, as important will be the fortress of the river? Sly and Arnie put in junk in favor fresh faces ..
Contemplate this photo! Than a person with such appearance can make a living? Beat debts, cauterizing iron stomachs defaulters? Minimize the jaw, head to tear, cut, beat? Pour napalm bareheaded representatives of the Third World? Play finally in the movie saber-toothed soldier of fortune? A biography of a guy thug romance, not otherwise?
“Mother, proschevay!
In Siberia, the life of another,
I will not soon thy taste the pancakes.
I will wander the spurs of the Altai,
surname Smirnov shift at Ivanov.
And if you get caught,
I’ll go on stage,
and I will remember the good you and Dad
in the barracks ‘Our Father’ reading in the morning. ”
In fact, things are not quite so. Indeed, given at birth name ‘Mark Vincent’ our hero was replaced with a more appropriate nickname brutal ‘Vin Diesel’. And growing up even though not in Siberia, and in the New York Greenwich Village – but in a cheap house a few hundred apartments close with long dark corridors, exceedingly similar to the working barracks. Friendship with street punks drove. Pocket money for teenagers needs to earn hard club bouncers. Beloved dog, Italian mastiff Romance, raised hell evil ruler dog. Here stop thieves tear ended.
In the individual case macho Wines no criminal record no. In addition to the corresponding image of rigid roles in his questionnaire – two successful experience of art-house playwright and director and serious work in the drama of life stockbrokers’ How in the furnace. ” And the mother of Pope Diesel knows nothing, and what place the actor takes in Darwinian evolution – is not known. Maybe his father was an orangutan Wine Street Morgue? God only knows. In any case, the mother of Diesel, a psychiatrist and astrologer, always hiding the name and nationality of the Pope – or a star that is not something whispered, and decided that the child’s mind really harmful. But stepfather Wines – quite safely theater teacher of acting, although the choice of profession Diesel played the role of blind chance, that’s all.
In seven years, Vin and his team of young thugs just to show off, broke the local theater. Caught their lady-administrator did not take the attackers to the police and offered to read on roles. And here’s a little Diesel is already playing in the show ‘The door to a dinosaur. ” Prophetic title: today, years later, a dinosaur – he 34-year-old Diesel, a rare and powerful beast, whose success – a sign of fashion for a new masculinity and new, deliberately anti-intellectual sight.
Short debut actor and director Diesel ‘Many Faces’ (1995) was one of the Cannes program, and most importantly – the eye of Steven Spielberg, after watching overnight rewrite the role of Private Adrian Kapartso under the then known only regulars Sundance Festival actor. But the breakthrough for the ‘Dinosaur, jr.’ became even masterpiece ‘Private Ryan’, and cheap fiction ‘Black Hole’, filmed sincerely in love with the genre of the man writer ‘Warlock’ and director of ‘Arrivals’ David Tuohy. Simple syuzhetets Team astronauts landed in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it is on a dead planet where just 24 years solar eclipse occurs and from the depths of the terrible creatures crawl, was not just a good mix of textbook films – in the ‘Hole’ ‘Stranger ‘meets’ Predator’. Instead of the expected thrash crafts to light was confident the movie ‘with muscles’ to blame just toughie’ Diesel. Plus his character, cynical noble robber Riddick, also hit the Top Ten. And today of all future projects Diesel the most anticipated – ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ sequel ‘Black Hole’, which premieres scheduled for the end of next year.
To our sorrow, not all have the gunpowder used Diesel full; But in the winding ‘Fast and the Furious’ if Vin and the beast, the rather sweet and tender, in a relationship with another rival, Paul Walker – for sure. His eyes are so gullible, and smile – open, there is no doubt that there were some episodes without homoerotic porn, but for censorship reasons, they remained outside the frame. A pity, because if indeed Diesel instead of blood – mercury, instead of the brain – gasoline, it would be something to see. Okay, do not panic, this is a joke; Diesel meets with his partner on ‘Fast and Furious’ Battle Michelle Rodriguez.
P.S. The wine has a twin brother Paul. He is pale, feeble and works as an editor.

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