Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer
Date of birth: 12/31/1959 Year
Age: 55 years
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 104 kg

In Hollywood, it decided to live under pseudonyms, or somehow alter their names. Demi Moore is actually referred to as Demetri, Jane Seymour – Joyce Frankenberg … There are many examples. But Val – is Val; this is not a reduction, for example, from Valentine. He was named in honor of a friend of his father, and a child starlet liked his name. But now it is unique and booming all over the world.

Val Edward Kilmer was born under the sign of Capricorn December 31, 1959 on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Among his ancestors were Swedes, Germans, Mongols, the Scots, the Irish and the Indians … Val’s parents – a housewife Gladys and real estate agent Eugene – divorced when he was nine. After the divorce, the Val lived with her mother in Santa Fe, then with his father on a ranch in Los Angeles. Then his mother remarried. Future Batman grew up with his older brothers – Mark, Val is called “class comedian”, and Wesley, characterized by his younger brother as “a wildly creative personality” and “genius.”
Already in childhood Val actively participated in theater productions. He attended high school, where he studied acting, then – in the Hollywood Professional School. At seventeen, Val goes to New York, intending to study at the prestigious acting school “Juilliard”. In it, he was the youngest student ever admitted to the drama department of learning. But the joy of discovering the beautiful soon faded: Kilmer got the terrible news that his brother Wesley drowned. Much later, Kilmer says: “Without an understanding of death, you can not really understand that life – this is love, and love – that’s life … I will never forget Wesley …”
During training Kilmer seriously interested in the classics. The classical theater is extremely difficult, but it is thanks to him and the skill born. Val was, and Macbeth and Richard III; He played in the Greek tragedies and Shakespeare’s plays. In 1983, he appeared on Broadway, where his stage partner was Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn. And in 1988, Kilmer was honored to play Hamlet at the Shakespeare Festival in Colorado. Like many actors who have achieved recognition of the first on the stage, and then on the big screen, Val still prefers the stage.
Kilmer is talented in literature. In 1983 he published a collection of poems “My paradise after the burn.” It turned out only five thousand copies; Now the book became a rarity, and it is almost impossible to find. He also wrote a documentary about nuclear weapons.
Val film debut took place in twenty-four years. This was the famous “Top Secret” – a parody of a spy movie. Kilmer sang alone in the movie all songs, then released an album under the name of his character Nick Rivers. The following suggestions for the role of some misunderstanding Velu has not come to his liking, although it could be another step towards success … Anyway, as a good guy, a dancer in “Dirty Dancing” Swayze played.
Then, Kilmer has worked for a lot of film and television. A special role in the destiny of Val played filming George Lucas’ “Willow”. His hero – a brave and selfish warrior who protects the little princess from the evil Queen Ilori … This set of actor met with Joanne Valley. At Kilmer, a rising star, had every chance to draw the attention of Joanne, and he took care of it: showered flowers, arranged a romantic dinner in a posh restaurant, invited to the theater … In March 1988, they were married. The following year, they both starred in the movie “Kill me again”; Then he became the proud father of his daughter Mercedes, who was born in 1992. }
From next starring role came literally exploded in popularity Val. Despite the cool reception of the film by Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” (“Belated revenge Morrison Hollywood” – wrote the critics), viewers were not indifferent. In addition to the amazing resemblance with the legendary Jim Morrison, Kilmer was able convincingly to reveal an incredible character, show him the tragedy. He even sang all the songs included in the film Morrison his well-modulated baritone voice, so much so that members of the group claimed that it was sometimes difficult to determine exactly who is singing. More – more. Roles American legends were quite on the shoulder Kilmer. The works in the film “Karen McCoy – this is serious” and “True Romance” (the latter of the actor played Elvis Presley) secured Kilmer in the status of a bright star. Then Val took the role of Doc Holliday in “Tombstone” and, according to critics, his work deserves “Oscar.”
Kilmer’s talent has not gone unnoticed, and Joel Schumacher invited him to the role of Batman in “Batman Forever.” This fateful role Val lifted to the top of popularity. In 1995 Val and Joan was born their second child, Jack. Mercedes was already six years old. Six weeks after the birth of Jack and Joanne Val longer lived together, and after eight months officially separated.
Becoming a bachelor, Val for a short time met with supermodel Cindy Crawford. In addition to personal affairs, his time was full of fruitful work. Finishes shooting “Batman Forever,” was working on a way a burglar in action movie “Quest” with such stellar partners Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. He’d removed and other legendary Hollywood actors – with Marlon Brando in “Island of Dr. Moreau,” with Michael Douglas in the film “The Ghost and the Darkness.”
In 1997, just thundered film directed by Philip Noyce’s “Holy,” which became the high point of Val Kilmer. His hero, first going to rob a beautiful scientist, brilliantly played by Elisabeth Shue, then directs his forces for a good cause … Val personally corrected the eighty pages of text in the script. In general, he always treated her roles creatively and tried to improve the script, which is not always liked directors. But in the “Holy” Velu succeeded perfectly demonstrate their ability copyrights. For example, among the changes was the addition of the script are now all available in movie love scenes, and this picture will benefit. “Holy” became a hit, and this is the main merit of the Kilmer.
In general, the actor is interested not only rebels and romantic scenes. Kilmer voice of Moses in the animated film “The Prince of Egypt.” The last film with his participation is “blankly” in which he plays a man blind from birth, who agreed to experiment to restore vision. Together with him in the lead roles is removed rising star Mira Sorvino, and say they have seen everywhere together off the set …
So who is Val Kilmer? He is spoken of as a remarkable artist whose brilliant game riddled with psychological and intelligence; it is called an actor, a chameleon who so completely transforms into his every image that is almost unrecognizable from film to film. I write about it as a stunning handsome blond with juicy sensuous lips and green eyes. He is full of charm; He is attractive and determined; his manhood borders on perversity … sarcastic and friendly; sincere and purposeful – not so long ago, Val Kilmer was named fifth among the twenty most famous people in Hollywood. And it is fully justified.

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