Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman
Birthday: 4/29/1970, the
Age: 45 years
Place of Birth: Boston, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 58 kg

The star with the name of the goddess
Uma Thurman, actress, which thanks to the work in the films of Quentin Tarantino talked the whole world, was born on April 29, 1970.
At the urging of her father, a former Buddhist monk, a Columbia University professor Robert Thurman, an expert on Eastern religions, the famous writer and scholar, has traveled the world with his lectures, it was named in honor of the goddess of the Hindu pantheon. Mind, is proud of its unusual name, make sure it is unique only once been to Japan, where it ‘enlightened’, in the language of the people of Japan her name means ‘horse’. Somewhat surprised, actress, of course, was not offended. Do you think you can seriously offended by people who idolize you, just because their language is your name means something quite different from that put your parents? ..
Uma was born in a rather exotic family: her father was perhaps the first and only to date an American who took vows in a Tibetan monastery. Her mother, Nena Thurman, now considered one of the best therapists of the country for several years was married to an ideologue counterculture Timothy Leary. Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Once Robert Thurman and Nena were supposed to meet.
Uma early childhood knew that one day make to talk about themselves the whole world. How will it be, she had no idea yet, but, nevertheless, I believe that sooner or later her dream come true.
It just happened. But first Ume had to go quite a long way.
New York beckoned the girl, and Uma decided it must certainly go to this city, which, according to those who visited him once, ‘never sleeps’.
In the big city Uma was disappointed. She was glad no one, and she had to seriously puzzled search for jobs. To somehow make a living, Uma worked as a dishwasher, a cleaner and a waitress, sincerely hope that one day the capricious goddess Fortuna will be favorable to it.
After a long search operation the girl managed to get a small role in the film, Terry Gilliam, director of the famous film about the ‘Monty Python’. Gilliam, already distinguished by an unusual look in his film took a risk parody Botticelli painting “Birth of Venus”. Unfortunately, this film was not so and demanded, but an actress named Uma Thurman, playing the role of the Venus spoke.
This was followed by work with John Malkovich and Glenn Close in the film “Dangerous Liaisons.” Cooperation with such renowned actors could not impress aspiring actress, even though that role in this extravagant painting she offered was not home.
But the real fame Uma received only after the picture ‘Henry and June’, where she had to try on the image of the second wife of the writer Henry Miller. After this film, we find the way, the rating NC, Mind and has earned its status as a sex symbol intelligent.
Uma has always remained a true daughter of her mother and the therapist thought that movie character should remain sexy. She seems to have found its niche in the film and was happy with the fact that it is perceived that way and not otherwise. At least, she brought to life his old place – talking about her, adored her, she admired.
After working as a successful film for the young actress rained hail proposals. But it is, indeed, always rather selective approach to each role.
Then I followed a glad paintings in which the status of Minds as ‘sex symbol’ was, of course, confirmed. Thriller with Richard Gere ‘Final Analysis’, where she was invited, rather, to create a beautiful and colorful background; “Jennifer 8”, where her partner was Andy Haris; the famous “Mad Dog and Glory ‘, where she was partnered by Robert De Niro … Another actress sexy lady image for a long time would be annoying, but Uma realized that this was the very moment she had been waiting for all my life. And let her talent actress remained unclaimed until Uma knew that someday she would be able to express themselves not only as a beautiful girlfriend of the protagonist. And this is the chance not slow to appear.
Quentin Tarantino, which many today is considered one of the most bizarre filmmakers a great movie, once confessed that he took to his movie Uma Thurman only after notice that the actress considered its main drawback and prefer to hide – her feet. Yes, Tarantino thought that the more a woman’s foot, so it sexier. A foot Minds were very large …
Then came a real high point in the life of the actress. Through role in ‘Pulp Fiction’ Mind the first time nominated for one of the most prestigious film awards of the world, ‘Oscar’. And let it not got the reward, the very fact that she had to work with such stellar actors as John Travolta and Bruce Willis, is incredibly impressed by the young actress.
Then Uma received many offers, but she agreed to play only in a rather strange action movie ‘Batman and Robin’ Joel Schumacher, for which she received a nomination for ‘Razzie’ for the ‘worst supporting actress’.
We ate so outright failure and impact on the career of minds, the very short time. Very soon, the actress played a major role in the fantasy film ‘Gattaca’, after which she was surprised to find that the role of the wife it is not less than the image of sexy babes. Uma married his partner in this film, Ethan Hawke, with whom she had two children.
His first major award of Mind received for her role in the miniseries ‘Hysterical Blindness’, but a real breakthrough for her was perhaps a role in ‘Kill Bill’, new blockbusters already familiar to her Tarantino. In the image of the woman-killer Uma got my first ‘Saturn’, which is more than redeemed and a nomination for ‘Razzie’, and other failures.
Today Mind is a very successful actress – so successful that it allows itself to appear as a special guest star in the series ‘Life as a show’, a role which she received a nomination for the prize Emmy.

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