Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson
Date of birth: 20/12/1978 Year
Age: 36 years
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship: US

American hip-hop singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, producer, model and VJ MTV.
Tyrese Darnell Gibson was born on December 20, 1978 in Los Angeles, California, United States, better known simply as Tyrese or Black-Ty.
After releasing several successful albums, Gibson tried his hand at a movie, playing leading roles in the Hollywood films, including «Waist Deep» («Interception”), “2 Fast 2 Furious» («Double Fast and the Furious»), «Flight of the Phoenix» (“Flight of the Phoenix»), «Four Brothers» («Blood for blood»), «Baby Boy» («The Kid”), and «Transformers» («Transformers»).
Tyrese’s mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, raised him and his three younger brothers without a father. Dad Gibson left the family in 1983.
Tyrese career began with winning the talent show at the age of fourteen. After appearing in 1994 in advertising Coca-Cola, where Gibson sang the famous phrase «Always Coca-Cola» («Always Coca-Cola”), his fame has increasingly expanded its borders. In seventeen years, thanks to his appearance he was in the modeling business, Tommy Hilfaygeru. In an interview to ‘CraveOnline’ Gibson, he just took a few heads here and there, to begin to make its way to popularity.
Gibson became the rapper took his stage name Black Tee in underground group «Triple Impact». He did not dwell on this site career immediately empty by another route, to start dwelling on career opportunities rhythm and blues artist. Gibson released his debut album in 1998, «Tyrese», which received a “platinum” status in sales. In 2001, the release of his second album “2000 Watts». The name “2000 Watts», or “2000 watts” and has established his organization dedicated to helping children of the old urban areas. Gibson also sang in the background of the track «Never Call You Bitch Again» for Tupac Shakur was a co-author of the song “2000 watts» with Teddy Riley and Michael Jackson, working with the King of Pop, and on his 2001 album «Invincible»
Gibson got the role originally intended for Tupac Shakur in the 2001 film «Baby Boy» («The Kid”); the movie was in some way for him to success. Subsequently, an aspiring actor starred in 2003 as a Roman Pearce in the next film to box office success indicator in “2 Fast 2 Furious» («Double Fast and the Furious”), the sequel of the popular ‘Fast and the Furious “with Vin Diesel (by the way, for this film, he He acted not only an actor, but also a composer). Gibson went on to appear in 2004, appeared in the movie “Flight of the Phoenix” in 2005 in “Blood for blood” and in 2006 in «Annapolis» («The Duel”), the latest project by working together with James Franco.
In 2006, Gibson became the star of the movie «Waist Deep» («Interception”), where he played a man fighting for the salvation of his kidnapped son; Partners of the film, Megan Good and Larents Tate began after pictures of his friends for life.
His next role came in the big-budget action film “Transformers”, which was released in July 2007. The film directed by Michael Bay, Tyrese Gibson kept in mind as a potential member of “Transformers”, so the actor did not have to pass a casting. Also for 2009, it announced work on a new film project, «Luke Cage» («Luke Cage”), in which the actor starred and directed by John Singleton will speak.
Gibson starred in the TV series «Martin» and «All That»; He participated in the shooting of drama Julie Dash “Song of Love” … And fans of the film “Transformers” will be interesting to see what is currently filming sequel fantastic confrontation Decepticons and Autobots, “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen» («Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen» ), where all Tyrese will appear in the same role of Sergeant Epps Air Force.
In 2008, Gibson will be co-produced as soon as the two projects: Action «Boom» and fantasy «12th Man».
In principle, two careers, acting and music, Gibson highlights work in film, but generally focuses on two areas. His rap was revived activity December 12, 2006, when he came out fresh album called «Alter Ego». In 2007, Tyrese decided to become an independent artist from record companies, to terminate the contract with the label ‘J Records’.
Then started his own company, ‘Headquarter Entertainment’, responsible for the emergence of new actors, «The Frontline Boyz».
Tyrese Gibson got into the top list of “Sexiest Men” magazine “People” in 2000.
Gibson joined the new rimn blues supergroup «TGT» together with singers Ginuwine and Tank. According to him, he knows these guys for years and they are really suited to the role of his brothers in the music shop. All three of his personality in his time received the most support from my fans, and now teamed up to create something more, to create a music that, according to Gibson, perhaps no one even imagine could not. United trio, «TGT» from now create together a new story.
As a group, «TGT» released his first work – a remix of Tank «Please Do not Go». The boys were planning to start an international tour called «The Shirts Off Tour», with February 2008
In 2003, “Tim Green’s new show” viewers learned that Gibson is afraid of owls. On the show the singer and actor admitted that, just looking at the picture of an owl, already comes to anxiety. After learning about the vulnerability of Gibson, Tom Green began to “torture owls” than lead actor in a panic, and the fact that he just wanted to leave the scene.
Tyrese Gibson has been in direct contact with their fans, periodically sending them a voice message. His speeches often affect spiritual matters, topics of motivation and keeping yourself in shape, the actor talks about the problems of the relationship between people and their fans news reports about his involvement in the new film, about the upcoming tour and album release rounds.
Currently Tyrese lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2008, in an episode of the show «MTV Cribs» was shown his house.
Tyrese officially took a timeout in a musical career. Aware of the success to date he has achieved in the world of music, Gibson said that he would continue to sing only after it receives the title of “Best Actor of the Year”.
We also know that Tyrese Gibson is a big fan of the baseball team «Arizona Diamondbacks».

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