Man has always afraid that he could not understand and grasp. All of us are afraid of radical changes our future and always has been. Whether it’s the transition from horses to cars, candles to electricity, there is no connection to the World Wide Web, called the Internet. What discoveries scientists are not made, they always aroused fear before the steel than is usual and even natural fit in our everyday life. Only making you forget about how we lived without it.

That’s the main characters were afraid of the ideal world, which may arise through the efforts of the protagonist and they all dreamed so much. Contrary to the impression from the trailer, the filmmakers did not turn the film into a banal thriller blockbuster and it pleases. Since the efforts of screenwriter Jack Paglia drawn image of a very deep and philosophical tape about a lot.

On one hand, this film about the second coming of the new Messiah, who was not understood by the people. On the other hand, this film is about true love. After all, she pushed the protagonist of great deeds, the objectives of which people seemed very negative. Contrary to first impressions of the trailer, the creators did not draw the image of the mad mind of artificial intelligence, but rather the brilliant mind of genius scientist who just got endless possibilities for what would make a better world.

In his directorial debut, which was supported by eminent producer and director Christopher Nolan, Wally Pfister deeply explores modern society and humanity itself. At the same time, frankly banter about how much we are afraid of means to achieve an ideal world of which we dream so much.

The film is devoid of style that has long been associated with the work of Christopher Nolan and see that many so badly wanted. Perhaps this is reflected in the fact why many viewers and critics argue that expected more. Exactly the same as the film is very difficult to call a thriller. After Pfister makes a bias towards a very strong and dramatic parable, which inexplicably has to itself and leaves a certain track, somewhere in the depths of the soul. So significant that the lack of dynamics and rhythm, which is so conspicuous from the outset, it is extremely essential and perhaps even quite excusable lack of these things paintings.

Great in the implementation of the entire history of coping and cast. Totally gray and devoid of any emotion during the last years game Johnny Depp, in this case saves perfectly matched image. Image in which the whole hladnost and lack of emotion fit most of all. Actually like Rebecca Hall clearly wins back one of the best images of his career. It is perfectly reflected the conflict between passionate love for her husband and fear of the possible consequences of their behavior.

Do not get lost in the background of all this, and such actors as Cillian Murphy, Cole Hauser, Morgan Freeman and many others. Paul Bettany uniquely provides perfomens that makes it stand out most clearly among all the acting team, and Kate Mara as for me is the only weak link in the acting team that tries to play though, but does not produce the desired impression. Especially in the final frames.

7 out of 10

Superiority – it’s not perfect, but certainly one of the most underrated films of the year. Deprived of consoles and entertainment potential blockbuster, but strong enough, interesting and appealing very deep meaning. Probably one of those rare cases where spitting on cash and hard defeat the critics. So as the movie itself makes a good impression.

Britain, China, United States
slogan «What if a new intelligence was born?»
directed by Wally Pfister
Scenario Jack Paglen
producer Kate Cohen, Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Kosove, …
operator Jess Hall
composer Michael Dann
artist Chris Seagers, Tom Frohling, Gregory S. Hooper, …
Installation David Rosenbloom
genre fiction, drama, thriller, … words
$ 100 million
charges in the US
$ 23,022,309
fees in the world
+ $ 80,016,949 = $ 103,039,258


Johnny Depp
Rebecca Hall
Paul Bettany
Cillian Murphy
Kate Mara
Cole Hauser
Morgan Freeman
Clifton Collins ml.
Cory Hardrict
Falk Henschel

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