Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks
Birthday: 09/07/1956 Year
Place of Birth: Concord, California, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 73 kg

success Story
Tom Hanks, one of the most successful actors in the world, was born in Concord, California, the son of a chef and an employee of one of the city hospitals. Already five years after his birth the boy experienced my first stress – divorced his dearly beloved parents, and now, under US law, Tom, his sister and brother had to educate the father.

The boy grew lively and inquisitive, and his sparkling sense of humor from the very early age attracted the heart. Expressive facial expressions, the ability to use his voice and outstanding acting abilities quickly made a favorite of Tom as a class, and teachers, despite the fact that the play-acting young actor paid a lot more attention than learning. However, Tom successfully graduated from high school and enrolled in the University of California.
Now it seems incredible, but the fact that Tom Hanks, says the actor-intellectual who did not receive a diploma, is an indisputable fact. Tom, from childhood accustomed to treat everything with the utmost responsibility, studied diligently, but as soon as he received a tempting offer to join the small group of Cleveland acting without any hesitation left the university.
His acting the way Tom began as an itinerant actor – he played a role in Shakespeare’s plays, wandering from one provincial theater to another, and in 1974 the producer Garry Marshall saw textured young man with soulful and intelligent face and invited him to a small role in the comedy series ‘Happy Days’. Thus Tom got into the world of cinema, the magic that troubled him since childhood. Between seasons, in 1978, Tom met with theater actress Samantha Lewis, and soon the couple were married. However, the union, which had two children – a son Colin (just-turned-actor) and daughter Elizabeth, lasted only nine years old. When Tom from provincial, virtually unknown actor turned into a budding young star of American cinema, the couple broke up.
For the TV series ‘Happy Days’ was followed by roles in several television projects. That really began to think that his fate – to play a small way in melodramatic soap operas, but something happened that should have happened: a gifted young actor Armand Mastroianni director noticed and invited him to his thriller ‘He knows that you are alone’, a role where Tom got his first substantial fee – $ 800. It was sort of a breakthrough, after which Tom got his first major role – the role of the young designer Buffy the comedy series ‘best friends’.
In 1984 Tom was waiting for a pleasant surprise: it approved for the lead role in the romantic comedy ‘Splash’. Partner of the young actor has become one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, Daryl Hannah, who, in turn, had to be noted role in Ridley Scott himself in the company of bison movie, Harrison Ford and charismatic Dutchman Rutger Hauer.
Around the same time, there is an important introduction for Tom – on the set of episodes of the TV show ‘cronies’ he met actress Rita Wilson, who later became his wife. At that time, Tom, of course, did not know how to and did not realize that soon it will be one of the most successful actors in the world. The young man was just sure that stuck in the role of romantic hero-lover …
However, the 1988-1989 years were truly a turning point in his career and personal life. First, the collapse of his marriage to Samantha. Is well remember the shock, in which it was after the divorce of their parents, do not want to put the same test their children, but to live, torn between the woman he loved (their relationship with Rita Wilson friendly long turned to romantic) and his wife, it was impossible . The couple broke up without any regrets and went in different directions. Then he got the lead role in the film directed by Penny Marshall ‘Large’.
Playing a rather unusual role of a teenage boy whose soul is inexplicably moved into the body of an adult male, Tom was finally able to demonstrate their outstanding acting talent. And this demonstration did not go unnoticed – the actor received my first Golden Globe and a nomination for the Oscar.
A true pleasure for the actor was working in a comedy detective ‘Turner and Hooch’ – not so much because the picture in which he played the role of meticulous detective Turner liked by the audience, but because of the tremendous contact with four-legged partner, charming mastiff named Beasley.
It would seem that the goal is achieved – Tom became a successful actor in demand as the producers and directors, as well as the spectators, but apparently at birth Tom pulled the lucky lottery ticket. This success was yet to come.
Jonathan Demme, the venerable director, gave the world an intelligent thriller ‘Silence of the Lambs’, for which he won the Oscar, have long noticed a talented actor, but the chance to work with them just fell in 1993.
Drama ‘Philadelphia’ was a great success and has received several prestigious film awards. Caressed by critics as Tom, beaming with pleasure to the end does not believe his luck, clutched in the hands of gold ‘dummy’ – his role was awarded the prize Oscar. But it was not the last gift of Fortune. For the role of Forrest Gump Tom again received the Oscar, and became the second actor in history to win the most prestigious film award twice in a row.
In 1996, Tom decided to try his hand as a director, and set comedy film ‘The Wonders’, which played a major role. The picture did not have much success, but Tom was pleased with himself – he could say with confidence that the work he was held.
Tom Hanks – one of the few actors whose careers all the time is only increasing. But there is nothing surprising in the fact that this bright charismatic actor, having not only the love of the audience all over the world, but also a star on the Walk of Fame, the main achievement considers the creation of strong and happy family. That, and collecting typewriters fully comply with the worldview of Tom, an Orthodox Christian, who, thanks to his wonderful sense of humor, always treated his glory with great irony.

After his parents’ divorce by a court decision was referred to the foster family.

Already in his youth Tom Hanks showed remarkable acting skills and the ability to conquer the surrounding inimitable sense of humor. So that the flow of the Acting Department, University of California was for him a logical step. Tom Hanks but left school as soon received an offer to join the small acting troupe, speaking in Cleveland.

In the movie, Tom Hanks began filming in 1980 (“He knows how you are alone”). But his real “discovery” happened only four years later, when the screens came the romantic comedy “Splash”. One of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood Daryl Hannah starred as a mermaid, accidentally swim in a huge city. At that time, still boyish and fragile curly Tom Hanks played a seller, love the strange stranger. At the end of the lovers swam in the ocean, away from the cold heartless world.

Hanks began to shoot often, but it took another four years before Tom Hanks once again forced to talk about himself. This happened in connection with a picture of “Big,” in which he played the hero with a man’s body and mind of a child. Unusual plot allowed the actor to demonstrate gentle humor and warmth inherent to his creative personality.
Considerable success has fallen and the share of the movie “Turner and Hooch”, where his partner made a wonderful dog.

While in the 80s Tom Hanks starred in more than a dozen films, the most successful of its role relate to the 90 th year. A series of creative victories beginning of the tape “Sleepless in Seattle” (1993), where the actor played a single father who influenced young son finds a new love. Romanticism, sincerity, sensitivity, tendency to reflection – these are the features that make up the personality of his hero. The film “The League of Their Own” showed a completely different side of his talent. Tom Hanks was simply irresistible in the role of coarse, drunken coach, the whole being protesting against the need to train women’s baseball team.

Surprisingly performance of Tom Hanks in the movie “Philadelphia” (1993), in which he played a lawyer dying of AIDS. Critics wrote enthusiastically that Hanks as an actor would repeat the feat De Niro, when for the sake of credibility created character has lost 10 pounds. This role earned him the “Oscar”.

But the main triumph was waiting for him in the future. The film “Forrest Gump” became a sensation in 1994. His character – a small rustic, from childhood accustomed to ridicule others. The film won several “Oscars”, but his success he owed it to Tom Hanks, creates a warm, very human, warm subtle humor image.

Received two consecutive “Oscar”, Hanks became a national hero.

In 1996, Tom Hanks made his film debut as a director, removing the emphasis in the history of documentary style youth ensemble, disintegrated after his first hit. “The Wonders” was not a big revelation, though sympathetic earned praise from critics.

Tom Hanks was married twice. He has a son with actress Samantha Lewis and two daughters of actress Rita Wilson.
1993 – Best Actor (“Philadelphia”)
1994 – Best Actor (“Forrest Gump”)

Nominated for “Oscar”:
1988 – Best Actor (“Big”)
1998 – Best Actor (“Saving Private Ryan”)
2000 – Best Actor (“Cast Away”)

The “Golden Globes”:
1988 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“Big”)
2000 – Best Actor, drama (“Cast Away”)

Screen Actors Guild Award (1994):
Best Actor (“Forrest Gump”)

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