Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
Popular Hollywood film actor.

He was born July 3, 1962 in Syracuse (NY).

Tom Cruise is sometimes called “the biggest star ascended in the 80s” among male actors. Tom Cruise was one of those who are able to attract viewers by the very fact of its participation in the film. His youthful charm, angelic smile, exposing a dazzling white teeth, won him fans around the world, especially among youth. In Hollywood they say about him as a new Cary Grant.

At Cruise has his own image, he plays persistent, purposeful guys who know what the feeling of comradeship. Work, work – that’s the meaning of life to his characters. Sometimes they are able to behave frivolously, lose your head, but under the ostentatious bravado hides a tender and vulnerable soul. Despite the apparent self-confidence, they are confused, sometimes naive boys.

He created a type proved to be very attractive to young people that made Tom Cruise real idol of the decade. He is charming, and the girls like it, it – “his guy” and it attracts boys. However, he has neither overly bright personality, nor incomparable beauty, so jealous of him (and he certainly envy) may kindly, feeling no anger, no hatred. Tom Cruise in fact the same as all the ordinary guy, just a little more successful.

Childhood had been difficult: parents divorced when he was 13 years old. Mother (a teacher and actress) worked without sparing himself, to somehow feed his family. Wore the same clothes his cousin. At 17, he entered the seminary to study for the priesthood. In an effort to achieve recognition of their peers, the young man began to play sports, dabbled in football, hockey, wrestling, skiing and tennis. Was injured in one of the tournaments in wrestling, he became interested in other types of extracurricular activities and discovered the acting profession.

Contact with the film began with a picture of “Endless Love” (1981) dir. F. Zeffirelli, followed by quickly followed by “tap dance” (1981), opened the new young actors, and marked the beginning of the next wave of films about teenagers and for teenagers. In Hollywood again realized the importance of young viewers and had taken off for them.

Tom Cruise in 1983, starring in “risky business”, which became the highest grossing film of the summer of that year. His character – a rough son of wealthy parents living with them in full accord. The future of youth predetermined: he is destined to become a leader. But left alone (parents left for a vacation), a wealthy teenager drowns car in the lake, turns his house into a brothel and spends the night with a girl of easy virtue. Such a fun fairy tale with a happy end, where the hero is allowed with impunity to do whatever pleases him not to, could not attract the attention of viewers. Tom Cruise is now firmly taken its place among the most promising and charming young actors of America. Later, he will play in one more “fairy tale” – the movie “Cocktail” (1988). Brian Flannegan – bartender, a virtuoso who owns all the techniques of preparation and pouring cocktails. Of the poor guy, chasing money, it turns into a proud and noble bridegroom, and then the husband is very rich girl who at first appeared to him as a modest artist. However, no internal development of the image show failed. Young people also (and this time more and bar owners) came from the picture delighted, apparently, because of the abundance in her popular music, songs and dances.

After the past few unnoticed ribbons on the screens released film “The Perfect Weapon” (1986), which brought together 350 million. Dollars. The film centers on a young pilot “hothead” who in his spare time chasing fly down the highway on a powerful motorcycle, playing volleyball on the beach, having fun with friends, likes girls.

In 1987, Martin Scorsese invites him to appear in “The Color of Money” with Paul Newman. The prospect of working together with the “living legend” Show Cruz so enticing that he immediately agreed, despite severe fatigue after the “most advanced weapons,” shooting that lasted 10 months, 6 days a week. “The young always have something to learn from the older” – this is the credo of the actor. He and Newman here represent two different generations, two different approaches to life. On the one hand – offering experienced billiard player. On the other – his pupil (Tom Cruise), inexperienced, “green” chick gets off by Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. Cast the duo appeared magnificent. Tom Cruise aims to be the center of attention, and bad directing is sometimes done at the expense of partners. When the director skillfully directs it, it turns out this successful work, as in “The Color of Money.” Tom Cruise at the beginning of his career, starred in the films that did not require great acting skill: it is all about appearance, young enthusiasm. “Rain Man” (1988) was for him in some ways a turning point, requiring the actor demonstrated competencies, because here his partner was the famous Dustin Hoffman, and the script demanded a show of psychological character development. Charlie Babbitt – small entrepreneurs engaged in trade in cars. He is young and energetic, but not too picky about the media. Tom Cruise brilliantly cope with the task, showing how his hero, appreciated only money, understands what tenderness, warmth, normal human relationships.

As if to prove that its value is not only an attractive appearance, Cruz agreed to play in the movie “Born on 4th of July” on the autobiography of Ron Kovic Vietnam veteran. The role did not fit in to become Cruise traditional type, and such a departure from the usual is always dangerous. “I want to learn new things.” I can not rest on our laurels, “- explains his decision Cruz. Here he deliberately emphasized ugly, but plays masterfully, forcing the viewer to empathize with acute psychological drama conversion zealous young patriot in spiritually and physically crippled war soldier. Tom Cruise very seriously preparing, long talks with director Oliver Stone, I read a lot about the war, the long hours spent in hospitals, traveled with Kovic down the street in a wheelchair. for this role, the actor was nominated for “Oscar”.

The next film would be ideally suited to this artist, because he acted as a co-author of the script, without the picture does not exist. Tom Cruise in “The storm days” – fascinating race car driver. The film is similar to “The perfect weapon”: the same speed, the danger, the proximity of death. But the overall atmosphere is different. There was a student, not fully conscious of the risk, but here experienced man, mature, standing in front of goal. But the actor lacked a good director, he “lives” on the screen, he can not turn his character into a modern hero, not in the nature of development. Besides removed Cruise is not too good. And yet, despite the lack of critical acclaim, from a financial point of view, this picture has been more successful than “Born on July 4”. Tom Cruise is an actor, a meeting which is looking forward to a young audience. Cash collections from his last four films made 1 billion. 35 million. Dollars. As a performer, he does not stand still. In its evolution can be traced certain stages: study (“Risky Business”), the absorption of senior experience (working with Newman in “The Color of Money”), the rate of morality and read Dustin Hoffman (“Rain Man”), the experience of suffering and sorrow (“born on July 4 “).

Despite its popularity, the young prince of the screen has not lost his head on the success. Material well-being for him is not important. He has long refused to limousines, security, smart clothes. (However, in recent years it is still necessary to resort to the services of bodyguards.)
Nominated for “Oscar”:
1989 – Best Actor (“Born on the Fourth of July”)
1996 – Best Actor (“Jerry Maguire”)
1999 – Best Supporting Actor (“Magnolia”)

The “Golden Globes”:
1989 – Best Actor, drama (“Born on the Fourth of July”)
1996 – Best Actor, drama (“Jerry Maguire”)
1999 – Best Supporting Actor (“Magnolia”)

Nomination for the “Golden Globes”:
1983 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“Risky Business”)
1992 – Best Actor, drama (“A Few Good Men”)
2003 – Best Actor, drama (“The Last Samurai”)
2008 – Best Supporting Actor (“Tropic Thunder”)

Nominated for BAFTA:
1990 – Best Actor (“Born on the Fourth of July”)

Premium channel “MTV”:
1996 – Best Actor (“Jerry Maguire”)
2000 – Best Actor (“Mission: Impossible 2”)

Nominated for the channel “MTV”:
1992 – Best Actor (“A Few Good Men”)
1992 – The Most Desired Man (“A Few Good Men”)
1992 – Best On-Screen Duo (“Far and Away”)
1993 – Best Actor (“Company”)
1993 – The Most Desired Man (“Company”)
1994 – The Most Desired Man (“Interview with the Vampire”)
1994 – Best Villain (“Interview with the Vampire”)
1994 – Best On-Screen Duo (“Interview with the Vampire”)
2003 – Best Actor (“The Last Samurai”)
2004 – Best Villain (“Collateral”)
2011 – Best Fight (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”)
2011 – Best heartbreaking scene (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”)

Nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award:
1996 – Best Actor (“Jerry Maguire”)
1999 – The best cast (“Magnolia”)
1999 – Best Supporting Actor (“Magnolia”)

The award “Saturn”:
2001 – Best Actor (“Vanilla Sky”)

Nominated for the “Saturn”:
1994 – Best Actor (“Interview with the Vampire”)
2002 – Best Actor (“Minority Report”)
2003 – Best Actor (“The Last Samurai”)
2004 – Best Actor (“Collateral”)
2005 – Best Actor (“War of the Worlds”)
2006 – Best Actor (“Mission: Impossible 3”)
2008 – Best Actor (“Operation” Valkyrie “)
2011 – Best Actor (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”)

If not for a leg injury that Tom Cruise was in the 1970s, is actively preparing for the career of a professional wrestler, his name never sounded on the lips of millions to movie fans around the world. Would not be a movie star Tom and if with due diligence took his studies at the seminary. But … one day appearing on the set of tapes “Guys and Dolls”, Tom seems to have failed to deal with …
Faced with Tom Cruise in the distant now 1981, the famous Italian director Franco Zeffirelli was able to assess the main advantage of the then young actor – the beauty and natural charm. This can be very useful in the melodrama had F.Dzeffirelli “Endless Love,” where Tom Cruise was a partner as young and beautiful Brooke Shields. Authors of the film would probably like to repeat the success of the legendary “Love Story” (1970) and therefore did not stint on the stage of open, bright amorous feelings. And although the tape did not become a huge hit, Tom Cruise noticed. Followed by numerous offers for roles in comedy and entertainment tapes erotic plan. The actor became rapidly gaining popularity …
Soon Tom was lucky – he Francis Coppola invited him to film “The Outsiders” – the drama of the life of poor neighborhoods guys styled in the spirit of the American film “youth series” 1950. Not that Tom Cruise had flashed Coppola acting. But he met on the set of his future opponents, as young and full of hope … It seems that in F. Coppola special flair for acting talents …
High hopes pinned on Tom Cruise tale “Legend”, a big complex special effects supplied by Ridley Scott, but the laurels this work has not brought the actor. Sensation became a military fighter put his brother Ridley, Tony Scott, “superweapon” where Tom convincingly played a pilot ace.
In the drama about the professional players “The Color of Money,” the venerable Martin Scorsese has invited Tom as a real star of the 1st magnitude. And he had a partner, frankly, not weak – Paul Newman. Test of maturity Tom Cruise broke down on the “five”, creating a psychologically ambiguous image of a young boy who dreams in whatever was to climb to the summit of success in life.
More rigorous examination expecting Tom Cruise on the set of “Rain Man” Barry Levinson. It is now that this film is crowned lots of “Oscars” and the prize of the festival, it seems that he was destined to triumph. However, initially the producers felt that the dramatic story of a mentally ill person (Dustin Hoffman), which tries to find contact his younger brother (Tom Cruise), can hardly be of interest to a mass audience. Perhaps these forecasts could be justified, if not brilliant acting, managed to captivate the audience, affect their feelings … Of course, next to a star like Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise was not easy, but he did not feeling like stung intentionally played the second part of a duet, unselfishly allow partners to conduct their virtuoso solo …
A year later, it was time for solos and Tom Cruise. It was the anti-war drama Oliver Stone’s “Born on the Fourth of July.” Again, good luck …
Cruz played here soldiers returning from the Vietnam War invalid, but not to lose the taste of the life and struggle …
In the early 1990s, Tom Cruise starred with Nicole Kidman. First – in a rather boring action movie about racing driver “Days of Thunder”, then – in a good melodrama times development expanses of the Far West “far away”. In the latter film, the duo built on contrast: Kidman played the role of a spoiled daughter of wealthy parents, running them from the Irish estates in distant America, but not adapted to the harsh life and plausible Cruise played the role of a simple country boy trying to make a living boxing matches …
In Rob Reiner drama about the investigation “hazing” in the US Army under the title “A Few Good Men” T.Kruz was overshadowed bright game Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson in particular. But in the psychological thriller Sydney Pollack “Firm” – perfectly played the naive graduate of the prestigious University with a flattering invitation to a certain company, and was horrified to realize that we are trapped in the Mafia.
Anyway, all these roles typically belongs to the category of “positive”, so you can not fail to note the courage of Tom Cruise, who decided in the movie “Interview with the Vampire” was originally to play a negative role monster bloodsuckers. I do not think that this role was the top acting Cruz, but as they say, fortune favors the bold!

Mission Possible
How rare disease Tom Cruise was sick as a kid? Why did the young man threw seminary and decided to become an actor? Thanks to Tom who got his first role? What movie brought fame actor in Hollywood? Who introduced Cruise to Scientology doctrine? Why does the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ was a turning point in the relationship of Tom and Nicole Kidman? Why is the actor’s third wife left Katie Holmes and a recognition did she do?

early life
Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York. He was the third child in the family of an engineer and a failed actress. In addition to Tom, parents brought three more daughters. Father all the time was looking for additional income, so the family moved often. A total of 15 schools was replaced by Tom that affected his emotional health. In addition, since the childhood he suffered from dyslexia and could not normally read text. Because of this, has been the object of constant ridicule.
Difficult childhood tempered Tom. After his father left the house, he began to work hard to help his family. According to the memoirs of one of the neighbors of the family Cruz, the boy every day came to him to mow the lawn. This went on for so long, until they moved to a new location. Finally, the family finally settled in Glen Ridge, where the future actor graduated from high school.
In one of the cities where the family lived Cruise, Tom entered the seminary of St. Francis and almost became a priest. According to him, at some point, he was afraid that you have to give a vow of celibacy, and he left the seminary. Despite the problems with the perception of texts, Tom did not give up and even played in the school theater. Actually, with this all started. After the successful premiere of one of the performances in the hall agent told Cruz that he should develop his talent. Earning $ 2,000 for mowing lawns, a seventeen year old boy went to conquer New York.
a start in life
Life in New York was not easy. To earn a living, he had to wash dishes in restaurants and unload trucks. In his spare time, he pestered studios in the hope that they would give him some role, but everywhere was refused. Then one day at the bar he was lucky to meet a young actress Brooke Shields. She promised to help Cruz, but warned that prove their aptitude he’ll have to.
Thanks to Tom Shields got the role of a soldier in the film ‘The End’ (1981). The guy had to recover for 7 kg of hardship and shooting, but he was incredibly happy. Earning praise in his address, Cruz earned a reputation as hard workers. He really worked hard, including with tutors to resolve dyslexia. Eventually he got rid of the disease.
The first work that brought Tom Cruise fame, had a role in the film ‘Risky Business’ (1983). Critics praised the game novice actor, and he predicted a great future. And so it happened. Soon the screens out the film ‘Top Gun’ (1986), ‘The Color of Money “(1986),’ Rain Man ‘(1988), who confirmed that Cruise is not a dummy and really has a talent. His fee for the film by this time grown to $ 3 million.
In 1987, Tom Cruise married actress Mimi Rogers. However, their marriage did not last long. In 1990, the couple announced that parted. The reason for the divorce was called and dangerous hobby Tom motor racing that Mimi could not tolerate, and infertility Rogers. But the real reason was revealed a few months later, when Cruz appeared in public with young Australian actress Nicole Kidman.
worldwide fame
Tom and Nicole met in 1990 while filming ‘Days of Thunder’. They are madly in love with each other and decided to get married immediately. They say that the wedding day so Tom hurried to his fiancee that exceeded the speed limit and was detained by police. When they found out who he was and where he was going, then wished him luck and let him go.
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman called the most beautiful couple in Hollywood. However, in their family life was not so smooth. Spouses could not manage to have children, and Cruz began to blame Kidman. When it became known that the ex-wife of actor Mimi Rogers became pregnant by another man, suspected of infertility dropped Tom. Finally, they broke and filed adoption papers. In 1995, the family had a daughter Isabela Jane, and a year later the son Connor Anthony.
Cruise’s film career is going very well. In 1990, for his role in the film ‘Born Fourth of July “(1989) he received a Golden Globe and his first nomination for the Oscar. A few years later, Tom realized his dream and played a superhero in the film ‘Mission Impossible’ (1996). He was the author of the idea and he produced the picture. Despite the critics skeptical forecasts, action thriller has won the hearts of audiences around the world and in the US alone collected more than $ 150 million.
Tom Cruise gained worldwide fame and became a sex symbol of Hollywood. In 1997, the cult director Stanley Kubrick invited Cruise and Nicole play husband and wife in his new movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ (1999). It is said that this film was the cause of the divorce star pair. Shooting psychological films lasted two years and have been a living hell for the actors. Kubrick had many conversations with Tom and Nicole, causing them to analyze the actions of his characters. Perhaps the soul-searching on the subject of marriage, infidelity and sex forced the actors to think about their own relationship.
In 2001, Tom and Nicole formalized divorce. Cruz was again the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, but tying the knot in no hurry. His romance with co-star ‘Vanilla Sky’ (2001), Penelope Cruz was fleeting. Actor fully immersed in the work, playing a successful blockbusters’ Dissenting Opinion ‘(2002),’ The Last Samurai ‘(2003),’ War of the Worlds “(2005). In sum, for these films, he earned more than $ 100 million, becoming one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.
In 2005, Tom Cruise first appeared in public with a young actress Katie Holmes. In spring 2006, the couple had a daughter, Suri, and they were married in the fall. But the marriage did not for Cruise happy. After six years of marriage, Tom and Katie left. As the actress said, it was she who initiated the divorce. Overreliance actor Scientology has meant that it has become intolerable, and even forbade her to act in films. This is evidenced by his second wife Nicole Kidman Tom, but then she said did not attach much importance.
Scientology Cruise became interested in the 80-ies. With this religious-philosophical doctrine introduced his then wife Mimi Rogers. Since then, the press has repeatedly appeared notes about the actor’s zealous attitude to the teachings of Scientology. For example, the highly publicized public dispute got Tom to actress Brooke Shields associated with antidepressants. Cruz said that psychology – pseudoscience and it should be banned, that caused a strong reaction in the community.
However, Tom Cruise’s personal beliefs have never been an obstacle to his career and fans normally perceived. The actor has won three Golden Globe and is looking forward to when it will be piggy bank ‘Oscar’. But the rewards, according to Thomas, it is not important. The main thing is that his dream came true and he became an actor. By example Cruz showed that nothing is impossible, and that in fact every mission possible.

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