Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins
Date of birth: 10/16/1958 Year
Age: 56 years
Place of Birth: West – Covina California

Citizenship: US
Height: 196 cm

The role of the new sci-fi movie “Mission to Mars” – rather exception to the rule that established for Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon – his girlfriend, lover, the woman of his life … It leads Tim around – the choice of roles to choosing costumes. And he is very pleased with this – because Susan is so similar to his parents, who always seemed to him an unattainable ideal …
ARREST – this honorable!
Once Tim’s mother came home in the joyful enthusiasm and said: “Our daughter is the police! She was arrested for taking part in demonstrations against the Vietnam War.” “Good girl! All of us!” – Responded the father. 11-year-old Tim hung – in contrast to the sister he has never given the parents of the reason for pride. He was a good student in school, playing baseball, hockey and sang in the church choir. Exemplary American boy! The family has its black sheep …
Robbins Family are extremely leftist views. They continually protested against anything: racial discrimination against the infringement of women’s rights, against an increase in taxes, the ban on the paddock small dog on the lawn in their quarter … protest was a matter of life, their vocation and their main profession. In his spare time, demonstrations and rallies Jill Robbins sang songs (of course, with the political hue), and his wife wrote, “toothy” article in the leftist newspaper … Every family dinner was accompanied by political debates. At night, instead of the proclamation read fairy tales for children. Tim was convinced that his parents – the most intelligent and righteous people on earth, but that he alone is unlikely to ever be able to come anywhere close to their perfection. But try something he simply must! “Everyone, regardless of age, should participate in the political life of the country”, – decided to parents discussing the arrest of her eldest daughter. And Tim realized that he, too, is obliged. For the first time stroll schoolwork, he went to Washington to pass in front of the White House in the column of demonstrators, pacifists. Of course, he was behind bars – however, this time he wanted. Now no one can say that it has lagged behind his sister …
Freed from prison, which lasted a day, Tim realized that the school does not make sense to go back to him. Become a prosperous, highly paid doctor, lawyer, engineer (the ultimate dream of his classmates), he did not come. Especially since the Robbins family has long needed an additional source of income – the political struggle the helm bad … With Tim parents settled into political theater troupe in New York and worked there for seven years.
His new mentor
However, solidity and respectability was in the character of Tim ineradicable. Probably, it fell to him by grandparents – it is civilians who have lived their lives in full agreement with the company … Over time, Tim tired of political theater. Besides, he felt a much greater potential for acting than you need to chant manifestos … In a word, he left the company, and along with New York City to study acting seriously craft in California – closer to Hollywood. Big Hollywood style – this is what he secretly wanted from their parents for years. And yet – about the successful career of the real glory of the tuxedo, which he ever will get the “Oscar”! Tim and he was ashamed of his “conformist” dream, but the dream was stronger than education!
Soon he noticed a person moving glamorous producers and film career began to improve … But only now received a letter from the parents, they were puzzled why their son was withdrawn in some politically immature, trouble-free comedies instead of … And so on! Tim was ashamed. Reluctantly abandoning regular role in a movie, he incited friends to arrange experimental theater. Satirical farces of urgent problems of America (“Watergate”, nuclear weapons, disaster “Challenger”, the agricultural crisis), he himself wrote … Theatre existed a couple of years, and then somehow extinguished itself … a time of political radicalism were held, and the audience was difficult to lure manifestos …
When the theater went bankrupt, Tim sighed with relief. I agreed and quickly removed in the blockbuster “Top Gun,” glorify the American military might. He wrote a letter to parents timid that would like to see its contribution to the political struggle was to the amount he will transfer them to each fee. And they let people manage their money for the benefit of the common cause … Tim began to appear in all the movies in a row, which he offered. Why, just enter the circle of the most respected, well-known, successful and richest people in Hollywood he somehow failed to …
This continued up until Tim are under 30 years old. On the set of the movie “Bull Durham” in 1988, he met with forty-two famous actress Susan Sarandon. It is no less than the parents of Tim, he was fond of the political struggle. For the past couple of decades it has been an indispensable participant of all political demonstrations that took place in the Los Angeles area. Ardent feminist and opponent of marriage. It is among the activists of “green.” After the regular protests she often spent the night at the police station … At the time of acquaintance with Tim Susan was keen problem of issuing visas to foreigners with AIDS. The US government did not want to let them into the country, and Sarandon thought it was a flagrant violation of human rights. Her fiery speech delivered at lunch in the presence of a film crew, made the same impression on Tim, as a team, “Ale, ho!” Tiger on the old-long written off from the circus on a holiday to the zoo … In short, when Susan pravozaschitnicheskom heat turned to him with a question: “Do you agree with me, Mr. Robbins?” – He replied: “Completely! And I’m ready to work with you on a hunger strike, a strike or whatever you like – as long as this mess will not stop!”
Since then Susan for a moment did not leave Tim. She was so eloquent, so temperamentally burning fiery anger, her eyes sparkled, his voice rang out, and the red curls so freely scattered over the shoulders (as a true feminist, Sarandon despised hairdressing tricks) that Robbins just could not resist. He is in love with her death, besides Susan liked his parents. The question of marriage seemed to be a foregone conclusion. But … “What kind of idiocy? Why do I have to enslave yourself some formal ties? Post a vow of fidelity to one man for life? Yes, no self-respecting woman does not stoop to the kind!” – Sarandon said to her lover. Tim was delighted …
Restless Bunch
For twelve years they lived together. Three children: two sons, John and general Miles and Sarandon’s daughter Eva. Instead of bedtime stories they read political pamphlets. Instead of a lullaby sung satirical songs. The children are happy. They believe that their parents – the most fair and intelligent people in the world … and their house, in the living room where there is nothing but wooden benches, and in the garage is battered van with the inscription “Break your TV” – the most fun house the world …
Susan and Tim together, shoulder to shoulder, led the column of demonstrators protesting against the war in the Persian Gulf and against abortion and against restrictions on showing porn. They do not appear in “political immaturity” of the film, claiming bourgeois values. Susan first looks scenario, sent Tim – he trusts her boundless political instinct … and delicate artistic taste. Sometimes she gives consent for Tim, not even waiting until he is acquainted with the role. That is what happened with the film “Jacob’s Ladder” and “The Player,” which became a real “bomb”. Robbins throughout consulted with Susan when he wrote his own script, “Dead Man Walking” (about a man sentenced to death), and then took off on it movie starring Sarandon. As a result – of course, nominated for “Oscar”! He came to the ceremony in a tuxedo, who chose him Susan. Tim was just on top of happiness! After all, under the guidance of the woman he finally managed to reconcile the irreconcilable: respectability and rebellion.
Of course, from time to time of their arrest the police (Tim and Susan, no, no yes and put behind bars for participating in regular riots), but the lack of honor and glory, they can not complain. And Robbins fees have not dropped below the bar at 3-4 million. “Oscar” Susan, Cannes’ Palm d’Or “Tim rubbish stored in them … the bathroom. Hollywood establishment forgives the couple all performances. Once Tim Susan broke the carefully rehearsed for the ceremony of “Oscars”, referring to the public with a detailed speech about political harassment of refugees from Haiti. Organizers are not allowed to even hint that the next time will not be invited to the presentation of a couple. Once Tim and Susan were on the “Oscar” in the next time, they continued the theme of refugees, again violating the rules.
“What is the secret of your family happiness and harmony? – Asked one of Tim and Susan. – It did have such significant age difference.” “The fact that we – people of the same circle, some views on life,” – said Susan. Tim nodded and added, “I am delighted that Susan’s older than me. That’s why I have a lot to learn from her.”

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