The Maze Runner

So it turns out that the movie for young people is rapidly gaining momentum. Studio literally “pounce” on different teenage fiction. At the same time, do not hurry to part with the gold mine. Usually it all turns into a whole franchise, who confidently and bear attack rental income in the treasury. Well, that, strictly speaking, wrong? The viewer like, apparently. It is necessary to look at the fees and budget of the tape, and, immediately, not hard to imagine that this whole story is doomed, commercials, part three – four. And then, even more. However, I am not going to make forecasts for the future. What happened with Wes Ball?

Basically, to get what you would expect. Youth adventure. However, adventure adventure strife guys. And the film raises a number of claims. Incidentally, it is quite reasonable. And the basic flaw in the film – is, oddly enough, its plot. More precisely, its overall structure. I will not dissemble and say that I liked the idea. In principle, and implementation in Boll probably went normal. However, I have not read the original source. Say for sure I will not. Duck here. What is the problem of the plot? It is in its saturation. Too much for one hour and a half svyazochek film. And finally, in fact, none of them discloses properly. These cords tangled in a big knot. And it is not clear which is which. Characters, for the most part, remain gray and falls in love with himself. Take, for instance, Chuck. After all, a pretty interesting could go out individual. Alas. He was left behind colleagues. And even when the camp violent teen girl appears (the only one, by the way), it is almost not noticeable at rest. And I’m not talking about unnecessary snotty love line (although I’m sure in the next film will not do without it). Just look like heroes – something unattractive and bleak. Except, perhaps, Dylan O’Brien. But also due to the fact that he has a lot of screen time. But he, alone, the film does not pull at all. On the whole, the candidacy, for me personally, very controversial. Although, it’s better than Tueytes. The other actors also did not have enough experience, many charisma and simple charm. And this is unfortunate. Since labyrinth maze, and who will run it, also plays a role. Strictly speaking, a maze show not so much. Most interesting moments in complete darkness show that already wrong. A final, nevertheless, does not look particularly impressive. Intrigue works, but all of this bubble, which has long fanned eventually burst much earlier than it should. And it balances flew in the face of the viewer. And here, here, you want – you do not want, and have rebelled carefully. Actually, I can not identify that – in the film. Directing? Well, yes, she will go for such a project. Camera work? Not bad, overall. Music? Average, basically. Actors? Nothing special show.

In sum, the left is a typical representative of the genre of teenage movie. When not inflated budget movie looks to the best entertainment and thumbs delivered. It is suitable to pass the hour and a half of their leisure time. And most of all, about motivates you to watch the sequel, which is expected soon. Unfortunately, it lacks some – it highlights, the inner world of the characters and full of drama, which attempted to show in the final. I will refrain from fiery speeches commendable, but also shock the critics will not. In this case, I’m in the neutral territory of the person who took the time and watched the movie on it until the end. Not recommend for sure, but I can offer as an option for evening viewing. Of course, if you are such films are not experiencing tough antipathy. Wait for the continuation. And I hope that in him we offer that – something appetizing. Only – really, without undue vanilla, please.

US, UK, Canada
the slogan “Do not stop”
director Wes Ball
Noah Oppenheim script, Grant Pierce Myers, TS Nowlin, …
Producer Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, …
operator Enrique Chedyak
composer John Pesa
artist Marc Fisichella, Douglas Cumming, Christine Clark Bizlin …
Installation Dan Zimmerman
genre fiction, thriller, adventure, words …
$ 34 million
charges in the US
$ 101,841,154


Dylan O’Brien
Thomas Sangster
Kaya Scodelario
Will Poulter
Ki Hong Lee
Blake Cooper
AML Amin
J. Alex. Flores
Jacob Latimore
Patricia Clarkson

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