Scientists call these funny animals poluobezyanami or tarsiers. This remarkable creature that is often confused with lemurs, then jerboas. In tarsiers round large head with this frog-faced. He has a very short front and very long hind limbs. The tail is much longer than the body itself, and your feet are unusually elongated. It is for them tarsier and got its name.
Until now, science is known only one type of these creatures – a maki-house, or in other words, tarsier-bogey. Its length of 40 centimeters, of which good 25 falls on Philippine tarsier tail. Fur his gray-brown color, while the ears completely naked, and his eyes were incredible value. They give the impression that the animal is something deeply surprised. At the ends of the fingers have tarsiers pillow thickening, like tree frogs.
Maki-house inhabits the islands of the Malay Archipelago and is quite rare. He lives in the woods, and local natives consider it a magical beast and very afraid of meeting him.
Tarsiers are nocturnal and so fast asleep during the day. For example, one caught tarsier was very angry when he interfered with sleep. During the day he was very lethargic, but the night was moving fast and lively, silent jumps and most readily in the side. He was happy to eat grasshoppers, but from plant foods flatly refused. Tarsier quickly become tame, but, unfortunately, not long lived and died. This happens with all caught tarsiers, bondage, they can not tolerate.

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