Tapirs – close relatives of the horses. It is relatively small, clumsy animals with four toes on the front feet and three on the rear. Do tapirs oblong, narrow head with elongated upper lip, small eyes and erect ears. They have strong feet tall and a short tail.
On the ground, two species of tapirs – Asian and American. The first type is much slimmer and perfect finishing. It is also called a two-tone, or Malayan tapir. Its main color – pure black and only saddle grayish-white. The length of this animal 2.5 meters, including 8-inch tail. It is found in Indochina, as well as on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.
American tapir – a little less Asian. Its length is 2 meters. He painted a uniform black-brown in color and has a small mane. Meets American tapir in the south and east of South America.
And the Asian and American tapirs prefer to live in dense forests and very rarely go to the open space. They run fast enough, but even better to swim and dive. These animals are very well developed hearing and smell, but sight is weak enough. Voice tapir resembles a kind of shrill whistle.
Tapirs are very good-natured, peaceful and shy animals. Even slight rustle brings them into panic. From enemies they flee and in very rare cases, defense, using mainly teeth.
Mentally tapir developed at the level of the domestic pig. The main food tapirs make forest plants. Once in captivity, tapirs quickly domesticated and become calm and tame.
People hunt tapirs mainly because of their delicious juicy meat, the more that hunt down and shoot tapir is not too difficult.

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