Taipei – Taiwan capital of the province, its main transport hub and financial center. Located in the northern part of the island on the banks of the river Danshuyhe and covers an area of ??about 272 square meters. km. This is one of the youngest and most densely populated metropolises in the world, is rapidly developing and strengthening its position in the region. On its territory is home to about 3 million. People, most of them – the Chinese and Taiwanese.
Taipei – high-tech center

The city focused a lot of companies that specialize in producing all kinds of electronics – from the banal calculators, televisions or tape recorders to high-precision calculation machines, ultra-modern computers and other equipment. Released products come on the shelves not only in the provinces, but also exported abroad.
Taipei is rich in mineral deposits, in particular – of coal. Here is actively conducted its mining, metallurgical industry is booming and automotive. Due to the large concentrations of factories and cars, the main problem of the city is smog, which disappears at night. Taiwan’s government is taking all possible measures for pollution control and recycling.
Taipei is served by two airports: Taoyuan and Songshan. Taoyuan International Airport is considered to be the busiest in the province, and in its passenger traffic is among the largest in the world. Songshan Airport serves mainly domestic flights.
Skyscraper Taipei 101 – one of the main symbols of the city
Northern Taiwan

Hard to believe, but just two centuries ago in what is now the Taipei were only small farmland and rice fields. Today it has grown to a huge metropolis, representing interest for leisure and for business travel. Here is the seat of government, held many international exhibitions and festivals, there are plenty of architectural attractions, among which are: unusual temples, palaces, parks, monuments and museums.
Prior to the beginning of the XVIII century the land was inhabited by the representatives of Taipei ketagalan tribe. The first settlers arrived here from China only in 1709. The active growth and development of the city coincides with the time of its transmission to the power of Japan in 1885. Since then he has become a financial, political and administrative center of Taiwan. The very name of the city of “Taipei” is translated as “Northern Taiwan”.
After the war, in 1945, Japan lost power over the territory of Taiwan, Taipei, and came under the control of the Nationalist Party of China. Soon, the city waited for a big change. By joining the neighboring districts of the Republic of China, it has increased its area and, consequently, increased the number of the population. Also, construction began on the set of factories, shops and other buildings infrastructure.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial in one of the presidents of the Republic of China
City markets and amazing buildings

Taipei city is very young and can not boast of ancient monuments and a large number of historical sights. However, there are many interesting places, which by their beauty and grandeur can surprise every tourist. That only is the National Palace Museum, which exhibits a unique collection of Chinese culture. She was going to many generations, and until 1949 was in Beijing. Among its exhibits are original bronzes, porcelain, jade and precious stones, ancient books, priceless archival materials, etc. In total, the collection has 720 thousand. Items covering seven thousand. Years of history and culture of China.
Residents of awe and respect for the history of his people. The undisputed evidence of this is the farm-Lin Antal – the oldest building in Taipei. That during highway construction is not to destroy it, the residents moved brick by brick to the farm of former park Pinchyan. The building itself embodies the spirit of peasant architecture of China and is made in the traditional style of the XVIII century.
The main attraction of the city is a modern skyscraper “Taipei 101”, which the residents themselves often called a symbolic embodiment of the axis of the world. For them, it connects earth to heaven and unites the compass. The skyscraper was built in 2003 and at that time was the tallest building on the planet. Initially, it was planned as an international financial center, but today it can be safely called a separate city within a city. It has everything that can only come up with people – restaurants, shops, clubs, meeting rooms, spa, offices and hotel rooms.
Tip: Beach lovers Taipei can offer some first-class seats. The most beautiful beach in the north-east of the city in a cozy lagoon called Fulun. For families with children considered to be the best one Chinsan beach, located in the north-west of the town.

The main “highlight” of the city is a bustling flea markets and night, working in all areas. Counters they often serve as sidewalks and basic goods – clothes, food and various jewelry. This is where you can get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the locals hot, ready to bargain for any little thing, whether it’s scarf, necklace handmade or chopsticks. The workaround for a few days or all night flea markets in Taipei is simply impossible. They are really a lot, but the best known are: Shilin, FuHe and Snake Alley.

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