Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone
Nationality: United States
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 94 kg

Sylvester Stallone again saves the world …
“I am afraid that the” Rambo “will be the last action adventure in which I participate,” – confessed the actor in an exclusive interview “AIF”.
He has more than 20 years with one blow on the screen razmёtyvaet crowds of enemies. American Association named him videoprokatchika action star Millennium. That brought the Sylvester Stallone action movie resounding fame and big money – the story of boxer Rocky Balboa, which he wrote and played himself, gathered at the box office record-breaking 200 million. US., And received 10 nominations for “Oscar”.
Stallone recently issued “on-mountain” another series about invincible boxer, and this year sent to Asian jungles another of his hero – Rambo. On the eve of a world rent the movie “Rambo IV» Sylvester Stallone gave an exclusive interview to “Arguments and Facts”.
– There is a saying: “One can not enter the river twice.” And it was hard to shoot you in the role of John Rambo for the fourth time?
– Yes, it was really hard. I’m afraid that “Rambo” will be the last action adventure in which I participate. I’ve already 61 years old, and age takes its. Every day something hurts, and during filming stunt scenes is especially noticeable. I consider myself a fighter and can overcome pain, but over the years it is becoming increasingly difficult. But morally it was easy and pleasant to return to John Rambo, who is dear to me no less than Rocky.
Diet for a hero
– The years go by, and your physical fitness is still gorgeous. You, as before, to spend long hours in the gym and dieting?
– I continue to exercise regularly at least 3-4 times a week. 5 times a week try to eat right – not a sweet and starchy foods, drink plenty of water and so on. But over the weekend I can afford anything that your heart desires – pizza, cakes, lemonade … My daughters are delighted and pleased to make me company. A secret one: “Maintain a healthy lifestyle, but do not lead to asceticism and sometimes indulge yourself!”
– Work, sport, family. Can arrange these three key points in life in terms of their importance to you?
– My wife Jennifer and our daughter made my life a paradise. If I used to think that in the first place should be a career, now an absolute priority – the family. Every morning I could not wait to wake his daughter, so we had time to play or exercise exercise before they go to school. And every night I try to be home for dinner with his wife and children.
– Did you have any idol in your childhood?
– Of Course. I started bodybuilding after watching the film “Labors of Hercules”, in which the main role was played by Steve Reeves. He was my first example. Later I discovered Kirk Douglas and reviewed all the pictures with his participation. I especially liked the “Spartacus” and “Vikings”. Despite the simple plot, they were a tragedy comparable to the works of Shakespeare. Many years later I even starred in a film with Kёrkom “Oscar”, and all the while the shot our scene, he slaps me weighing out! But Douglas himself seriously involved in sports, so after those shooting at me for a long time the head was buzzing … (laughs).
Nine seconds s knockout!
– While working on the sixth film about boxer Rocky you have endured blows more serious than a slap Kirk Douglas …
– Exactly – several times I was even close to the knockout! Imagine, I decided to enter the ring against Joe Frazier ekschempiona world (he took part in one of the first films of Rocky). Do you know how long our fight? Nine seconds! After that, I felt as if I was hit with a crowbar, and sprawled on the floor. It turned out that I missed the right side kick from Joe … Over the years I have become smarter, and, for example, in the last film “Rocky Balboa” We have boxed in special gloves.
It’s hard to come up with new
– Today, that no year-on screens go further old tapes – about Rocky, Rambo, Batman, Spiderman, Superman. Some of the critics joked that the modern world was bessi-. flax “birth” of a new movie hero, so you have to save the world, veterans. Do you agree?
– Do not forget that Hollywood studios want all the time to make his films. Therefore much easier to take pictures about the next adventure is already well-known characters than to invent and “untwist” new. But I hope that my films about Rocky and Rambo not only entertain the audience, but also forced to empathize.
– Do you communicate with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis?
– Of course – and now we are very good friends. Bruce, like me, went back to basics and starred in the new series “Die Hard.” I am very glad that this film was one of the highest-grossing militants last year. As for Arnold, I will tell you more – Governor Schwarzenegger now I not only one, but an example to follow. And it’s not muscle – just Arnold constantly proves that in life, nothing is impossible. You’ll see if they change the US Constitution and allow citizens who are not born in America, to be elected to the highest office in the state, the president will be just Schwarzenegger. And I – in the role of John Rambo – will be one of the first to prisyagnёt allegiance to him!

He studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Miami. Stallone’s acting career was not easy. The son of poor Italian immigrants, he was born in the first year after the war in New York City in the quarter, known by the nickname “Hell’s Kitchen” – a haven of hooligans, drug addicts and gang gangs. Baby Sylvester Stallone learned the first lesson of life: “To survive, you have to be stronger than others.” Having changed to 13 years in several schools (from where he was expelled for bad behavior), after witnessing her parents’ divorce (now the mother – Jackie Stallone – leads column astrologer in fashion magazine), Sylvester decided to seriously work out. However, the young man saw his future in film, believing that it has sufficient data for this: a beautiful face with big sad eyes and a sculptural body of the athlete. However, his attempts to “break” on the screen for a long time did not lead to success …

Coach and bouncer in a night restaurant, porter and cleaner cells in the zoo – in any profession is not only an attempt at Sylvester Stallone. Although his dream – to become an actor – has come true in 1970, participation in the film polupornograficheskom Gela Palmer “Italian Stallion” and the emergence in episodic roles gangsters and hoodlums was not at all what he wanted. Were not successful, and his stories and scripts that at night he wrote a novice actor.

Movies where Stallone flashed in episodes followed one another: “You can not hide” (1973), “Prisoner of Second Avenue” (1975), “Capone” (1975), “Race” Cannonball “(1975), but, alas, they all went virtually unnoticed by critics and audiences. And if it was not a happy thought, visited Sylvester Stallone in 1976 – to write the script, timed to coincide with the 200th anniversary of American independence and to perform in the film the main role, it is difficult to say, as if there was his fate. But the picture of the “Rocky” movie glorifying so cute hearts of Americans postulate “Equal Opportunities for All” and tells the touching story of an unknown boxer who stubbornly exercising, reaches the top of the sport, and was released from the first days of hire has become a hit all box office records. Overnight Stallone from a third-rate actor quickly stepped in “rank stars,” and his hero Rocky – kind, honest and hardworking, achieves convincing victories in the ring for the glory of their country became known worldwide. (In 1990, the screens out the fifth series of the film, which starred Sylvester Stallone with his son – Sage.) However, apart from the Rocky Stallone has another trump card – “Rambo”, three series which brought the actor more and more popularity and huge profits. Today, he is surely among the top five highest paid actors in the world. Courageous veteran of the Vietnam War, a man for whom nothing is impossible – this is this Superman on the screen, which has become an idol and role model for millions of teenagers in many countries.

But although a number of subsequent films such as “Nighthawks” (1981), “Cobra” (1986), “Struggling” (1987) actor continued to operate successfully found in the “Rocky” and “Rambo” screen image, he gradually moved away from the prevailing stereotype of the audience of its perception as a hero who acts like a “run-shoot”. In recent years, Stallone not only acted in the most diverse roles, but often acts as a screenwriter, director and writer. He has a wonderful collection of paintings, in the opinion of friends, now Stallone – charming and witty conversationalist who is familiar with the literature, theater, visual arts.

Has changed not only the appearance (to replace the bright shirts and massive gold jewelry came impeccably stitched suits), but also the inner world of man. And what of brawny supermen Stallone today goes to the roles very different plan, confirms this.

Participation in John Landis comedy “Oscar” (1991) – a remake of the famous French film with the brilliant Louis de Funes in the title role – opened to the public the new Sylvester Stallone – comical, resourceful and cheerful. And, apparently, the actor decided to change his role seriously – it is now once again starred in the comedy. The film is called “Stop, and then my mom will shoot” (1992).

Officially, the actor has been married twice, and each time his divorce was accompanied by a newspaper hype and cost Stallone large sum – several million dollars. So, the first wife, Sasha, left alone with the children received from Stallone “alimony” in $ 33 million. A second wife – known Danish fashion model (now – actress and singer) Brigitte Nielsen (she was partner Stallone in the film “Cobra”), divorce, which has long been the focus of the entire press, “satisfied” only a million.

Sylvester Stallone is extremely busy man: he removed a lot, writes screenplays, wants to stage a ballet, and actively participates in the social life of American bohemia.

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