Sydney is the largest and perhaps the most influential city in Australia. It is located in the south-east coast of the continent, in an amazing in its beauty the bay of Port Jackson, which, incidentally, is the largest natural harbor in the world origin. The population of Sydney is approximately 4.5 million people, and among the inhabitants of the city are representatives of many different nations and cultures. This is due to the fact that Sydney has always hospitably opened its doors to numerous immigrants coming to Australia from all over the world.
Near Bay City

Sydney has always been and remains to this day the “pearl green continent”, combining almost everything that a traveler could want. Loud, fast quarters of the modern metropolis coexist side by side with wildlife, golden beaches and soak up the sun beckon, and numerous excursions and activities for every taste will not be bored. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come here every year in search of a good and comfortable stay. An abundance of restaurants, nightclubs and bars in the city, make it even more attractive.
Of course, the city is famous not just entertainment – it’s the most important business, financial and cultural center of the country, a major educational center with a variety of universities, a key town in the industrial sector of the country. For several years, Sydney deservedly takes leading place in the world rankings as the best city to live. Many people believe capital of Australia Sydney, but in reality it is not.
Since the 17th century, the territory of modern Sydney used by the British as a place of exile for the kingdom of criminals. The first prisoners appeared on the shore of the bay of Port Jackson January 26, 1788 – Today, this day is celebrated as a national day of Australia. Initially the settlement was a few dirty, tatty streets, but with the passage of time and under the able leadership of the authorities on the bay grew up big, rich and beautiful metropolis. Despite the fact that the history of the city began with the colony for criminals currently in Sydney, Australia became a symbol of freedom, boundless possibilities and new horizons. Large-scale concerts, exhibitions and major sporting events finals – that Sydney is in front of the whole continent.
Officially Sydney is divided into 38 administrative districts. Interestingly, the city does not have a unified city government center – each area served by the local government, and citywide problems are solved by the state government. The central areas of the city can be considered Rocks and the City, there is seething life of a modern metropolis. Away from the center, on the banks of the many bays and coves, are quiet, fashionable areas such as Newport and Palm Beach.
Sydney is probably the largest transportation hub of the country. The local airport – the busiest in Australia, while he is also one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the world. Public transport in Sydney includes an extensive network of bus, subway and train connections as well as a fleet of passenger ferries. The most popular means of transportation in the city is a car, thanks to modern highly developed system of roads.
City View from the Bay, the Sydney Opera House
The main attractions of Sydney

Sydney is considered one of the greatest cities in the world, he is in 2 times the area of ??New York. However, the most popular attractions are centered around the magnificent harbor of Port Jackson, thanks to which the city got its nickname «The Harbour City» (city bay, near the city of the bay).
Hallmark of the city, its main character is a wonderful opera house in Sydney. The interesting shape of its roof built to resemble the sail of a ship or a huge white sea shells, making Opera House has become one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. That image of white bowls over the blue waters of the Gulf has been taken as a basis for building the architect Jorn Uotzonom, his project won the competition among 233 contenders and eventually Sydney Opera House was inaugurated in 1973.
Another symbol of the city – the famous Harbour Bridge, one of the ten largest arch bridge in the world. Steel Arch Bridge over the bay rises to a height of 139 meters, and the length of the arch span – more than 500 meters. One of the most popular excursions in Sydney is the rise of the arch of the Harbour Bridge, which offers a magnificent view of the huge city.
Sydney is famous for its beaches, the coast of the Gulf of Port Jackson formed in the city a few dozen cozy harbors. The most popular beach in the city is considered to Bondi, who was chosen by surfers for recreation.
There is no doubt interesting to visit Sydney Tower – the second highest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. The total height of the tower is 305 meters, and at an altitude of 250 meters is an observation deck, which can be up to speed with the help of the elevator or the stairs breaking 1054.

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