Description of the summer, this is the most easy and pleasant task, because summer is the warmest time of year when we all enjoy life, go for a vacation to the sea, grow on their future crop suburban areas, and nature at this time, and fragrant flowers, enjoying the sun and summer rain . Summer, as well as other times of the year – is made up of three months, as it starts from June, July, continues and ends the month of August, summer, spring as the longest in them for 92 days.

Summer time of the year – is, of course, paradise, summer blissful idleness, cherished dreams of love and happiness. In the summer we have the opportunity to experience new sensations, at this time it is easy to live with a complacent attitude to everything that life offers us. Sometimes, there are only summer collection of photographs and a few shells brought from the sea, and with the arrival of the autumn we are waiting for the next summer to once again plunge into the fertile period of the year, to go in all directions, one to the sea, who is in the nature of the village.

Wonderful time of the year summer, the summer season is a welcome find out the signs of summer, summer holidays and vacation in the summer, poems about summer …

Summer includes, as well as other times of the year for three calendar months of June, July, August. We know that the calendar summer comes to us in the 1st day of June and lasts for 92 days until August 31.

Summer includes a season:

The beginning of summer (span) – the period from June 11 to July 5,

Full summer – from 6 to 26 July

The decline in the summer – takes place in the period from July 27 to August 26

The beginning of autumn – starts from 27 to 31 August

The astronomical summer begins on the night from 21 to 22 June and lasts from entry into the month of May the sun in the sign of Taurus, before moving it in September in the constellation Leo.

And in the summer – the longest day and the shortest night of the year: 17 hours 35 minutes and 6 hours and 25 minutes, respectively.

According to phenological calendar – summer is when in the fields zakolositsya rye seeds fly elm lionfish as bloom rose.

Summer in our country is divided into two periods:

  – First half – before flowering linden, about the first ten days of July;

  – The second half of the summer – beginning of flowering linden and continues until the first frost on the ground.

Real Summer begins on June 11 and lasts until August 26, including a 76 days for the seasons: The beginning of summer – lasts 26 days, the entire summer – 21 days, the decline in the summer – for 29 days. In some people’s calendars are other details of the summer, for example – beginning from June 10, instead of the 11th, and the full length of the summer – 19 days.

According to the meteorological calendar, the beginning of summer is considered to be the time when the average daily air temperature is set +10 +15 degrees Celsius.

If the summer will lie – in the winter run to a wallet.

   Summer violent – is winter with blizzards.

   If the summer rainy – so the winter will be snowy and frosty.

   Summer is dry and hot – winter with little snow, frosty.

   Is the summer – this is and hay.

   Wet summer and warm autumn – for a long winter.

   Urozhayne summer heralds the cold winter.

   Khleborodov – to the harsh winter.

   Summer day feeds a year.

   Do not pray for summer duty, pray for the summer heat.

   When summer night will not be dew afternoon it will rain.

   In the summer when the weather is clear distant objects are seen is not clear, as if in a fog – so there will be rain.

   Soon it will be warm – if the air above the forest turns blue.

   In the summer before the cock crew of nine o’clock in the evening – wait for rain.

   Zhuravel (at the well) squeak – a change in the weather.

   Windmills squeak – will storm.

   If the bell is heard clearly, it will be clear, hollow rings – it will rain.

   Rooks summer grazing on the grass – will soon rain.

   Ground fog summer – will soon mushroom (mushroom sign).

   The summer night – a clear Milky Way to rain.

   In the summer the spiders unnoticed – will inevitably rain.

   If the spiders with cobwebs in sight – worth waiting for good weather.

   Crows are often shout – to rain or violent weather.

   When in the summer of ants build large nests, then we should expect an early and cold winter.

   If the field mice in the summer are in their holes a lot of bread, it is likely to expect a long and cold winter.

Summer – time of rest

Summer vacation – is a major cyclical recovery process rights and the culmination of the relaxation of the body, all without exception, working people, both adults and children. Summer – a welcome pastime of the sea, it is a logical consequence, the following year, after labor.

Important and necessary indications summer vacation – are accumulating in the human body fatigue, as well as a certain psychological tension that most effectively can be removed during a summer trip to the sea at some resort, or in the form of an active outdoor recreation (hiking relaxing in the countryside).

In the summer holidays, especially in the resort countries heavily oriented beach business, because in the summer, during rest and relaxation, a large number of tourists who prefer active forms of recreation.

Summer vacation is extremely necessary for pupils and students as well as a great mental stress on them during the school year, the violation of the regime of the day, pretty much weaken their young organism, during its growth and development.

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