Of all our rodent protein perhaps the most high-spirited, restless mammal. In warm summer weather protein constantly on the move: it quickly descends from eating on the ground, immediately takes off quickly down the barrel back, clinging to the bark of a tree with long and sharp claws, or jump from branch to branch. Long hind legs proteins as a strong spring, give a push her body that mammal flies a distance of 10 meters. At this time, her fluffy long tail like a parachute open, protein helps to keep in the air.
Coat proteins summer reddish in color and is like pine bark. Due to such coloring protein is barely noticeable on a pine tree. Protein constructs its nest near the top of spruce or fir. Houses in proteins may be several – the main and spare, where you can ride out the bad weather, to hide from unexpected enemy arrange warehouse stocks for the future. Feed these animals nuts, seeds, mushrooms, berries, not disdaining bird eggs and nestlings. Staple food protein – the seeds of coniferous trees.
Early spring upon the occurrence of solar weather squirrel nest appear very small blind squirrel. Protein feed their young with milk for two months, in June Belchatow already starting to run out of the nest, jump on knots and branches of trees, go down to the ground, to feast on berries and young mushrooms.
In the summer, hot weather, protein day hiding in a hollow or nest. Food, she looks only in the early morning or late evening. In late summer and autumn protein mushrooms – cook their own food for the winter. Often you will notice mushrooms, hanging in the knots of trees. During the autumn mushrooms provyanut and withered, and so it will hang there as long as one of the winter days of protein would find they are not and do not eat. In addition to fungal protein prepares itself for the winter and other food. She shove on a hollow, woody clicking on the nuts and acorns. All this it is useful in lean winter days.
By the winter of proteins not only store food: they care about the insulation of their homes. With the onset of autumn troublesome animals caulk withered grass and moss gap in the nests, arrange a thick rug. In the nest is very warm. It is so tightly folded in the winter, even when the protein is absent, it retains heat.
Despite its very warm coat, winter protein in extreme cold is not out of the slot. In cold weather, she sleeps 20-22 hours a day. In warm weather, small mammals for feeding is delayed longer. Eats protein fir cones and seeds feed stocks harvested in the summer and fall.
In particularly bad years proteins leave their homes and go to where there is food. They overcome hundreds of kilometers, sometimes moving a continuous stream for one, one and a half months at a speed of 4 km / h. Protein, like most rodents in nature lives 2-4 years, while in captivity with good care they usually live up to 15 years.

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