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Spencer & Katharine Tracy & Hepburn
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This star-studded affair lasted almost thirty years. He – the most popular movie character of America, a womanizer and a drunkard drunken, she – an actress with a cantankerous character, hysterical and nymphomaniac. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy adorned the front pages of newspapers and journalists by means of simple photomontage pasted them another lady – Louise Treadwell, his lawful wife, Tracy, with whom he did not think divorce.
Each of his heavy drinking began the same way: Spencer got out of the family bed, gently kissed his wife and began gradually to lay a suitcase. Its contents would delight any Irishman: luggage consisted entirely of pot-bellied bottles “Johnny Walker”. Spencer then hurriedly shaved and poured the collar polflakona cologne and went straight to the bus, the next route Los Angeles – New York. The planes he feared like the plague, and to sit in the flying tin can except at gunpoint. In an extreme case – dead drunk.
Way to New York turned out to be longer than expected to Tracy he could get drunk on the bus and start a fight with the passengers or the driver. Over the years, Spencer affinity with every bush on this highway – so it is often planted in the middle of the road. Then you have to get rid of the disguise: the black glasses, a scarf on the floor face, hat, collar turned up. At the sight of the famous head of hair and rough grin with which the favorite of all the women raised bulge thumb, the machine stops immediately, “God, I can not believe your eyes! Sit down, please. You can autograph for my wife? Well, actually I’m driving, but in honor of dating … ”
Upon arrival, Tracy went to the same hotel – “Blue Moon”, where he always had a reserved room. Close the door, I went to the bath room and did not leave until the case is not empty. Sometimes voluntary confinement lasted a week, and sometimes – a little less. Room service has had time to study this strange ritual to detail – it was repeated from year to year. The first day or two of whiskey to kick the actor stubbornly staring at the cracks in the bathroom wall. After a while it covered the wild and wanton malice, and then the maids came running in terror to the rack with the keys and listened to the drunken cries and cod scrap furniture. From the windows of flying chairs and tables, and the owner of the hotel, a middle-aged Italian Maurizio listened to this symphony of chaos with a beatific smile, every binge Tracy brought him more money than a whole floor of tourists when the actor came to himself, he is more than paid for all the damage. And there’s never missed his Maurizio: “Your neighbor threatened to sue Senor Tracy, we’ll settle, but it will take a lot of money. And the chair that you’re good enough to pull the ladder was an antique, XVIII century France. And lapdog, you kicked, izdohla, and it is very expensive breed. ”
Tracy could not remember no lapdogs for shabby armchair with scorched upholstery would not give a penny, but in exchange for silence wrote checks – and his adventures in the “Blue Moon” never leaked to the press. Settle all issues, he returned to the room and finished off stocks, taking with him an old Irish maid. Only it from year to year has been able to listen to his complaints drunk, knocking over a glass beaker on a par with his countryman.
Sally fifties, and she felt no reverence to the famous actor: just be pouring so paid regularly. To herself she thought Tracy darling of fortune, and utterly spoiled type, but … this hell, charming! Over the years, Sally learned by heart all his stories and took the crown nemudreny one conclusion: the little guy flogged in childhood. No, by God, if her own son in response to a couple of well-deserved slap tried to burn down the house, as he had done once Tracy from Milwaukee, one son, she would be less, and that’s all. And this wimp-parents, especially mother, only covered the boy assented yes. Not surprisingly, he spends his time chasing the frightened tourists along the narrow corridors of the hotel.
Spencer Tracy, the son of God-fearing Catholic Irish who escaped to America during the famine, and really was tear off, which is not enough. Redhead, freckled, he mutuzit buddies with or without cause, swallowed in the coal dispute, teachers called “fucking rats” and ran away from school to the pub. Boring legends about Beowulf, and the first settlers, who hammered in his school, the boy preferred to stories about his wife, and a neighbor zmeyuku-villain who willingly shared their regulars pubs. Seeing Spencer, heading to his favorite hideout – a pile of coal in a vacant lot behind the houses, his crony without a word fled following: now there will be a spectacle. Imitating drunken drunks Spencer recounted what he had heard on the go inventing funny parts, and friends roared with laughter. One day he announced that today will show something unusual, but not for nothing – paying a penny, and on. In the basement of an abandoned public I saw the play “As I set fire to his own house.” Spencer jumped, laughed and grinned a devilish voice in the manner of the hero Boris Karloff horror, throwing logs into an imaginary fire – was a complete success.
Spencer was replaced fifteen schools several times to escape from the house and the parents finally gave up his hand. His father also did not differ a gentle character, any entertainment preferred football and whiskey, but looking at her son, only shook his head: the Spencer decides to become a priest, and within a week all the throws for the basketball team; it is written in the section box, and then recruited into the Navy US. In swimming it was never sent, but pretty pomushtrovali: gritting his teeth, Spencer scrubbed decks and clean toilets. Service in the Navy gave an unexpected result: returning, man announced that he wanted to become an actor. Then Tracy Sr. failed – son slapped cuffs and drove out of the house on all four sides: all the actors he considered sloppy and potential fag.
The young Irishman came to New York in time for the beginning of the Great Depression. Thousands of impoverished families, closed factories, bankrupt bank – and then the bootleggers nimble, smart variety shows, casinos and music halls. For little pay Spencer cleaner arranged in an expensive cinema, having the opportunity to watch movies. Here he first praised the advantages of their secondary education would have thrown in his time the school – not to read titles of silent films. After living several years in the rice and water, Tracy got a role in the Broadway production of low-budget – $ 10 per week and no replica. But soon the play closed, and he finally stopped believing in the justice of fate: “rascals who do not have a tenth of my talent, play on Broadway, and I have to pester the provincial theater” – he was explaining a random fellow traveler on the road to the next audition. Fellow traveler was the leading actress of the theater itself, where he was going, and was quite fascinated by new acquaintances: he was so attentive, so sincere, so courageous! Tracy got a place, and a pretty brunette – her husband six months later Spencer Tracy and Louise Treadwell married, even a year later, was born John Tracy – it was named after his grandfather.
Spencer was happy – like all Irish people, he dreamed of his son. In the last money he bought his first-born toys and singing bedtime lullabies. But the kid for some reason did not think to sleep – after ten months it turned out that Johnny was born deaf. This news struck Spencer deeply – he instantly believed in the heavenly punishment for past sins, because of strong Irish guys just do not happen handicapped children, if God himself did not wish to. Conclusion Tracy did a very peculiar – it is now the devil is not a brother – and hit his first spree.
He smashed beer, thrashed waiters and became a regular at the two most famous brothels in Manhattan – New York City has many ways to forget their troubles, and Tracy was eager to try them out. Months binges alternated with periods of incredible performance: Tracy played like a man possessed, not disdaining the smallest unimportant roles in productions. The young actor noticed on Broadway, then in Hollywood, shortly studio “Fox” concluded a four-year contract for the incredible sum of $ 350 thousand. And critics christened Tracy most promising newcomer in Hollywood. He was the first to believe in your lucky star – because his father, and his first agent chorus asserted: “For the screen you’re too ugly.”
Spencer appeared on the set in a rumpled suit and assistant director disgust wrinkled their noses at the smell of whiskey, cigarettes and crappy cheap cologne. But when turn on the camera, and Tracy transformed – valyazhnye movement, a little tired eyes, grin, hiding in the corner of his mouth. He did not look like a sweet screen Krasavchikov: he had big ears and a hooked nose reminded -paren gangster mediocre. But from his impudent charm partner lost his head: newspapers were filled with photographs of the Tracy-farming embraced another actress in some Brooklyn restaurant. Reporters brings scandalous pictures were paying double rate: the sight of the camera, Tracy usually broke her head on the hapless hunter sensation.
Louise tried to ignore the news of her husband’s infidelities, even when he seduced fifteen starlet. But after Tracy began to appear everywhere with the famous actress Loretta Young, and especially for the bought luxury suit, she still has filed for divorce. The novel ended in nothing – Loretta was married and was a Catholic, and for divorce and remarriage her confessor promise eternal damnation in hell.
Reporters could not miss such a sensation: hiding in the dense bush, press photographer, “New York Times” filmed lean face Tracy, after a year of separation rings the doorbell of his house in Coney Island. The couple did not swore eternal fidelity, but for myself have decided that divorce is no longer – we must think about the children (by that time, Louise gave birth to a girl – a completely healthy, despite the fears of her husband). Traci scandal broke the contract with the “Fox” and immediately signed a new – with the corporation “MGM”. It is now a fee of $ 5,000 a week, and in 1938 for his role as the Portuguese fisherman in the movie “Brave captain,” he was awarded the “Oscar”. Tracy was in the hospital, and a statuette on stage rose Louise. Cine giggled get-together, but Louise unwavering voice announced: “I accept this award on behalf of Spencer, on behalf of our children – and on his own behalf” and tore ovation hall. If the filmmakers knew what at the time was engaged in Spencer, they responded to a poor woman friendly laughter. Spencer watched the awards ceremony on the hospital TV. Next, holding his hand, he sat Katharine Hepburn – a woman who will share it with the lawful wife until his death.
… They met on the set of the film “Woman of the Year” (in which the journalist-mezhdunarodnitsa falls in love with the gruff sports reporter) – the director decided that the best pair he did not find. Actors themselves thought otherwise. Even Tracy, who was always not care who his partner uncertainly remarked: “Well, we are kind of different.” Katherine Proud brunette, behind which were the “Oscar” and the affair with Howard Hughes, was horrified at all: play with this dork?
Indeed, it is difficult to imagine two more different people. Tracy grew up in the trash of a small town, Hepburn came from a famous family of Houghton, who owned the largest glassworks in the country, and spent her childhood in luxury. He – a devout Catholic, she mocked the religion of childhood. He barely learned to read – she received an excellent education at Oxford, knew several languages, earned a medal in figure skating championship was the second tennis racket Missouri and one of the most promising golfers in the country. He was her senior by seven years. She hated alcoholics.
After their first meeting an old friend Tracy proposed a bet: as soon as Spencer lie with her in bed. Tracy recalled his impressions (a firm handshake, suit male cut, pursed lips) and flashed: “Sleeping with a lesbian? What do you take me for ?!” He lost a bet.
Their joint work was like a duel: Who will overcome. Catherine demanded to shoot a lot of takes, in order to better get used to the role Spencer crimson and muttered: “What a bore! A real actor is obtained from the first time.” Assistant director paled and wondering who will break first. She was angry with a partner for the eternal delay, and once pulled his own from the bar, and dragged to the set, chastising both the boy. Before such pressure Tracy completely confused and once in response to its very irritated tirade invited Catherine to dine together – he thought to cut this bitch, and she agreed.
Catherine went on a date out of curiosity – the glory of how easily Tracy wins women has reached it. Certainly, neither of which the novel she thought. Well, maybe a flirtation … But instead habitual flirt, unexpectedly open up and began to tell Tracy that had never told anyone. It was the matter is that a bottle of sherry and a genuine interest in the eyes of Spencer – who knows … but he really was intrigued: the young Spence loved to peek into the window expensive mansions, and then FIFA from society itself reveals the soul! And besides, and very pretty …
Kate, Katie, Catherine managed to be born in a very eccentric family. Mother, convinced suffragette, hated order and homeliness, for his own wedding was in a gloomy black dress and most of their married life in protest marches, defending women’s rights. Kate and her two brother Semyon always followed. The girl was barely eight years old when her mother brought her to her father’s study and described in detail the sexual act with all its consequences. “So to have a child, not necessarily to marry? – After a pause, she asked the baby. And the mother of an inference taken aback: – That’s good.” Parents often walked around the house naked, and it does not bother anyone – modesty in the home Hepburn was not considered a virtue. Katie kept her virginity until 23 years old, but willingly posed nude for her numerous suitors.
Catherine said that her first man was an alcoholic poet older than her twenty years (he later receive the Nobel Prize, and it will send a volume of his poems with a touching inscription “Without you, nothing would have happened”). And told that it almost kicked out of college because she was smoking while standing on the roof of the hostel. “For smoking? Just something?” – Tracy asked bewildered. “Well, actually, I was a little wearing. That is absolutely not dressed” – explained Catherine. And sobbing, has been to tell Spencer about the terrible tragedy that still tormented her, but he saw a tear on her cheek his companion rudely drew her to dance – he could not stand the female laments. During the first dance was followed by another, and shooting the next day were thwarted – at the site, they have not appeared after spending all day in the room “suite” hotel “Blue Moon.” Katherine then went home and sat for a long time buried in a warm plaid. She was – fell in love?
And Tracy went back to his house and fumbled late with the kids. He thought it over, and firmly decided not to divorce. Although Katherine was exactly the woman he had dreamed: affectionate, gentle, but at the same time hard as flint. All previous passion secretly feared that the Irish dissolute: he could for no apparent reason a scandal or fill up the house with flowers, and in response to thanks gruffly muttered: “Well, fool, bite the tongue.” Even Louise for many years of marriage and was not used to how to bill and coo Tracy. And Catherine immediately took it for granted: also expressed her own father, being in good mood. Tracy was sparing in his praise, but somehow these clumsy attempt to say it was pleasant much nicer than the previous delicious compliments fans. And there was something else at the same time familiar and elusive, but that – she realized much later.
About the existence of Katherine Louise I learned from the newspapers, but took the news stoically: the main thing that the family is intact. However, after a heap of fresh media with headlines “Spencer Tracy lived with two women at once” and “Hollywood harem” she landed in hospital with a severe nervous breakdown, but soon recovered: her husband came to her every day and was more tender than ever . Louise probably guessed, to whom he is sent, leaving the hospital gate, but I prefer not to think about it and made it a rule not to read the newspapers. But Tracy and Hepburn surpassed themselves in the art of secrecy, and journalists will soon forget about them, switching to an affair with Clark Gable young intern.
After the release of “Woman of the Year” Tracy was named the most popular actor of America. The women cheered, men spat: another kinosopernik on their head.

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