Anon is considered one of the best fruits in the world. It is called the “Queen of subtropical fruits”, as Mark Twain said about her: “The very admiration.”
130 known species of the genus Annona L, some of which are widely cultivated as fruit trees. The genus Annona L, family annonaceae (Annonaseae) combines 120 species in tropical America and 10 species in Africa. They gradually spread to all areas of the tropical and subtropical zones of the world. Comparatively rarely cultivated in commercial orchards, but they can be seen everywhere near the houses.
The main cultural types: cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.), Anon barbed (Annona muricata L.), Anon mesh (Annona reticulata L.), scaly soursop (Annona squamosa L).
It is believed that the Portuguese Annonas Introduced from America to Southeast Asia and Africa in the XVI century., After the discovery of America. However, scaly Anon introduced to the Indian subcontinent, apparently, much earlier. It is believed that its introduction from tropical America to South-East Asia was on both coasts of America long before its opening. Archaeological remains found cherimoya in Peru.
Distribution. Annonas naturalized and grow in the forests of many tropical countries. From the center of the origin of it has spread in the mountainous regions of Central America and Mexico. In addition to these areas is widely cultivated in Argentina, the Caribbean, the southern United States (California), the Canary Islands, about. Madeira, in the south of France, Spain, Australia (Queensland), India and other countries.
In Annonas contains up to 12% sugar. Vitamin C are small, but sufficient in and vitamins of group B, potassium, calcium, and iron.
Anon – the perfect remedy for scurvy. It reduces fever, helps in the treatment of dysentery (and not only fruits, but also bark decoction). Tea made from the inner bark, drink edema. All parts have a mesh Annonas medicinal qualities. In Mexico Annonas purple juice is used as a remedy for fever and colds, as well as jaundice.
Caution Those who have diabetes, it is best to refrain from eating Annonas, since it contains a lot of calories and carbohydrates.
Pulp annonas tastes like mango and pineapple, just melts in your mouth like a cream or sour cream. Before use, peeled fruit, seeds removed and fed fresh. Anon added to desserts, fruit salads, ice cream and thick milkshakes. Usually the fruit is cut into two parts, seeds discarded, and the flesh scooped a spoon.
From Annonas barbed and scaly prepare drinks, ice cream, juice, jelly and jam. For the preparation of sweet desserts excellent pulp Annonas net. Perhaps the cherimoya can not be compared with other kinds of fruit sophistication. Their fragrance – a mix of strawberry, banana and pineapple.
Cherimoya added to salads and desserts.
In tropical countries, from “soursop” (Annonas barbed) prepare refreshments. To this pulp is drained through a screen or cheesecloth, and the juice is mixed with milk or water and sweetened. Pulp Annonas can be mixed with boiling water (in equal proportions), then strain and sweeten. In Indonesia, immature fruit “soursop” is used in soups, and in Brazil they are fried.

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