Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren
Birthday: 20/09/1934 Year
Age: 80 years
Place of birth: Rome, Italy

Nationality: Italian
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 62 kg

Original name: Sofia Villani Scicolone

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Why contemporaries called Sophia Loren ‘perch’? What meeting proved fateful for Sophie? How truly called Lauren and who came up with her name? What is the nickname she received at the beginning of your career? Why do members of the American Academy changed the tradition and awarded ‘Oscar’ Italian? What movie became the top film career Lauren? What, according to legend, Sophie won the heart of her future husband Carlo Ponti, and what they had to go through before being together?

‘Miss Elegance’
Sophia Loren was born on September 20, 1934 in Rome, under the name Sofia Shikolone. Her father was a traveling theater actor and his mother failed actress. Sofia and her younger sister were born out of wedlock, and soon his father abandoned the family altogether. Having no means of subsistence, the mother of two daughters moved to the fishing village of Pozzuoli near Naples. Here and spent his childhood future star.
The family lived in abject poverty, surviving on odd jobs mother. Girls often went hungry and slept on a mattress, and about any toys there was no question. One day, gather up the money, her mother took Sofia to the theater. She was so impressed with the performance, she vowed to become a famous actress.
Then it was almost an impossible dream. Who will take in a movie clumsy skinny girl that everyone in the neighborhood called ‘perch’? Gradually, however, the body of Sophia began to acquire feminine form. She soon turned into a real beauty, precocious. Mother started sending her photo on beauty contests, and once the young Sophia invited to contest in Naples.
Beauty Sofia impressed the jury, and they awarded her second place. The girl received a tablecloth with napkins, a few rolls of wallpaper, $ 35 and a train ticket to Rome. In 1950, a beauty contest “Miss Italy ‘sixteen Sofia became the owner of the title of’ Miss Elegance ‘. But that was not the point. There she met with influential producer Carlo Ponti.
Carlo quickly saw a future star in Sofia and invited to audition. According to him, he had a flair for talent, and Sophia seemed to him a very unusual girl. On samples producer said Sophia that she needed to lose weight and shorten the nose, to which she replied with a categorical refusal. Obstinate character of a young Neapolitan like Ponti, and he decided to help her.
World popularity
First Carlo saw Sophia only as a sex bomb. To earn money for the family, she had to play in the films of an erotic nature. Despite the fact that in the future in order to avoid scandal Ponti bought all early movies with Lauren, the actress has never been shy of what starred in ‘strawberry’.
However, Sofia ensure that it was shot in a serious film. She even called ‘Miss Reception’ for what she would sit all day in the office waiting for Ponti any role. And Lauren was fortunate to meet with the director Vittorio De Sica. He offered her a role in his film ‘The Gold of Naples “(1954), which became for the young actress first great success.
Sophia’s film career began with the right choice of nickname. Ponty believed surname Shikolone vulgar and not suitable for film. He thought for a long time, until I came across a poster with actress Marta Toren. Replacing one letter, the producer came up with the name Lauren, and for greater sophistication changed the name of the French manner – Sophie.
After the release of the painting ‘The Gold of Naples’ critics started talking seriously about the birth of a new star. Carlo made for Sophie contract under which De Sica pledged to shoot with the actress on one film a year. Their fruitful collaboration that lasted 20 years, Lauren fame throughout Italy. Speak about it, as the Italian miracle, it began to copy, she began to imitate.
Critics praised the game of the actress in the film ‘Boccaccio 70’ (1962), ‘The Condemned of Altona’ (1962), ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ (1963), ‘The Italian Marriage’ (1964), ‘Sunflowers’ (1969 ). Apex film career Sophia Loren was the film ‘Chochara’ (1960). The film made such an impression on the members of the Academy Award, the first time that they have changed the tradition and was awarded the Oscar actress who is not in the American film. In addition, Loren received the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.
In 1957, Sophia Loren was invited to Hollywood, where she signed a contract with such influential companies as ‘Paramount Pictures’ and ‘MGM’. One of her first jobs was the picture of Hollywood ‘Pride and the Passion’ (1957), in which she starred with Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra. Lauren also managed to work with Anthony Perkins in the film ‘Desire Under the Elms “(1958), Clark Gable in the movie” It Started in Naples “(1960) Marlon Brando in” A Countess from Hong Kong’ (1966), Paul Newman in ‘Lady Liberty ‘(1972).
Appear on the screen with the most famous actors of Hollywood Sophie provided incredible popularity in the United States.
Sophia Loren’s personal life has also changed overnight. At the first meeting with Carlo Ponti actress realized that this man of her dreams. He was an experienced, intelligent, with an iron will and strong character. She does not mind that he was older than 22 years. The only thing standing between them was marriage Carlo.
They say the heart of a successful producer Sophie won the amazing Italian pasta. Life in poverty forced her to master culinary skills. Ponty was delighted with the Neapolitan dishes, her exotic beauty and uncompromising character. He fell in love with Lauren as a boy, but obtain a divorce for Catholics was not an easy task. And then, as luck would have it, he had a rival …
In Hollywood, Sophie met with the actor Cary Grant. He could not resist the unusual beauty of Italian and started to take care of it. Every day, Grant sent the actress luxury bouquets. Until Ponty heard rumors of a romance Carey and Sophie, and he hurried to the divorce. Finally, the Vatican approved the divorce, and in April 1966, Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren were married. They raised two sons: Carlo Ponti Jr. and Edoardo.
Instead of a conclusion
Sophia Loren once said that everything that is, it must spaghetti. Wit this amazing woman can only envy. In 1991, the actress received an honorary Oscar, and a few years later – an honorary ‘Golden Bear’ and ‘Golden Lion’ for his contribution to world cinema. These awards as it suggests that the best years behind Sophia Loren and her career comes to an end. However, despite this, the actress continues to act in films, though not as often as before. In 2010, she played Romilda in the film ‘My house is full of mirrors’, and a year later appeared in the film ‘Cars 2’ (2011).
The real sensation was the participation of Sophia Loren in an erotic photo shoot for the famous calendar ‘Pirelli’. Semidesyatidvuhletnyaya actress surprised everyone with their delicious forms, proving that it is able to give odds of any young beauty. It still remains one of the most beautiful and desirable women of Italy.

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